pedestrianPedestrian, see Street
peg _professional employer group_PEG (Professional employer group), see Employment bureau
peo _professional employer organization_PEO (Professional employer organization), see Employment bureau
personal property _ taxationPersonal property -- Taxation, see Property tax, and its subheadings
Dental services by facilities serving individuals with disabilities: enhanced MA reimbursement rates, conditions and waiver provisions [Sec. 928f] - Act 59
Disabled children's long-term support program: county support requirements and DHS duties; excess state funding for school-based services transferred to MA trust fund [Sec. 379b, 543c, 766, 767, 928n, 9420 (3f)] - Act 59
Olympic, Paralympic, and Special Olympics medals won by individuals: income tax exemption for value of and any payments from the U.S. Olympic Committee or Special Olympics Board of Directors [Sec. 1023s, 9338 (16c)] - Act 59
peshtigo, city ofPeshtigo, City of, see Marinette County
pesticidePesticide, see Pests
Pesticide, fertilizer, and commercial feed manufacturers and distributors: license and fee revisions; agricultural chemical cleanup fund provisions [Sec. 190, 538-542, 1242-1305, 9102 (3), 9302 (1)] - Act 59
Petroleum inspection fund: transfers to transportation fund [Sec. 144-147, 9245 (1)] - Act 59
Pharmacy practice law changes and Pharmacy Examining Board rule revisions [Admin.Code Phar 1.02, 6.06] - Act 18
Prescription drug monitoring program clarification re review of patient records [Sec. 2251c-x] - Act 59
Prescription drug order extension when refill authorization cannot be obtained: pharmacist may dispense a limited supply under set conditions - Act 19
Pseudoephedrine product sales: implementation of electronic system for recording, tracking, and blocking illegal sales; National Precursor Log Exchange (NPLEx) and DOJ provisions - Act 98
Schedule V controlled substances containing codeine may not be dispensed without a prescription - Act 25
Vaccine administration by pharmacy students requirements modified - Act 42
pheasantPheasant, see Bird
physicianPhysician, see also Medical education
Addiction medicine consultation program: DHS to create and administer - Act 28
Advanced practice clinician training programs: grants to hospitals and clinics to establish [Sec. 371t, 1657b] - Act 59
Dual employment with a state agency or authority: restriction clarified and exemption for licensed health care providers created [Sec. 137-139] - Act 59
Emergency physician services and reimbursement workgroup established by DHS, report required [Sec. 9120 (5f)] [vetoed] - Act 59
Graduate medical training in an addiction specialty and development of a training program: existing DHS grant programs to hospitals and rural hospitals expanded to include - Act 26
Primary care and psychiatry shortage grant program eligibility revisions [Sec. 704pg, pm] - Act 59
Tetrahydrocannabinols (THC) definition modified re cannabidiol (CBD oil) documentation; scheduling of CBD oil and physician provisions - Act 4
Therapeutic or modified diets in certain long term care facilities: physician may delegate prescribing to a licensed or certified dietitian [Admin.Code DHS 132.63, 134.64] - Act 101
physician assistantPhysician assistant, see Physician
pinball machinePinball machine, see Vending machine
pittsville, city ofPittsville, City of, see Wood County
plantsPlants, see also Farm produce
Ginseng designated as the state herb; Blue Book provision - Act 86
Industrial hemp: DATCP to regulate activities; criminal history search, pilot program, controlled substances laws, testing, fees, seed, penalty, and rules provisions - Act 100
Register of deeds: information assigned to a document submitted for filing or recording modified; penalties eliminated re registration of farm names; condominium plat provision - Act 102
plover, village ofPlover, Village of, see Portage County
Journeyman plumber examination [Sec. 1652g, h] - Act 59
policePolice, see also Sheriff; Traffic officer
Beat patrol overtime grants: DOJ to award to certain cities [Sec. 408j, 1674-1680, 9228 (9p)] - Act 59
Body-worn cameras by correctional officers: DOC report required [Sec. 9108 (2w)] - Act 59
Law enforcement dogs that have bitten a person: confinement and veterinarian examination requirement removed - Act 23
Mobile field force grants: DEM to award to law enforcement re crowd-control training and equipment [Sec. 411, 1893, 9132 (1)] - Act 59
Security services provided by DOA to state agencies at multitenant state-run facilities [Sec. 161, 449] - Act 59
Tax administration changes; interest on unclaimed U.S. savings bonds; ticket courier prohibited from selling lottery tickets; background investigation of lottery employees; reporting lottery winnings re child support; police and fire protection fee; ``restaurant” definition for license and regulation of alcohol beverage establishment purposes - Act 17
pondPond, see Wetland
Housing cost grants and loans: reasonable balance among geographic areas requirement repealed [Sec. 118] - Act 59
Wisconsin Shares partial subsidy if gross income exceeds 200 percent of poverty line; exit threshold re gross income exceeding 85 percent state median income [Sec. 867-868b, 9406 (3)] - Act 59
populous countyPopulous county, see Milwaukee County
pornographyPornography, see Obscenity
portage countyPortage County
High capacity well regulations revised re activities exempt from approval; DNR duties re designated study area - Act 10
Little Plover River: grant to Village of Plover for solution to increase flow, sunset provision [Sec. 338g, m, 9133 (7w), 9433 (4w)] - Act 59
postage and postal servicePostage and postal service
Postage costs for state agencies [Sec. 419] - Act 59
potatoPotato, see Farm produce
pr _program revenue_PR (Program revenue), see Appropriation
prescriptionPrescription, see Drugs
prevailing wagePrevailing wage, see Wage -- Payment
pricesPrices, see Gasoline
Fast Forward Program funding for mobile classrooms for job skills training in underserved areas; grants to DOC [Sec. 1403, 1405] - Act 59
Longevity awards for DOC and DHS correctional officers and youth counselors: DPM to include in the 2017-19 state employee compensation plan [Sec. 1761p, 9101 (11w)] [vetoed] - Act 59
Maximum age a minor, sentenced to state prison, may be placed in a juvenile detention facility or secured residential care center for children and youth; DOC duties [Sec. 2255] - Act 59
Offender reentry demonstration project focused on noncustodial fathers in first class city established; TANF block grant moneys [Sec. 916, 924] - Act 59
Serious mental illness among DOC inmates: DOC report required [Sec. 9108 (22t)] [vetoed] - Act 59
Tribal judges and elected tribal officials added as persons who may make special visits to correctional institutions [Admin.Code DOC 309.10] [Sec. 2265u] - Act 59
Wisconsin Results First Initiative Report: DOC to submit on biennial basis [Sec. 1849m] [vetoed] - Act 59
Wisconsin substance abuse program renamed Wisconsin rehabilitation program and revised, DHS conditions removed, and earned release provision [Sec. 1856c-1857h] [vetoed] - Act 59
prisoner _ work programPrisoner -- Work program
Inmate work opportunities, including work release programs: DOC report required [Sec. 9108 (31t)] [vetoed] - Act 59
Work release for county jail, county houses of correction, and certain tribal jail inmates permitted - Act 89
privacyPrivacy, see also Search warrant