800.001 Definitions.
800.01 Commencement of action.
800.02 Form of citation, complaint, summons and warrant in municipal ordinance violation cases.
800.025 Amended citation and complaint.
800.035 Initial appearance.
800.037 Deposit amount and schedule.
800.045 Pretrial conferences.
800.05 Substitution or disqualification of municipal judge.
800.06 Illness, absence or vacancy; pending actions triable by court which receives papers; continuance on vacancy and notice of trial.
800.065 Reserve municipal judges.
800.07 Discovery in municipal court.
800.08 Procedure at trial.
800.085 Telephone and audiovisual proceedings.
800.09 Judgment.
800.093 Restitution.
800.095 Nonpayment of monetary judgment.
800.10 Fees and costs in municipal court.
800.11 Municipal court record and transcript entries.
800.115 Relief from judgment.
800.12 Municipal court contempt procedure.
800.13 Recording in municipal court.
800.14 Appeal from municipal court decision.
800.001 800.001 Definitions. In this chapter:
800.001(1) (1) "Judicial administrative district" means the judicial administrative district having the largest portion of the population in the jurisdiction served by the municipal court.
800.001(2) (2) "Municipality" means the city, village, or town that governs the municipal court, or if more than one city, village, or town has agreed jointly to establish a municipal court under s. 755.01, "municipality" means the city, village, or town where the violation occurred.
800.001 History History: 1987 a. 389; 2009 a. 402.
800.01 800.01 Commencement of action.
800.01(1) (1) In municipal court, ordinance violation cases are commenced when the complaint or citation is filed with or transmitted to the court.
800.01(2) (2) The municipal court has jurisdiction over a defendant when any of the following conditions is met:
800.01(2)(a) (a) The defendant is served with a citation or a summons and complaint as provided under s. 801.11 (1) (a) to (c), (5), and (6).
800.01(2)(b) (b) The defendant is arrested and brought before the court personally or through interactive video and audio transmission conducted in accordance with the rules of the supreme court.
800.01(2)(c) (c) The defendant voluntarily appears before the court.
800.01(2)(d) (d) The court finds that the defendant has acknowledged receipt of the citation or summons and complaint.
800.01(2)(e) (e) The summons and complaint or citation are sent to the defendant by 1st class mail.
800.01(2m) (2m) The law enforcement officer or municipal employee who serves the summons shall indicate the method of service on the copy of the documents filed or transmitted to the court.
800.01(3) (3) If the action is commenced by a citation under s. 800.02 (2) (a), a deposit may be taken from the defendant. The defendant may be released on his or her own recognizance. A nonresident defendant who does not make a deposit may be detained in jail to be brought before the court at the earliest opportunity.
800.01 History History: 1977 c. 305; 1979 c. 32 s. 68; Stats. 1979 s. 800.01; 1987 a. 389; 1989 a. 170, 261; 1993 a. 437; 1995 a. 27; 1999 a. 9; 2009 a. 402.
800.01 Annotation Due process does not require commencing a municipal ordinance action by a summons. Haas V. Wisconsin, 241 F. Supp. 2d 922 (2003).
800.01 Annotation Uniformity in Municipal Courts. Gramling. Wis. Law. Aug. 2010.
800.02 800.02 Form of citation, complaint, summons and warrant in municipal ordinance violation cases.
800.02(1)(1)Action. An action in municipal court for violation of a municipal ordinance is a civil action, and the forfeiture or penalty imposed by any ordinance of the municipality may be collected in an action in the name of the municipality.
800.02(2) (2)Form of citation or complaint.
800.02(2)(a)(a) The citation or complaint shall be signed by a law enforcement officer, attorney representing the municipality, or, if applicable, a conservation warden. In addition, the governing body of a municipality authorized to adopt the use of citations may designate by ordinance or resolution other municipal officials who may sign and issue citations with respect to ordinances which are directly related to the official responsibilities of the officials. Officials granted the authority to sign and issue citations may delegate, with the approval of the governing body, the authority to employees. Authority delegated to an official or employee may be revoked only in the same manner by which it is conferred.
800.02(2)(ag) (ag) The citation or complaint shall contain substantially the following information:
800.02(2)(ag)1. 1. The name, address and date of birth of the defendant.
800.02(2)(ag)1m. 1m. The identification of any permit issued to the defendant, or license number of the defendant, if applicable.
800.02(2)(ag)2. 2. The name and department of the issuing officer.
800.02(2)(ag)3. 3. The violation alleged, the time and place of the occurrence of the violation, a statement that the defendant committed the violation, the ordinance violated, and a description of the violation in language that can be readily understood.
800.02(2)(ag)4. 4. A notice to appear at a date, time and place for the court appearance, and a statement as to whether the appearance is mandated by the judge.
800.02(2)(ag)5. 5. Provisions for amount of deposit and stipulation in lieu of a court appearance, if applicable.
800.02(2)(ag)6. 6. Notice that the defendant may make a deposit and thereby obtain release if an arrest has been made.
800.02(2)(ag)7. 7. Notice that the defendant may, in writing, prior to the court appearance, enter a plea of not guilty.
800.02(2)(ag)8. 8. Notice that, if the defendant makes a deposit and fails to appear in court at the time fixed in the citation, the defendant is deemed to have tendered a plea of no contest and submits to a forfeiture, plus costs, fees, and surcharges imposed under ch. 814, not to exceed the amount of the deposit. The notice shall also state that the court may decide to summon the defendant rather than accept the deposit and plea.
800.02(2)(ag)9. 9. Notice that if the defendant does not make a deposit and fails to appear in court at the time fixed in the citation, the court may issue a summons or a warrant for the defendant's arrest or may enter a default judgment against the defendant.
800.02(2)(ag)9m. 9m. In an action against a corporation organized under ch. 180 or 181, or against a limited liability company organized under ch. 183, a statement of the corporate or company existence and whether the corporation or company is a domestic or foreign corporation or limited liability company.
800.02(2)(ag)10. 10. Any other pertinent information.
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