Barbering and cosmetology apprentices: responsibilities of the manager and practical training [Admin.Code BC 2.07, 6.04] - CR12-016
Barbering and cosmetology licensure: late renewal and continuing education [Admin.Code BC 9.02, 11]  - CR11-011
costs and feesCosts and fees, see specific subject
counselorCounselor, see Psychology
county _ fairCounty — Fair, see Fair
cpr _cardiopulmonary resuscitation_CPR (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation), see Medical service
criminal identification and investigationCriminal identification and investigation
Background checks and fingerprinting [Admin.Code RL 4.08] -  CR11-027
Firearms records searches [Admin.Code Jus 10.01, 10.095, 10.11] -  CR11-036
d - D -
dairy productDairy product, see also Food
``Grow Wisconsin dairy producer" grant and loan program [Admin.Code ATCP 161.50, 161 subch. IV]  - CR12-028
dairy product _ regulationDairy product — Regulation
Buttermaker license qualifications [Admin.Code ATCP 69.01] -  CR10-106
data processingData processing, see also specific agency
Campaign finance reports: filing in electronic format [Admin.Code GAB 6.05] -  CR09-040
Electronic signatures: use of by governmental units [Admin.Code Adm 13] -  CR09-069
day careDay care
Child care subsidy payments: circumstances to allow for a waiver for a parent who is a child care provider; and affecting small businesses [Admin.Code DCF 201.04]  - CR12-048
deaf and hearing impairedDeaf and hearing impaired, see also Maternal and infant care
Sign language interpreters [Admin.Code RL 200, 201, 202] -  CR11-018
defibrillatorDefibrillator, see Medical service
dentistryDentistry, see also Medical malpractice
Dentistry: active practice, specialty certification, and faculty licenses [Admin.Code DE 1.02, 2.015, 2.04]  - CR11-034
Dentists and dental hygienists: CPR training for licensure renewal, certification of dental hygienists to administer local anesthesia, and unprofessional advertising for dentists [Admin.Code DE 2.03, 2.04, 6.02, 7.03, 7.05]  - CR11-035
Dentists and dental hygienists: licensure renewal and continuing education [Admin.Code DE 2.03, 13]  - CR11-033
digital signatureDigital signature, see Data processing
diseaseDisease, see also Animal — Disease
Colorectal cancer screening coverage and affecting small business [Admin.Code Ins 3.35] -  CR10-150
Fee for screening newborns for congenital and metabolic disorders and other services [Admin.Code DHS 115.05]  - CR12-025
Wisconsin Retirement System accounts: division under a qualified domestic relations order [Admin.Code ETF 20.35]  - CR11-041
do not call listDo not call list, see Telephone
Dog dealers, dog breeders, dog breeding facilities, animal control facilities, and animal shelters: regulation and licensing [Admin.Code ATCP 10.06, 16] -  CR10-100
Wolf hunting and trapping season, regulations, a depradation program, training hunting dogs, and coyote hunting [Admin.Code NR 10.001, 10.01, 10.02, 10.06, 10.07, 10.09, 10.13, 10.145, 10.16, 10.295, 12.10, 12.15, 12.60, 12.63, 12.64, 12.65, 17.04, 19.25] -  CR12-049
domestic partnerDomestic partner, see Family
domestic relations orderDomestic relations order, see Divorce
drinking waterDrinking water, see Water supply
drug abuseDrug abuse, see Drugs
Controlled substances: requirements and procedures for granting special use authorizations by the Controlled Substances Board [Admin.Code CSB 3] -  CR12-010
Definitions of ``patient" and ``prescription legend animal drugs" [Admin.Code VE 1.02] -  CR12-051
Prescription drug monitoring program and affecting small business [Admin.Code Phar 18] -  CR12-009
Training requirements for individuals administering nonprescription and prescription drug products to pupils [Admin.Code PI 46] -  CR10-141
Uniform Controlled Substances Act: scheduling of a schedule II controlled substance, lisdexamfetamine under ch. 961, Wis.Stats. [Admin.Code CSB 2.35]  - CR10-112
e - E -
Observers at a polling place or other location where votes are being cast, counted, canvassed, or recounted [Admin.Code GAB 4] -  CR10-130
elections _ ballotsElections — Ballots, see also Voting
Ballot security [Admin.Code GAB 5] -  CR08-078
elections _ campaign expenseElections — Campaign expense
Campaign finance, ethics, and lobbying violation settlements [Admin.Code GAB 22] -  CR09-035
Campaign finance reports: filing in electronic format [Admin.Code GAB 6.05] -  CR09-040
Federal campaign finds in campaign for Wisconsin elective office: use of [Admin.Code ElBd 1.395]  - CR06-100
Organizations making independent disbursements [Admin.Code GAB 1.91] -  CR10-087
Federal campaign finds in campaign for Wisconsin elective office: use of [Admin.Code ElBd 1.395]  - CR06-100
electric utilityElectric utility, see also Public utility
Electric rate changes due to the cost of fuel [Admin.Code PSC 116] -  CR08-070