2003 Senate Resolution 21
To amend senate rule 13 and senate rule 75; relating to: authorizing the president to order a member to be escorted off the floor of the senate.
Resolved by the senate, That:
SR21, s. 1 Section 1. Senate rule 13 is amended to read:
Senate Rule 13. Disturbance in lobby. Whenever any disturbance or disorderly conduct occurs on the senate floor or in the lobby or gallery, the presiding officer may order the same cleared of all persons except members and officers. Whenever any substantial disturbance is caused by or substantial disorderly conduct is engaged in by a member on the senate floor or in the lobby or gallery while the senate is sitting in session, the president may order the sergeant at arms to escort the member out of the senate chamber and prevent the member's return to the senate chamber for the remainder of the session day.
SR21, s. 2 Section 2. Senate rule 75 is amended to read:
Senate Rule 75. Recording position of absent member. Any member absent from all or part of a day's session by leave of the senate under rule 16 or 23 or pursuant to rule 13 may, within one week after returning, instruct the chief clerk in writing, on a form entitled "statement of position" to be provided by the chief clerk, to have the journal show that had the member been present when a certain vote was taken the member would on that issue have voted aye or have voted no. If the member returns before the vote is taken, the statement of position is void and the member shall cast his or her vote as required under rule 73.