Firearms records searches [Admin.Code Jus 10.01, 10.095, 10.11] -  CR11-036
d - D -
dairy productDairy product, see also Food
``Grow Wisconsin dairy producer" grant and loan program [Admin.Code ATCP 161.50, 161 subch. IV]  - CR12-028
dairy product _ regulationDairy product — Regulation
Buttermaker license qualifications [Admin.Code ATCP 69.01] -  CR10-106
data processingData processing, see also specific agency
Campaign finance reports: filing in electronic format [Admin.Code GAB 6.05] -  CR09-040
Electronic signatures: use of by governmental units [Admin.Code Adm 13] -  CR09-069
day careDay care
Child care subsidy payments: circumstances to allow for a waiver for a parent who is a child care provider; and affecting small businesses [Admin.Code DCF 201.04]  - CR12-048
deaf and hearing impairedDeaf and hearing impaired, see also Maternal and infant care
Sign language interpreters [Admin.Code RL 200, 201, 202] -  CR11-018
defibrillatorDefibrillator, see Medical service
dentistryDentistry, see also Medical malpractice
Dentistry: active practice, specialty certification, and faculty licenses [Admin.Code DE 1.02, 2.015, 2.04]  - CR11-034
Dentists and dental hygienists: CPR training for licensure renewal, certification of dental hygienists to administer local anesthesia, and unprofessional advertising for dentists [Admin.Code DE 2.03, 2.04, 6.02, 7.03, 7.05]  - CR11-035
Dentists and dental hygienists: licensure renewal and continuing education [Admin.Code DE 2.03, 13]  - CR11-033
digital signatureDigital signature, see Data processing
diseaseDisease, see also Animal — Disease
Colorectal cancer screening coverage and affecting small business [Admin.Code Ins 3.35] -  CR10-150
Fee for screening newborns for congenital and metabolic disorders and other services [Admin.Code DHS 115.05]  - CR12-025
Wisconsin Retirement System accounts: division under a qualified domestic relations order [Admin.Code ETF 20.35]  - CR11-041
do not call listDo not call list, see Telephone
Dog dealers, dog breeders, dog breeding facilities, animal control facilities, and animal shelters: regulation and licensing [Admin.Code ATCP 10.06, 16] -  CR10-100
Wolf hunting and trapping season, regulations, a depradation program, training hunting dogs, and coyote hunting [Admin.Code NR 10.001, 10.01, 10.02, 10.06, 10.07, 10.09, 10.13, 10.145, 10.16, 10.295, 12.10, 12.15, 12.60, 12.63, 12.64, 12.65, 17.04, 19.25] -  CR12-049
domestic partnerDomestic partner, see Family
domestic relations orderDomestic relations order, see Divorce
drinking waterDrinking water, see Water supply
drug abuseDrug abuse, see Drugs
Controlled substances: requirements and procedures for granting special use authorizations by the Controlled Substances Board [Admin.Code CSB 3] -  CR12-010
Definitions of ``patient" and ``prescription legend animal drugs" [Admin.Code VE 1.02] -  CR12-051
Prescription drug monitoring program and affecting small business [Admin.Code Phar 18] -  CR12-009
Training requirements for individuals administering nonprescription and prescription drug products to pupils [Admin.Code PI 46] -  CR10-141
Uniform Controlled Substances Act: scheduling of a schedule II controlled substance, lisdexamfetamine under ch. 961, Wis.Stats. [Admin.Code CSB 2.35]  - CR10-112
e - E -
Observers at a polling place or other location where votes are being cast, counted, canvassed, or recounted [Admin.Code GAB 4] -  CR10-130
elections _ ballotsElections — Ballots, see also Voting
Ballot security [Admin.Code GAB 5] -  CR08-078
elections _ campaign expenseElections — Campaign expense
Campaign finance, ethics, and lobbying violation settlements [Admin.Code GAB 22] -  CR09-035
Campaign finance reports: filing in electronic format [Admin.Code GAB 6.05] -  CR09-040
Federal campaign finds in campaign for Wisconsin elective office: use of [Admin.Code ElBd 1.395]  - CR06-100
Organizations making independent disbursements [Admin.Code GAB 1.91] -  CR10-087
Federal campaign finds in campaign for Wisconsin elective office: use of [Admin.Code ElBd 1.395]  - CR06-100
electric utilityElectric utility, see also Public utility
Electric rate changes due to the cost of fuel [Admin.Code PSC 116] -  CR08-070
Electrical inspection [for rule numbers, see entry under ``Commerce, Department of"] -  CR09-029
Tax exemptions: wind, solar, and certain gas powered products [Admin.Code Tax 11.10] -  CR11-052
electronic data processingElectronic data processing, see Data processing
electronic recordElectronic record, see specific subject
electronic signatureElectronic signature, see Data processing
emission standardsEmission standards, see Air pollution
employee trust funds, department ofEmployee Trust Funds, Department of
Department rules: minor substantive and technical changes [Admin.Code ETF 10.03, 10.07, 10.12, 10.30, 10.71, 10.78, 10.82, 10.84, 11.02, 11.03, 11.04, 11.05, 11.06, 11.08, 11.09, 11.12, 20.017, 20.02, 20.045, 20.055, 20.10, 20.17, 20.19, 20.35, 40.01, 50.46, 50.48, 50.52, 50.58, 52.06, 60.60, 70.02, 70.03, 70.04, 70.15] -  CR11-040