Period ending November 3, 2017
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S — Senate Journal
A — Assembly Journal
Addresses to the Legislature

Acevedo, Officer Jose (Hometown Hero Award)

Albiero, Dr. Tom (Hometown Hero Award)

Ali, Zeynab (Hometown Hero Award)

Arndt, Patricia (Hometown Hero Award to Arndt Family Scholarship Foundation)

Ayala, Detective Alexander (Hometown Hero Award)

Bartosz, Annie (Hometown Hero Award)

Boyles, Kent (owner of Rumor, 2017 Westminster Kennel Club Best in Show and recipient of Hometown Hero Award)

Crivello, Anthony (sang the national anthem)

Fitzgerald, Sen. Scott (remarks of the Majority Leader)
S 7

Haile, Lia (Hometown Hero Award)

Haunty, Alex (Hometown Hero Award)

Lamping, Frank (Hometown Hero Award)

O’Leary, Ann (69th Alice in Dairyland)

Roth, Sen. Roger (remarks of the President)

Schmidt, Jodi (Hometown Hero Award)

Schroepfer, Kevin (accepted the posthumous Hometown Hero Award on behalf of his son, Justin Schroepfer)

Schuh, Tasha (Hometown Hero Award)

Senate: party leaders introduced their respective members as they came before the bar to be sworn in
S 2

Shilling, Sen. Jennifer (remarks of the Minority Leader)

Weiss, Shelley (on behalf of her farther, Willard Weiss, Hometown Hero Award)

Vos, Rep. Robin (remarks by the Speaker)
A 6

Zerkle, Chad (Hometown Hero Award)

Adjournment — Assembly

Final adjournment of January 2017 special session (Jr7)

Final adjournment of August 2017 special session (Au7)

Adjournment — Senate

Final adjournment of January 2017 special session (Jr7)
S 323

Final adjournment of August 2017 special session (Au7)
S 452

Certificates by the Legislature

9/11 Memorial Restoration Group
S 485

African American Genealogical Society of Milwaukee (AAGSOM)

African American Ladies Empowered to Grow Opportunities (A-LEGO)

Allen, Henrietta B.

American Legion Post 490

Anderson, Cory

Anderson, Nicholas R.

Anderson, Patricia

Anderson, Vicki
S 279

Arendt, John
S 432

Arfstrom, Devin Timothy
S 111

Armstrong, Nathan

Arpaci-Dusseau, Andrea
S 167

Ashippun Fire Department

Atkinson, Phoebe
S 166

Aurora West Allis Medical Center
S 343

Averhart, Ezekil Edward “Big Poppa”

Aviles, Berenice
S 166