2003 - 2004 LEGISLATURE
April 18, 2003 - Introduced by Representatives Lassa, Hahn, Boyle, Jeskewitz,
and Huber. Referred to Committee on Rules.
AR11,1,2 1Relating to: honoring the life and public service of the naturalist James Hall
2Zimmerman upon his induction into the Wisconsin Conservation Hall of Fame.
AR11,1,33 Whereas, James Hall Zimmerman was born in Chicago, Illinois, in 1924; and
AR11,1,74 Whereas, James Zimmerman began his interest in the environment in 6th
5grade, when he had the opportunity to take part in the field classes of famous
6University of Wisconsin botany professor Norman Fassett, and received his Ph.D. in
7Botany from the same university in 1958; and
AR11,1,128 Whereas, James Zimmerman was known as a botanical genius, a master of
9inspiring his students to be better stewards of their land, demonstrating his
10expertise as a naturalist at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Arboretum for 26
11years and as a University of Wisconsin Landscape Architecture professor for 15
12years; and
AR11,2,213 Whereas, James Zimmerman shared his love and knowledge of the
14environment through his weekly newspaper column on environmental topics in the

1Wisconsin State Journal and as a field trip leader for the Audubon Society, the
2Madison Vocational School, and thousands of Madison area teachers; and
AR11,2,73 Whereas, James Zimmerman was the author of many highly regarded books
4such as "Flora of Devil's Lake", "Wildflower Families and How to Know Them",
5"Proceedings of the Second Midwest Prairie Conference", "Wildflowers and Weeds,
6A Field Guide in Full Color", and "Wetlands of Dane County" and was a contributing
7author to many other esteemed publications; and
AR11,2,118 Whereas, James Zimmerman was dedicated to preserving sensitive areas in
9Dane County, Door County, and elsewhere in the Midwest and was a thoughtful and
10persistent advocate for wetlands and other natural areas in many parts of Wisconsin;
AR11,2,1412 Whereas, James Zimmerman was a founding member of the Wisconsin
13Wetlands Association and one of the finest wetland conservationists and naturalists
14in the State of Wisconsin; and
AR11,2,1715 Whereas, James Hall Zimmerman died in September 1992 while tending to
16prairie grass plots that he and his wife, Elizabeth, maintained at Red Cedar Lake
17Environmental Station; now, therefore, be it
AR11,2,22 18Resolved by the assembly, That the members of the Wisconsin assembly
19commend the devotion and enthusiasm that James Zimmerman demonstrated to his
20friends, students, and colleagues and his commitment to the environment and the
21impact that he made preserving the lands that he loved and honor him with
22induction into the Wisconsin Conservation Hall of Fame; and, be it further
AR11,2,24 23Resolved, That the assembly chief clerk shall provide copies of this resolution
24to his wife, Elizabeth, of Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin.
AR11,2,2525 (End)