ssn _social security number_SSN (Social security number), see Social security
state agenciesState agencies, see also specific agency or department
Administrative rule-making procedures: expedited procedure for repealing unauthorized rules; agency review of rules and legislative enactments; LRB biennial report required; retrospective economic impact analyses for existing rules - Act 108
Base budget review report: state agencies, the legislature, and the courts required to submit every even-numbered year; requirements specified - Act 212
Commission, board, credentialing board, or examining board (restricted agency) that has not promulgated a rule in 10 years or more may not take any action regarding rules unless authorized by subsequent law - Act 158
Cost-benefit analysis of lease and purchase options re executive branch agencies: DOA required to conduct and submit to Legislature, JCF provision [Sec. 161d, e, 9301 (2f)] [vetoed] - Act 59
Fair employment law revisions re state and local government agencies denying a license based on arrest or conviction record; rule-making authority and emergency rule provisions - Act 278
Fee report required with each agency budget request submitted to DOA [Sec. 139m] [vetoed] - Act 59
Human resources and payrolls services: DOA to administer for all executive branch agencies and independent agencies except specified agencies; general fund lapse, onsite management, and reports provisions [Sec. 73, 9101 (9), 9201 (1), 9401 (4)] [73 -- partial veto] - Act 59
Information technology and procurement services positions: DOA report to JCF required [Sec. 9101 (11q)] [vetoed] - Act 59
Postage costs for state agencies [Sec. 419] - Act 59
Security services provided by DOA to state agencies at multitenant state-run facilities [Sec. 161, 449] - Act 59
Signs purchased by state agencies: estimated cost to trigger competitive bidding set; exemption from requirement that gives DOC opportunity to provide - Act 146
Statement of scope of an administrative rule: expiration set - Act 39
Talent attraction and retention initiatives: WEDC to work with state agencies to develop and implement - Act 318
state bankState bank, see Bank
state capitolState capitol
100th Anniversary of State Capitol celebration appropriation [Sec. 8p, 480b-cg, 483m] [vetoed] - Act 59
state capitol and executive residence boardState Capitol and Executive Residence Board
WisconsinEye equipment appropriations, matching funds provision [Sec. 9129 (2i)] - Act 59
state courts, director ofState Courts, Director of
CCAP appropriations reorganized [Sec. 476-478] - Act 59
Landlord and tenant regulations revised; political subdivision authority modified re historic properties, municipal dwelling inspection, levy limit reduction and garbage collection exception, and certain fees; public utility service to rental dwelling units; municipal utility arrearage collection; eviction action procedural changes; removing case management information from CCAP; open housing law re service, assistance, or emotional support animals; municipal administrative review; enforcement of rental unit energy efficiency program; local government rental property inspection program - Act 317
state debtState debt, see Debt, Public
state employeeState employee, see Public employee, and its subheadings
state fair park boardState Fair Park Board
Building Commission authority re thresholds for building trust fund, certain aspects of projects enumerated in the state building program, and approval of contracts for construction of or addition to certain building projects, State Fair Park Board provision; single prime contracting exception and project threshold, DOA duties; selection of project architects and engineers - Act 237
Human resources and payrolls services: DOA to administer for all executive branch agencies and independent agencies except specified agencies; general fund lapse, onsite management, and reports provisions [Sec. 73, 9101 (9), 9201 (1), 9401 (4)] [73 -- partial veto] - Act 59
state guardState guard, see National Guard
state historical society of wisconsin _shsw_State Historical Society of Wisconsin (SHSW), see Historical society
state office buildingState office building
Security services provided by DOA to state agencies at multitenant state-run facilities [Sec. 161, 449] - Act 59
state officersState officers, see Public officers
state parkState park, see also Forestry
Air monitoring site located at Kohler-Andrae State Park: DNR prohibited from including in the initial monitoring network plan submitted to EPA; waiver from federal Clean Air Act provision - Act 159
Bicycles and motor bicycles operated on state trails during hours of darkness: DNR rules revised re lighting requirements [Admin.Code NR 45.05] - Act 301
Pattison State Park: ranger station communications tower funding [Sec. 264p] - Act 59
``Richard A. Grobschmidt Memorial Bridge”: bridge on the Hank Aaron State Trail in Lakeshore State Park in the City of Milwaukee designated as; contributions from interested parties provision - Act 84
State parks and recreation areas: vehicle admission and overnight camping fees revised; DNR and DOT to develop plan for a recreational passport when renewing vehicle registration, special license plate provision; cap on electric receptacles increased; FTE positions decrease re forestry and parks report [Sec. 340m, 557-565d, f, 9101 (11u), 9133 (6u), 9333 (2), 9433 (1), (2)] [9101 (11u) -- partial veto] - Act 59
