Agricultural Education and Workforce Development Council transferred from DATCP to DWD [Sec. 35, 191, 192, 401, 1238] - Act 59
Agricultural Producer Security Program revisions re small vegetable processor exemption, milk deferred payment contracts, grain dealer and grain warehouse keeper fund balances, grain dealer deferred payment purchases, payments to producers due to a default; DATCP duties - SB599
Aquaculture and fish farm regulations revised; emergency rule procedure exemption - Act 21
Drainage district revisions re jurisdiction, board membership, regulation of district access corridors, land in newly organized or annexed to districts, discharge of dredged material into wetland permit exemption, floodplain zoning ordinances, storm water discharge permit exceptions, and property tax assessment - Act 115
Farm-raised fish sold to fish farm registered with DATCP: sales tax exemption created [Sec. 1181, 1194c] - Act 59
Farmer assistance program: confidentiality revision re aggregate data compiled by DATCP on countywide level [Sec. 1241d] - Act 59
Gasoline-ethanol fuel blend standards [Sec. 1680m] - Act 59
Industrial hemp: DATCP to regulate activities; criminal history search, pilot program, controlled substances laws, testing, fees, seed, penalty, and rules provisions - Act 100
Late blight of potatoes: abatement time period revised; antisporulant provision - Act 45
Livestock premises registration program funding increased - SB667
Livestock premises registration program: moneys from the agrichemical management fund [Sec. 183m] [vetoed] - Act 59
Mississippi River Parkway Commission technical committee membership - SB650
Motor fuel prices: certain sellers may advertise prices by the half-gallon - Act 22
Obsolete DATCP grants repealed re agricultural facilities and exposition center in Dane County [Sec. 187g, r, 1237m] - Act 59
Pesticide, fertilizer, and commercial feed manufacturers and distributors: license and fee revisions; agricultural chemical cleanup fund provisions [Sec. 190, 538-542, 1242-1305, 9102 (3), 9302 (1)] - Act 59
Producer led watershed protection grants: appropriation from the environmental fund, nonpoint souce and urban nonpoint source debt service payments [Sec. 1241m, 9133 (1)] - Act 59
Professional credentials: prohibition on using specified titles without proper certification; businesses prohibited from representing services from specified professionals unless properly certified or registered; ordinance restricting use of specified titles prohibited; trademark, DATCP authority to bring court action, and penalty provisions - Act 73
Retail food establishment that is a micro market: licensing, definition, and emergency rule provisions - AB536
Seed potato certification requirements created; DATCP duties and forfeiture provisions - Act 46
Soil and Water Resource Management Program bonding authority [Sec. 494] - Act 59
Soil and Water Resource Management Program: grant allocation priority consideration; nutrient management planning specified [Sec. 1236] - Act 59
Veteran farmer assistance and outreach program created; family member provision; logotype required - Act 121
air pollutionAir pollution
Air monitoring site located at Kohler-Andrae State Park: DNR prohibited from including in the initial monitoring network plan submitted to EPA; waiver from federal Clean Air Act provision - SB466
Air monitoring station appropriation expanded to include a sulfur dioxide monitor, conditions specified [Sec. 1827L-n] - Act 59
Brownfields: remediating contaminated land; pilot program for manufacturing facilities re stationary source air pollution controls; tax deeds; ERTID changes; property assessed clean energy loans for revitalization projects; neighborhood improvement districts (NID) and business improvement districts (BID) provisions; state trust fund loans to municipalities - Act 70
Quarry operations: limiting authority of political subdivisions to place limits or conditions on; definitions, permit, noise, and ordinance provisions [Sec. 982i-mf, q-qe, s, t, 984ig, ij, 1305p, 9431 (1i), (2i)] [vetoed] - Act 59
airportAirport, see Aviation
alcohol and other drug abuseAlcohol and other drug abuse
Addiction medicine consultation program: DHS to create and administer - Act 28
Allegations of impairment by alcohol or other drugs: DSPS and Veterinary Examining Board authorized to create procedures to address [Sec. 1235, 1903, 9102 (2), 9139 (12)] - Act 59
Alternatives to incarceration grant program for counties not receiving treatment alternatives and diversion (TAD) grants [Sec. 408m, 1673x, 9228 (15t)] - Act 59
Criminal investigation agent positions at DOJ authorized re drug interdiction and drug trafficking; unencumbered moneys lapse to the general fund and used for alternatives to prosecution and incarceration programs, DOJ plan and JCF approval required - Act 35
Critical access hospital grant re behavioral health crisis management system, conditions specified; involuntary commitment for treatment hearings held by videoconferencing permitted under certain conditions [Sec. 379f, g, 978f, k, 979k, 9120 (6d), 9420 (6d)] - Act 59
Family treatment court and juvenile treatment court grant programs created; DCF report required - SB390
FoodShare employment and training program (FSET): pilot program with implementation plan and statewide expansion proposal; outcomes report with proposed modifications required [Sec. 954-957, 964-968, 9120 (2), (2s)] [9120 (2) -- partial veto; 964d, 9120 (2s) -- vetoed] - Act 59
Graduate medical training in an addiction specialty and development of a training program: existing DHS grant programs to hospitals and rural hospitals expanded to include - Act 26
