Allied health professional education and training grants created [Sec. 371r, 1657d] - Act 59
Ambulatory surgical center assessment eliminated [Sec. 468, 543, 1664] - Act 59
Ambulatory surgical center reimbursement rates under MA: DHS to develop plan to increase, JCF approval required [Sec. 9120 (4j)] - Act 59
Critical access hospital grant re behavioral health crisis management system, conditions specified; involuntary commitment for treatment hearings held by videoconferencing permitted under certain conditions [Sec. 379f, g, 978f, k, 979k, 9120 (6d), 9420 (6d)] - Act 59
Disproportionment share hospital payments increased and create rural critical care access supplement re MA [Sec.924p, r] - Act 59
Emergency physician services and reimbursement workgroup established by DHS, report required [ Sec. 9120 (5f)] [vetoed] - Act 59
Graduate medical training in an addiction specialty and development of a training program: existing DHS grant programs to hospitals and rural hospitals expanded to include - Act 26
Hospital assessment fund and critical access hospital assessment fund transfers to MA trust fund modified [Sec. 379c, d, 971p-v] - Act 59
Intensive care coordination program: reimburse hospitals and health care systems for certain services to MA recipients, report provision [Sec. 928g, 2249e, g] [vetoed] - Act 59
Persons with drug dependence: emergency and involuntary commitment procedures, DHS programs, voluntary treatment, and other services extended to include - Act 34
hotel and motelHotel and motel
Prohibition against adults knowingly permitting or failing to take action to prevent the illegal consumption of alcohol beverages by underage persons: property is not required to be covered by an alcohol license or permit for prohibition to apply - SB202
house of correctionHouse of correction
Work release for county jail, county houses of correction, and certain tribal jail inmates permitted - AB345
Computer software re compliance with uniform dwelling code energy efficiency requirements: DSPS to develop and maintain for public use [Sec. 1324m] - Act 59
Housing cost grants and loans: reasonable balance among geographic areas requirement repealed [Sec. 118] - Act 59
Lodging marketplace defined, required to register with DOR, and collect sales and room tax; limits on residential dwelling rental by political subdivisions prohibited, short-term rental provisions [Sec. 985L-r, 996g, 9331 (5t)] - Act 59
Manufactured home owner: responsibility to comply with one- and two-family dwelling code - SB430
Primitive rural hunting cabins exempt from one- and two-family dwelling code, definition provision [Sec. 1319g, r, 1325g, r, 1646ym] - Act 59
Register of deeds: information assigned to a document submitted for filing or recording modified; penalties eliminated re registration of farm names; condominium plat provision - SB131
housing and economic development authority, wisconsinHousing and Economic Development Authority, Wisconsin
Aquaculture and fish farm regulations revised; emergency rule procedure exemption - Act 21
Interagency Council on Homelessness created; appropriation and report provisions - AB234
``Transitional housing grants" renamed ``housing grants" and 24 month limit repealed; grants to correspond with areas served by continuum of care organizations designated by HUD [Sec. 119-128, 450] - Act 59
WHEDA housing waiting list: pilot program for chronically homeless individuals and families - AB236
Canada goose hunting: reporting requirements revised [Sec. 572ng, nj] - Act 59
Cumulative preference system for issuing Class A bear hunting licenses: age restriction repealed - Act 44
Deer and wild turkey carcass tag requirements eliminated; wild turkey hunting authorization and car-kill deer or wild turkey provisions [Sec. 572b-n, o-q, 576g, r, 578b-y, 579e-581r, 582r] - Act 59
Feeding deer for certain purposes after positive test for CWD or bovine tuberculosis: duration of rule prohibiting modified - Act 41
Group deer hunting party: use of another member's youth deer approval to kill an antlerless deer prohibited; the person for whom a deer is killed must possess an unused deer carcass tag - Act 61
Hunting mentorship program revisions re minimum age requirement and limit on number of hunting devices, and prohibiting mentor from killing a deer for person being mentored or using that person’s approval - Act 62
Pheasant hunting on DNR managed land, fee provision [Sec. 242, 512m] - Act 59
Primitive rural hunting cabins exempt from one- and two-family dwelling code, definition provision [Sec. 1319g, r, 1325g, r, 1646ym] - Act 59
Uniform end date for open hunting and trapping seasons for specified animals required; conditions for closing the season or changing the end date set - Act 63
Wild turkey hunting license and tag cumulative preference system: exemption for residents who are recipients of the Purple Heart Medal and disabled veterans - Act 14
Woodchucks defined as "game animal" and "fur-bearing animal" and DNR to establish open season for hunting and trapping - Act 64
hybrid_electric vehicleHybrid-electric vehicle, see Motor vehicle
immunizationImmunization, see Vaccination
implied consent or alcohol concentrationImplied consent or alcohol concentration
Court commissioners authorized to issue search warrants re OWI and BAC civil violations - SB128
