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Period ending December 31, 2004
Prepared by Patricia Helgerson and Marian Rogers, Librarians
Wisconsin Legislative Reference Bureau
"Act" at the end of each entry refers to one of the 2003 Wisconsin Acts (e.g., "Act 33" is a reference to 2003 WisAct 33). Any number preceded by "JR-" is a reference to an enrolled Joint Resolution depositied with the Secretary of State. The reference "SCO" indicates a change in a statutory court rule, effective beginning on the date shown, made by Supreme Court Order.
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Employment discrimination based on creed expanded re health care provider refusal to participate in certain activities; power of attorney for health care instruments; conscience rights notification; exemption from liability; civil action and examining boards provisions [vetoed] -  AB-67
access to public recordsAccess to public records, see Public record
acquired immunodeficiency syndromeAcquired immunodeficiency syndrome
Testing an individual for HIV re significant exposure in perfoming employment duties: authority expanded to schools, CESAs, and social workers -  Act 271
actions against the stateActions against the state, see Claims
adjutant generalAdjutant general
Adjutant general, county veterans' service officers, and DVA duties re certain information on U.S. armed forces, including the national guard -  Act 163
Distance learning centers: Adjutant general duties; rent for nonmilitary use permitted [Sec. 561, 739]  -  Act 33
DMA changes re certain military staff -  Act 25
Helicopter support services appropriation for DMA eliminated [Sec. 562, 2111, 2112] -  Act 33
Homeland security: DEM to apply for contracts and to receive and expend federal funding; Adjutant general to administer federal funds, Governor may not expend without JCF approval [Sec. 562m, 2111g, j] [vetoed] -  SB-44
Public Health Council created; quarantine cost reimbursement; mutual assistance re state of emergency; incident command system requirements and definition; certain exemption from liability -  Act 186
administration, department of _ agency and general functionsAdministration, Department of — Agency and general functions
Appropriation revisions -  Act 1
Attorney positions in executive branch agencies (other than U.W. System, DETF, and Investment board): vacancies deleted; salary and fringe benefits put in general fund; deletions to equal 31.0 positions [Sec. 9101 (9x)] [partial veto]  -  Act 33
Capitol offices relocation authority and funding repealed [Sec. 219, 670, 674] -  Act 33
Clean Water Fund Program financial hardship assistance for the Elcho Sanitary District revised -  Act 316
DER eliminated; powers and duties transferred to DOA [for section numbers and vetoes, see entry under ``Reorganization of state government"] -  Act 33
Electronic Government, Department of, abolished; functions transferred to DOA [for section numbers and vetoes, see entry under ``Reorganization of state government"]  -  Act 33
Environmental insurance: DNR, in cooperation with DOA, to make available re cleanup and redevelopment of contaminated property -  Act 315
Help America Vote Act of 2002 administration costs: DOA and Elections Board directed to request JCF to transfer moneys -  Act 296
Hospital and ambulatory surgery center data collection [Sec. 214b, 215c, 458r, 2092c-2095rt, 9124 (10k), 9224 (3k), 9424 (11k)] [2092c-f, i, j, 2093bg, bh, 2094L, x, 2095re, rn, 9124 (10k) — partial veto; 2094c-g — vetoed]  -  Act 33
Housing functions of DOA: most responsibilities transferred to Comm.Dept; low-income weatherization and energy assistance programs retained [Sec. 5-7, 86, 150-163, 188, 223, 576, 593-604, 804, 1101-1104, 1464, 1500, 1684, 1685, 1705, 1993, 2048, 2318, 2359, 2360, 2369, 2370, 2444-2448, 2619, 2658, 2743, 2777, 9101 (4), 9401 (1)]  -  Act 33
Hybrid-electric vehicle or vehicle operating on gasohol or alternative fuels: use as state-owned or leased vehicles required when feasible and assembly in U.S. is certified; DOA to encourage use among agencies and residents, report required; definition provided -  Act 311
Penalty assessment receipts transfer [Sec. 556t, 588t, 2671g, 9101 (11p), 9201 (1p), 9210 (1p), 9215 (1) (gp), 9232 (1p), 9240 (1p), 9241 (1p)] -  Act 33
Rented office space by the state; management cost supplementation; DOA review and report of state office space utilization; plan for consolidation [Sec. 672m, 9101 (11q), 9130 (1q)] [9130 (1q) — partial veto; 9101 (11q) — vetoed] -  Act 33
State government management system and Web site; business intelligence and data warehousing; land information systems; printed publication restrictions [Sec. 141f, 215m, 230d-t, 9101 (4k), (14p), 9401 (2k)] [all sections vetoed except 141f] -  Act 33