Grant programs administered by DPI combined re peer review, AODA programs, tribal language revitalization, and 4-year-old kindergarten [Admin.Code PI 16 (title), 16.01, 16.02, 16.03, 16.04, 32 (title), 32.01, 32.02, 32.03, 32.04, 38 (title), 38 subch. I, II, and III, 38.01, 38.02, 38.03, 38.04, 38.05, 38 subch. IV (title), V (title), and VI (title), 39 (title), 39.01, 39.02, 39.03, 39.04] - Act 93
Intensive alcohol abuse treatment program: DOC directed to design, include in 2019-21 agency budget request, and future report on program's impact [Sec. 9108 (8w)] [vetoed] - Act 59
Opioid and methamphetamine treatment programs in underserved and high-need areas: DHS to create additional programs, funding provision - Act 27
Persons with drug dependence: emergency and involuntary commitment procedures, DHS programs, voluntary treatment, and other services extended to include - Act 34
Public housing adult residents: housing authorities to conduct employment screenings, create employability plans, and require able-bodied and unemployed or underemployed to complete a questionnaire re abuse of controlled substances - Jr8 AB4
Recovery charter school: pilot program and director of Office of Educational Opportunity in the UW System authorized to contract for operation of, conditions specified; high school graduation and insurance coverage requirements; DHS, DPI, and Superintendent of Public Instruction duties - Act 30
Treatment and diversion (TAD) program: county grant moneys increased; pilot program to divert certain persons to treatment options, JCF approval - Act 32
UI law revisions re collection of debt, joint and several liability of fiscal agents, eligibility provisions re requests for information and concealment of certain payments, drug testing, appropriation, and technical changes - SB399
W-2 programs: controlled substance abuse screening and testing revisions [Sec. 881-895, 9106 (2), 9306 (2)] - Act 59
Wisconsin substance abuse program renamed Wisconsin rehabilitation program and revised, DHS conditions removed, and earned release provision [Sec. 1856c-1857h] [vetoed] - Act 59
alcohol beverage _ regulationAlcohol beverage -- Regulation
Ozaukee County fairgrounds: Class ``B” and ``Class B” licensees and permittees may sell alcohol beverages under set circumstances - Act 95
Prohibition against adults knowingly permitting or failing to take action to prevent the illegal consumption of alcohol beverages by underage persons: property is not required to be covered by an alcohol license or permit for prohibition to apply - Act 126
Soda water beverage sellers: local authority to issue licenses repealed [Sec. 984j-jd, 1643d-t] - Act 59
Tax administration changes; interest on unclaimed U.S. savings bonds; ticket courier prohibited from selling lottery tickets; background investigation of lottery employees; reporting lottery winnings re child support; police and fire protection fee; ``restaurant” definition for license and regulation of alcohol beverage establishment purposes - Act 17
Unaccompanied underage person on alcohol beverage licensed premises: exception for large events at music festival venues - Act 7
alcohol beverage _ sale to minorsAlcohol beverage -- Sale to minors
Prohibition against adults knowingly permitting or failing to take action to prevent the illegal consumption of alcohol beverages by underage persons: property is not required to be covered by an alcohol license or permit for prohibition to apply - Act 126
Unaccompanied underage person on alcohol beverage licensed premises: exception for large events at music festival venues - Act 7
all_terrain vehicle _atv_All-terrain vehicle (ATV), see Recreation vehicle
Amusement devices and tournament or league entrance fees: sales and use tax exemption created, definition provision [Sec. 1194b, 9438 (2p)] - Act 59
Epinephrine auto-injectors: use and supply of by authorized individuals allowed; definition provision - Act 133
Unaccompanied underage person on alcohol beverage licensed premises: exception for large events at music festival venues - Act 7
anatomical giftAnatomical gift, see Transplant
Commercial building code: not-for-profit facility that houses rehabilitating wildlife exempt from certain definitions [Sec. 1305g, m] - Act 59
Elk damage abatement: crops or grasses grown for bird hunting preserve made eligible, fencing provision [Sec. 582m, p] - Act 59
First aid rendered to domestic animals by emergency medical services practitioner or emergency medical responder in the course of responding to a call, civil and criminal immunity provisions - SB435
Wolf damage claims: payment revisions [Sec. 239m, 334q, 582g, h] [582h -- partial veto; 239m -- vetoed] - Act 59
Woodchucks defined as ``game animal" and ``fur-bearing animal" and DNR to establish open season for hunting and trapping - Act 64
animal _ diseaseAnimal -- Disease
Feeding deer for certain purposes after positive test for CWD or bovine tuberculosis: duration of rule prohibiting modified - Act 41
apostle islandsApostle Islands, see Park
appellate procedureAppellate procedure, see Court -- Appellate
appleton, city ofAppleton, City of, see Outagamie County
DWD authority to set apprentice-to-journeyworker ratio revised; minimum terms for carpentry and plumbing apprenticeships changed - AB508
Funeral director apprenceship changes - AB837
Journeyman plumber examination [Sec. 1652g, h] - Act 59
Workforce training grants (Fast Forward Program): use expanded for collaborative projects, teacher training, nursing training program, internship placement, and improved workforce retention; grant to support the Building Occupational Skills for Success (BOSS) program; report, sunset, and DWD duties [Sec. 398-399, 1397-1402, 1404, 1406, 9151 (1), (2), (5q), 9451 (2q)] - Act 59
appropriationAppropriation, see also Budget bills and process; Federal aid; Shared revenue; specific agency or department