in memoriumIn memorium
Glenn, John Hershel, Jr.: life and public service of former NASA astronaut and U.S. Senator commended [SJR12] - JR9
Grobschmidt, Richard A.: life and public service of former state representative and state senator commended [SJR17] - JR4
Hendee, Kirby: life and public service of former state senator commended [SJR16] - JR3
Larson, Thomas ``Tom”: life and public service of former state representative commended [AJR13] - JR6
Murphy, Roger P.: life and public service of former DA, state senator, and judge commended [SJR8] - JR8
"Richard A. Grobschmidt Memorial Bridge”: bridge on the Hank Aaron State Trail in Lakeshore State Park in the City of Milwaukee designated as; contributions from interested parties provision - SB99
Stitt, Donald K.: life and public service of former state representative and state senator commended [SJR33] - JR5
Thompson, (SSG) Matthew Vail: life and military service commended [SJR2] - JR2
income taxIncome tax
Apportionment for broadcasters re income and franchise taxes, definition provision, DOR duties [Sec. 1002m, 1013d-i, 1057d, 1076d-k] - Act 59
Due dates changed for certain entities re filing income and franchise tax returns, paying estimated income and franchise tax installment payments, and filing withholding tax returns - Act 2
Electronic filing of income and franchise tax information re wage statements, nonwage payments, royalties, and rents; deadlines and extension provisions [Sec. 1127-1136, 1151, 9338 (13), (14), (15)] - Act 59
Internal Revenue Code updates adopted; exclude from taxable income distribution from IRA to charitable organization [Sec. 1003-1009, 1058-1071, 1079-1082, 1091-1104, 1153, 1160d, 9338 (1)] - Act 59
Net operating and business loss carry-forward and carry-back [Sec. 1024, 1083, 1108, 1152, 9338 (10)] - Act 59
Sourcing rules clarification re income and franchise tax [Sec. 1012, 1013, 1075, 1076, 9338 (7)] - Act 59
income tax _ creditIncome tax -- Credit
Business development tax credit: WEDC may exceed annual limits under set conditions and with JCF approval; early stage business investment program provision [Sec. 1035x, 1040g, p, 1083x, 1086m, 1108x, 1111m, 1774e-k, 1779m, n] - Act 59
Credit for taxes paid to other states revised [Sec. 1044p-u, 9338 (3t)] - Act 59
Historic rehabilitation tax credit: limit and other conditions set, jobs component [Sec. 1051, 1089, 1114, 1775-1775m] [1775g -- partial veto] - Act 59
Research income and franchise tax credits made partially refundable [Sec. 481p, 1038s, t, 1052w, y, 1086i, 1090j, k, 1111k, 1114j, k] - Act 59
Taxpayer cannot claim manufacturing and agriculture credit and other state credit on same income [Sec. 1042, 9338 (8)] - Act 59
WHEFA bonds: individual income tax exemption on earned interest from [Sec. 1014, 9338 (4)] - Act 59
Working families tax credit sunset [Sec. 1041e] [vetoed] - Act 59
income tax _ deductionIncome tax -- Deduction
Adoption expenses re other states and countries: income tax subtraction modified to include [Sec. 1016v, 9338 (13i)] - Act 59
Alternative minimum tax repealed [Sec. 1035m-p, 1036e-1037be, t, 1038m-r, 1040e, h, 1041s, 1050p-u, 1051g-1052u, 1088u, 1113u, 1125s, 1162m, n, 9338 (13p)] [1052e -- partial veto; 1036h-1037be, t -- vetoed] - Act 59
Internal Revenue Code updates adopted; exclude from taxable income distribution from IRA to charitable organization [Sec. 1003-1009, 1058-1071, 1079-1082, 1091-1104, 1153, 1160d, 9338 (1)] - Act 59
Itemized deductions credit for nonresidents: calculation modified [Sec. 1039, 9338 (12)] - Act 59
Olympic, Paralympic, and Special Olympics medals won by individuals: income tax exemption for value of and any payments from the U.S. Olympic Committee or Special Olympics Board of Directors [Sec. 1023s, 9338 (16c)] - Act 59
income tax _ refundIncome tax -- Refund
Income tax refund cannot be issued to employed individuals until data from employer is verified [Sec. 1139] - Act 59
indexationIndexation, see Public works
indian gaming and compactsIndian gaming and compacts
Tribal gaming receipts appropriations consolidated re unusually high-cost of out-of-home placements and subsidized guardianships of Indian children [Sec. 395, 396, 460, 2246] - Act 59
Youth wellness center: allocation from Indian gaming receipts to American Indian tribes for feasibility study and business plan [Sec. 454, 455, 9101 (10), 9401 (5)] - Act 59
indians and tribal issuesIndians and tribal issues
Emergency administration of opioid antagonist to pupils and other persons appearing to overdose: civil liability for school bus operator, employees and volunteers of public, private, and tribal schools, and college residence hall director; calling 911 provision - Act 29
Grant programs administered by DPI combined re peer review, AODA programs, tribal language revitalization, and 4-year-old kindergarten [Admin.Code PI 16 (title), 16.01, 16.02, 16.03, 16.04, 32 (title), 32.01, 32.02, 32.03, 32.04, 38 (title), 38 subch. I, II, and III, 38.01, 38.02, 38.03, 38.04, 38.05, 38 subch. IV (title), V (title), and VI (title), 39 (title), 39.01, 39.02, 39.03, 39.04] - AB251
Mental health and developmental disabilities facilities and services: DHS to consult county and tribal human services departments re certain unencumbered amount [Sec. 744av] [vetoed] - Act 59