Unobligated Stewardship bonding authority: used for Saxon Harbor campground marina, Eagle Tower in Peninsula State Park, Horicon March Wildlife Area scenic overlook shelter, cities of Neenah and Menasha for pedestrian bridges and trails, and acquisition of the Canadian Pacific Railway corridor in Racine County [Sec. 514g, r] [514g -- partial veto] - Act 59
Warren Knowles-Gaylord Nelson Stewardship 2000 Program: amount obligated for critical health and safety-related water infrastructure projects in state parks - Act 71
state patrolState patrol, see Traffic officer
state public defenderState Public Defender, see Public defender
state registrarState Registrar, see Vital statistics
state superintendent of public instructionState Superintendent of Public Instruction
College Possible, Inc.: Superintendent of Public Instruction to award grant to, matching provision [Sec. 217g, 1468g] - Act 59
Interagency Council on Homelessness created; appropriation and report provisions - Act 74
Opportunity Schools and Partnership Program creation in an eligible unified school district provisions, Superintendent of Public Instruction duties, report required, and village board procedures; DPI to contract for a reorganization of low performing school district study [Sec. 207f, g, 996w, 1463f, h, 1504k-r, w-y, 9135 (4w), 9435 (1x)] - Act 59
Recovery charter school: pilot program and director of Office of Educational Opportunity in the UW System authorized to contract for operation of, conditions specified; high school graduation and insurance coverage requirements; DHS, DPI, and Superintendent of Public Instruction duties - Act 30
School-based mental health services grants established re collaborating with community mental health agencies; Superintendent of Public Instruction to establish an advisory committee; emergency rules provision [Sec. 215k, 1470g, 9135 (4f)] [1470g, 9135 (4f) -- partial veto] - Act 59
Substitute teacher permit issued to person with associate degree [Sec. 1512c] - Act 59
Superintendent of Public Instruction may revoke a license for immoral conduct, definition revised re pornographic material; governing bodies of schools (public, private, charter) prohibited from aiding an employee, contractor, or agent in obtaining a new job in a school or educational agency if there is reason to believe child sexual abuse has been committed - Act 130
state symbolState symbol, see Symbols, State
state trunk highway _sth_State trunk highway (STH), see Road, and its subheadings
state trust fundState trust fund, see Trust fund
statutes _ revisionStatutes -- Revision
Bingo and raffle law changes (remedial legislation) - Act 361
Correction bill - Act 364
Correction bill - Act 365
Correction bill - Act 366
Indigency determination not required before SPD appoints an attorney to represent a parent re proceedings under Children’s Code or Juvenile Justice Code; attorney fees and recusal provisions (remedial legislation) - Act 359
Municipal boundary information reconciled and compiled by LTSB clarified (remedial legislation) - Act 360
Property tax assessment: board of review proceedings for hearing objections and freeze applicable to certain replacement property eliminated (remedial legislation) - Act 358
School Safety, Office of, created in DOJ; school safety plan provisions including on-site assessment by law enforcement and annual drills; mandatory reporting of threats of violence; DOJ grants for school safety; open enrollment program expired provision eliminated; 2017 WisAct 107 tuberculosis screening requirement correction; expired or outdated DPI reporting requirements eliminated; reports and penalty provisions - Act 143
Transportation revisions re planning for certain federal highway money distribution transfers, drunk driving penalty cross-reference correction, penalties for violation of motor vehicle mileage disclosure requirement, and obsolete federal motor carrier law references (remedial legislation) - Act 363
WRS revisions re participating employee status, retirement annuity applications, and certain protective occupation participants waiving participation; form to cancel coverage under Wisconsin Public Employers Group Life Insurance Program; income continuation insurance coverage for UW System teachers (remedial legislation) - Act 362
stewardship programStewardship Program, see Natural resource
sth _state trunk highway_STH (State trunk highway), see Road, and its subheadings
storage facilityStorage facility, see Warehouse
streetStreet, see also Road, and its subheadings
Condemnation authority cannot be used for establishing or extending a recreational trail, pedestrian way, or bikeway or lane [Sec. 510m, 554g, 565g-w, 585g, r, 981m, 982p-pt, qs, r, 1224t, 2262y, 9352 (5t)] [981m -- partial veto] - Act 59
Local Roads Improvement Program: allocation revisions [Sec. 1231-1233] - Act 59
Milwaukee County high-wide route designated, permit provision - Act 114
Personal delivery devices (PDD): operation on sidewalks and crosswalks authorized; regulations created; defined as a type of vehicle - Act 13
studiesStudies, see also Reports; specific subject
Chronic absenteeism in schools and public benefits: DCF, DPI, DHS, and DWD to collaborate on a report [Sec. 9152 (1)] - Act 59
Crime lab equipment and supplies: DOJ study on sale or transfer of required [Sec. 9128 (2p)] - Act 59