State property sale or lease provisions; net proceeds deposited in budget stabilization fund; DHFS authority re Northern Center for the Developmentally Disabled, provision re employee or position transfers [Sec. 26, 209, 477, 861, 1490, 1490c] [1490c — vetoed] -  Act 33
Tobacco settlement agreement: DOA appropriation eliminated re costs incurred in sale of state's right to receive payments [Sec. 568] -  Act 33
2003-05 authorized building program: addition of four U.W. System projects; waiver of statutory bidding procedures prohibited -  Act 269
Unfunded liabilities under WRS: program to issue revenue obligations created; costs paid from excise taxes; sick leave conversion credit program [Sec. 171m, 172m, 181, 182d, 577-580, 835, 860, 9101 (9), (9q)]  -  Act 33
Unfunded prior service liability under WRS: appropriations obligations amount increased and technical changes  -  Act 84
Unfunded prior service liability under WRS: payment of; moral obligation pledge stated [Sec. 21, 182, 567, 571]  -  Act 33
Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA) enacted -  Act 294
Wisconsin Patient Safety Institute, Inc.: appropriation of GPR in DOA eliminated [Sec. 569] -  Act 33
administration, department of _ boards and other subdivisionsAdministration, Department of — Boards and other subdivisions
Gaming compact amendments: DOA to report on expenditures re expanded responsibilities of the Office of Indian gaming [Sec. 9101 (12d)] [vetoed] -  SB-44
Housing functions of DOA: most responsibilities transferred to Comm.Dept; low-income weatherization and energy assistance programs retained [Sec. 5-7, 86, 150-163, 188, 223, 576, 593-604, 804, 1101-1104, 1464, 1500, 1684, 1685, 1705, 1993, 2048, 2318, 2359, 2360, 2369, 2370, 2444-2448, 2619, 2658, 2743, 2777, 9101 (4), 9401 (1)]  -  Act 33
Incorporation of a town into a city or village: procedure revised; Incorporation Review Board created  -  Act 171
Operations funding at DER, DEG, and Division of housing for certain period of time [Sec. 9101 (10), 9115 (2), 9118 (2)] -  Act 33
TEACH board eliminated, duties transferred to DOA; some responsibilities transferred to DPI; training and technical assistance grants eliminated; sunset for infrastructure assistance grants; debt service, E-rate, and telecommunications access reestimates; annual grant to Racine Unified School District removed; provision re certain public museum retained [for section numbers and vetoes, see entry under ``Reorganization of state government"] -  Act 33
Waste facility siting board transferred from DOA to DNR [Sec. 92x, 402p, 587p, 2475g, 9101 (8c)] [vetoed]  -  SB-44
administration, department of _ budget and fiscal issuesAdministration, Department of — Budget and fiscal issues
Appropriations from certain agencies lapsed to general fund [Sec. 9260 (1)] [partial veto] -  Act 33
Appropriations of Comm.Dept lapsed to general fund; additional lapse and submission of alternative plan to DOA secretary; JCF review [Sec. 9260 (1) (a), (cs), (ct)] [9260 (1) (cs), (ct) — partial veto] -  Act 33
Cash management functions of State Treasurer's office transferred to DOA [for section numbers, see entry under ``Reorganization of state government"] -  Act 33
DNR administrative appropriation reductions plan: DOA secretary to approve, JCF to review [Sec. 9138 (5g)] [vetoed] -  SB-44
Executive budget process: deadlines revised re Governor's budget message and capital budget; DOA to report on agency budget requests submitted late [vetoed]  -  SB-64
Fifth week of vacation as cash: lapse or transfer of PR and SEG funds [Sec. 9160 (3f)] -  Act 33
General fund balance revisions [Sec. 280-283] -  Act 33
Public debt refunding; MA, Building Commission, Public Defender Board, DA, and SHSW provisions  -  Act 129
Risk management assessment revenue: lapse of [Sec. 222m, 583m] [222m — partial veto] -  Act 33
Statewide computerized election registration system implemented from moneys allocated by JCF: DOA to ensure state does not seek reimbursement from federal goverment for expenditures [Sec. 9101 (12p)] -  Act 33
administrative rulesAdministrative rules
Criminal investigation of certain professional credential applicants: DORL may investigate pursuant to certain rules; photographs and fingerprints required for certain credentials; DOJ and FBI provisions -  Act 151
Emergency rule initial effective period and maximum duration revised [vetoed] -  AB-131
Emission inspection for motor vehicles: time period for initial inspection in certain counties revised; emission control equipment grant program re school buses created and emergency rule provisions -  Act 220
Energy impact report re legislative proposal or state agency rule that impacts cost or reliability of electricity: legislator may request and PSC to prepare -  Act 277