Personal property tax exemption on all machinery, tools, and patterns; maximum individual income tax sliding scale standard deduction increased; state’s general obligation and variable rate debt reduction [vetoed] - SB821
Required general fund structural balance: does not apply to action of the legislature enacting legislation during 2019-2020 session [Sec. 9128 (1p)] - Act 9
Transfer to state building trust fund and lapse to general fund from certain DOA accounts [Sec. 9201 (1i), (1j)] [9201 (1j) -- vetoed] - Act 9
Unencumbered economic development funds from WEDC transferred to general fund [Sec. 9149 (1x)] - Act 9
Veterans Trust Fund: general fund supplement [Sec. 256, 9448 (1)] - Act 9
WERC unencumbered balance exceeding 10% lapses to general fund [Sec. 9214 (1c)] [vetoed] - Act 9
Examining Board of Architects, Landscape Architects, Professional Engineers, Designers, and Professional Land Surveyors required to promulgate rules re retired credential holder exemption from continuing education requirements but maintain professional title - Act 94
School and school district accountability report to include information on music, dance, drama, and visual arts participation - Act 85
ashland countyAshland County
Flood risk reduction pilot projects in Ashland County: DNR grant provisions, report required - SB252
assembly, unlawfulAssembly, Unlawful
Repossession of collateral or leased goods: determination of breach of peace and limits on liability re vehicle repossession - SB613
Local professional baseball park district: sales and use taxes sunsetted; new obligations restricted; legislative oversight with LAB provision - Act 28
Uniform Athlete Agents Act: revisions adopted - SB117
Public defender private attorney rate increased [Sec. 2244, 2245] - Act 9
Service of certain pleadings and other papers: electronic mail provisions created - Act 30
attorney generalAttorney General
Service of notice of claim against a state officer, employee, or agent: requirements modified re AG’s office - Act 29
atv _all_terrain vehicle_ATV (All-terrain vehicle), see Recreation vehicle
Liens on aircraft and aircraft engines: requirements established - Act 103
Payment duty of bank to a lost, destroyed, or stolen cashier’s, teller’s, or certified check; temporary authority of mortgage loan originator applicant; possession by financial institution of property subject to garnishment; data processing services provided to financial institutions; certain Federal Home Loan Bank loan limitations; Banking Review Board and Savings Institutions Review Board consolidated and renamed Banking Institutions Review Board - Act 65
Stands operated by minors allowed without a food processing plant license or retail food establishment license; conditions, ordinance, and definition provisions - Act 60
Electric bicycle operation regulations established - Act 34
bills, legislativeBills, Legislative
Bills making honorary designation of a highway or bridge: standards established [vetoed] - AB249
blastingBlasting, see Explosive
blind and visually impairedBlind and visually impaired
``Individuals with disabilities" or ``impaired individuals" substituted for ``handicapped" in statutes administered by HEAB and TCS Board [Sec. 136, 374-385, 388, 392] - Act 9
School day milk program expanded [Sec. 1425f] - Act 9
Bow or crossbow: placing, possessing, or transporting in a vehicle, motorboat, ATV, or UTV revised - Act 98
Motorboats: revisions to operation by minors, boating safety certificate provision - AB704
bodyworker or massage therapistBodyworker or massage therapist, see Trades and occupations
bonds _ officialBonds -- Official
Official bond requirements for town municipal judges - AB86
bow and arrow huntingBow and arrow hunting, see Hunting
Bills making honorary designation of a highway or bridge: standards established [vetoed] - AB249
Major interstate bridge project: preliminary design work reference removed from certain appropriations [Sec. 1079] - Act 9
Major interstate bridge projects, high-cost state highway bridge projects, and Zoo interchange project: bonding authority revisions [Sec. 302, 304, 304a] - Act 9
Veterans Memorial Bridge in City of Kaukauna: rehabilitation funding [Sec. 184o, 9144 (4x)] [vetoed] - Act 9
brown countyBrown County
I 43 projects in Brown and Outagamie and Milwaukee and Ozaukee counties added to enumerated projects approved for construction [Sec. 1078, 1078d] [1078d -- partial veto] - Act 9
budget bills and processBudget bills and process
Budget bill [partial veto] - Act 9
Budget deadline extended [SJR3] - JR2
Circuit court: additional branches allocated by the Director of State Courts; biennial budget request provision - AB470
Building permit for one- and two-family dwellings: submitting application in paper or electronic form - Act 38
Nonconforming buildings in a floodplain: DNR regulations cannot prohibit modifications based on cost under certain conditions - SB637
Stairway chair lift installation in a church constructed before 1919: exception to commercial building code created, conditions set - Act 91
Tangible personal property temporarily stored in this state re specified construction activities outside of this state: sales tax exemption created - SB351
building codeBuilding code, see Building
building commission, stateBuilding Commission, State
Authorized state building program for 2019-21; Building Commission grants for local projects; WHS and DVA report on improvements to museum facilities required [Sec. 26m-27g, 293s, t, 300r, 306g-u, 307c-u, 309b-u, 9104 (1)-(13m), 9121 (1t)] [26m, o, 27f, 307n, o, 309t, u, 9104 (1), (6)-(8), (11) -- partial veto; 306g, h, 9104 (10) -- vetoed] - Act 9
Transportation facilities and major highway projects: Building Commission bonding authority increased [Sec. 1082] - Act 9
bus and truckBus and truck
Motor carrier maximum hours for drivers: federal law exception re planting and harvesting period modified [Admin.Code Trans 325.01] - SB669
bus and truck _ taxation or registrationBus and truck -- Taxation or registration
Heavy truck registration fees increased [Sec. 1988b, 9344 (1), 9444 (2p)] [1988b, 9344 (1) -- partial veto] - Act 9
Oversize or overweight vehicles transporting residue materials re municipal sewage treatment: DOT to allow transport permits - AB818
businessBusiness, see also Retail establishment
Wisconsin businesses that move out of state or the U.S.: income and franchise tax deductions for moving expenses eliminated; definition provision - Act 7