341.01 Words and phrases defined.
341.03 Operating vehicle after suspension, revocation or cancellation of registration.
341.04 Penalty for operating unregistered or improperly registered vehicle.
341.045 Use of registered farm trucks regulated.
341.05 When vehicles exempt from registration.
341.055 Snowmobiles.
341.057 All-terrain vehicles and utility terrain vehicles.
341.058 Electric personal assistive mobility devices.
341.06 Optional registration.
341.067 Registration of special vehicles.
341.07 Certain vehicles to be registered by resident lessee.
341.075 Mobile air conditioner servicing information.
341.08 Application for registration.
341.085 Registration of ambulances.
341.09 Temporary operation permits and plates.
341.10 Grounds for refusing registration.
341.11 Contents, issuance and display of certificate of registration; issuance of duplicate certificate.
341.12 Design, procurement and issuance of registration plates.
341.13 Additional specifications for design of certain plates.
341.135 Rebasing registration plates.
341.14 Application for and issuance of special plates.
341.142 Veterans honorary medal decals.
341.145 Personalized registration plates.
341.15 Display of registration plates.
341.16 Issuance of replacement plate.
341.17 Department to compile registration lists.
341.18 Evidence of registration to be displayed on vehicles registered under quarterly or consecutive monthly systems; operation without display of registration prohibited.
341.185 Application for quarterly or consecutive monthly registration.
341.19 Telephone authorization for quarterly and consecutive monthly registration.
341.195 Suspension for failure to pay fees for telephone authorization.
341.20 Alternative vehicle registration and title pilot projects.
341.21 Registration and title transactions by contractors.
341.25 Annual and biennial registration fees.
341.255 Special transaction fees.
341.26 Special registration fees for certain vehicles.
341.264 Permanent semitrailer registration.
341.265 Antique motor vehicles; registration, plates, use.
341.266 Special interest vehicles; registration, plates, use.
341.267 Driver education motor vehicles; registration and insurance.
341.268 Reconstructed, replica, street modified and homemade vehicles; registration, plates, use.
341.269 Historic military vehicles; registration, plates, use.
341.27 Registration periods for private automobiles and taxicabs.
341.28 When part-year fees payable for private automobiles; computation of part-year fees.
341.29 Registration for vehicles other than private automobiles and taxicabs.
341.295 Special registration period for vehicles other than private automobiles and taxicabs.
341.297 Biennial registration.
341.30 Quarterly registration.
341.305 Consecutive monthly registration.
341.307 Optional vehicle fleet registration.
341.308 Optional trailer fleet registration.
341.31 When part-period fees payable for vehicles other than automobiles; computation of part-period fees.
341.32 Vehicle to be reregistered if subject to a different fee.
341.33 When fees refundable.
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