2017 - 2018 LEGISLATURE
January 18, 2018 - Introduced by Senator Testin, cosponsored by Representative
Krug. Referred to Committee on Senate Organization.
SJR92,1,2 1Relating to: commemorating the life and accomplishments of Robert Rama
SJR92,1,43 Whereas, Robert Rama Williams was born on September 5, 1925, in Oshkosh,
4Wisconsin, to Ralph Williams and Jeannette Gibson; and
SJR92,1,65 Whereas, Robert spent his childhood growing up in Neenah, Wisconsin, before
6enrolling at the University of Wisconsin–Madison in 1943; and
SJR92,1,87 Whereas, Robert joined a Navy program where his unit was subsequently sent
8to Oberlin College in Ohio for continued education; and
SJR92,1,119 Whereas, in 1945, Robert returned to the University of Wisconsin–Madison,
10and following his graduation in 1949, worked for the U.S. Department of Agriculture
11and as an editor for Gas Magazines; and
SJR92,1,1312 Whereas, Robert was married to Mary Markham in Janesville, Wisconsin,
13before moving with his family to Stevens Point, Wisconsin, in 1953; and
1Whereas, his previous work in public relations at the Kohler Company led to
2Robert's eventual formation of his own public relations firm, Idea Associates, in 1958;
SJR92,2,64 Whereas, during his career, Robert aided in a multitude of political campaigns,
5including several for the Wisconsin Supreme Court, as well as those of Melvin R.
6Laird and Lee Sherman Dreyfus; and
SJR92,2,97 Whereas, Robert's public relations clients included the Marshfield Clinic, the
8Copps Company, Good Roads Association, the University of Wisconsin Alumni
9Association, and others; and
SJR92,2,1210 Whereas, one of Robert's most significant works was assisting Melvin R. Laird
11in the Laird Youth Leadership Campaign at the University of Wisconsin–Stevens
12Point; and
SJR92,2,1813 Whereas, throughout the course of his life, Robert was awarded many honors,
14such as the Distinguished Service Award from the University of
15Wisconsin–Madison's School of Journalism, the Letters and Science Community
16Award and Significant Achievement Award from the University of
17Wisconsin–Stevens Point, and the Quality of Life Leadership Award from St.
18Michael's Foundation; and
SJR92,2,2119 Whereas, Robert's life was changed when he contracted polio in 1954, but it led
20to his outstanding educational efforts on post-polio syndrome research and
21awareness, for which he was honored by the Rotary Club of Stevens Point; and
SJR92,2,2422 Whereas, Robert was an outstanding citizen, who loved his family and friends,
23and contributed greatly to his community and the State of Wisconsin; now, therefore,
24be it
1Resolved by the senate, the assembly concurring, That the members of the
2Wisconsin Legislature honor the life and the exceptional accomplishments of Robert
3Rama Williams; and, be it further
SJR92,3,5 4Resolved, That the senate chief clerk shall provide a copy of this resolution to
5his family.
SJR92,3,66 (End)