302.01 State prisons defined and named.
302.02 Jurisdiction and extent of state correctional institutions.
302.025 Service of process on prison officers, employees, or inmates.
302.03 Oath of office; bond.
302.04 Duties of warden and superintendents.
302.043 Release of inmates serving risk reduction sentences.
302.045 Challenge incarceration program.
302.05 Wisconsin substance abuse program.
302.055 Transfer of inmates to resource center.
302.06 Delivery of persons to prisons.
302.07 Maintenance of order.
302.08 Humane treatment and punishment.
302.09 Labor and communications.
302.095 Delivering articles to inmate.
302.10 Solitary confinement.
302.105 Notification prior to expiration of sentence.
302.11 Mandatory release.
302.113 Release to extended supervision for felony offenders not serving life sentences.
302.114 Petition for release and release to extended supervision for felony offenders serving life sentences.
302.116 Extended supervision conditions for sex offenders.
302.117 Notice regarding ineligibility to vote.
302.12 Reward of merit.
302.13 Preservation of property an inmate brings to prison.
302.14 Property of deceased inmates, parolees, probationers or persons on extended supervision, disposition.
302.15 Activities off grounds.
302.17 Register of inmates.
302.18 Transfers of inmates.
302.185 Transfer to foreign countries under treaty.
302.19 Temporary detention of inmates.
302.20 Uniforms for correctional officers.
302.21 Vocational education program in auto body repair at the Green Bay Correctional Institution.
302.25 Interstate corrections compact.
302.255 Interstate corrections compact; additional applicability.
302.26 Corrections compact; contracts with other states; approval.
302.27 Contracts for temporary housing for or detention of prisoners.
302.30 Definition of jail.
302.31 Use of jails.
302.315 Use of county house of correction.
302.33 Maintenance of prisoners in county jail; state payments to counties and tribal governing bodies.
302.335 Restrictions on detaining probationers, parolees and persons on extended supervision in county or tribal jail.
302.336 County jail in populous counties.
302.34 Use of jail of another county.
302.35 Removal of prisoners in emergency.
302.36 Classification of prisoners.
302.365 Jail and house of correction program standards.
302.37 Maintenance of jail and care of prisoners.
302.372 Prisoner reimbursement to a county.
302.373 Prisoner reimbursement to municipality.
302.375 Restrictions on liquor and dangerous drugs; placement of prisoners.
302.38 Medical care of prisoners.
302.381 Emergency services for crisis intervention for prisoners.
302.383 Mental health treatment of prisoners.
302.384 Procedure if a prisoner refuses appropriate care or treatment.
302.385 Correctional institution health care.
302.386 Medical and dental services for prisoners and forensic patients.
302.388 Prisoner medical records.
302.39 Freedom of worship; religious ministration.
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