Crop insurance proceeds included in production gross receipts re manufacturing and agricultural tax credit - SB387
``Energy provider” definition expanded re trespassing on or damaging property of - Act 33
Public adjuster regulation and registration requirements - AB357
data processingData processing
Adjutant General duties re local government FEMA application training, issuance of FEMA payments, and email and electronic payments re emergency management - SB369
Body cameras used by law enforcement agencies: policies, training, and compliance requirements; Open Records Law and privacy provisions - SB50
Broadband expansion grant funding [Sec. 132, 9201 (1)] - Act 9
Information technology education grants [Sec. 1475f] - Act 9
MA services provided through telehealth and communications technology: DHS required to provide reimbursement; conditions, definitions, and emergency rule provisions - Act 56
Marketplace providers required to collect and remit sales and use tax on behalf of marketplace sellers, definition provision; individual income tax rate reductions estimated for 2019 and subsequent taxable years; LAB, DOA and DOR duties; one-time reduction from total tax due provision - Act 10
Payment duty of bank to a lost, destroyed, or stolen cashier’s, teller’s, or certified check; temporary authority of mortgage loan originator applicant; possession by financial institution of property subject to garnishment; data processing services provided to financial institutions; certain Federal Home Loan Bank loan limitations; Banking Review Board and Savings Institutions Review Board consolidated and renamed Banking Institutions Review Board - Act 65
Property used to provide broadband service to rural or underserved area exempt from the telephone company tax - AB344
Revised uniform law on notarial acts adopted and prior uniform law repealed; Remote Notary Council created and attached to DFI, emergency rule provision; electronic records provisions - AB293
Salvage vehicle certificate of title: evidence of ownership provisions modified re insurer taking delivery of salvage vehicle - Act 53
Service of certain pleadings and other papers: electronic mail provisions created - Act 30
day careDay care
Background checks on people who work or reside at a child care program: changes and DCF duties [Sec. 220m, 534, 535, 549, 551, 557-604, 606, 635-637, 1687, 1688] - Act 9
Biennial, online reporting to DHS by adult day centers, CBRFs, and residential care apartment complexes [Sec. 683, 728-730, 732] - Act 9
Child care for families in high-poverty areas of the City of Milwaukee: DCF grants [Sec. 648] - Act 9
Child care quality rating system incentives, sunset provision [Sec. 9106 (5f)] [vetoed] - Act 9
Foster care and kinship care rates [Sec. 526m-528m, 9406 (2)] - Act 9
Wisconsin Shares reimbursement rate for certified family child care providers [Sec. 633, 634] - Act 9
deaf and hearing impairedDeaf and hearing impaired
``Individuals with disabilities" or ``impaired individuals" substituted for ``handicapped" in statutes administered by HEAB and TCS Board [Sec. 136, 374-385, 388, 392] - Act 9
School day milk program expanded [Sec. 1425f] - Act 9
Sign language interpreters: new categories of licenses established, transitional licensure and examination provisions; Sign Language Interpreter Council eliminated and Sign Language Interpreters Advisory Committee established; DSPS duties - Act 17
Advance directive certifications and findings of incapacity re health care powers of attorney and admission to a hospice: revising advanced practice clinition, nurses, and physicians - Act 90
Motor vehicle certificate of title transferred to spouse or domestic partner upon death of the owner: fee waived - SB162
Peer-to-peer suicide prevention programs for public, private, and tribal high schools: DPI competitive grant program established - Act 83
Student ID cards: contact information for suicide prevention and crisis support hotlines required - AB531
Suicide prevention grant to Wisconsin United Coalition of Mutual Assistance Association, Inc. [Sec. 9119 (6f)] [partial veto] - Act 9
debt, publicDebt, Public
Local exposition districts: special debt service reserve funds revisions [Sec. 1850qe-qi] - Act 9
Personal property tax exemption on all machinery, tools, and patterns; maximum individual income tax sliding scale standard deduction increased; state’s general obligation and variable rate debt reduction [vetoed] - SB821
Safe Drinking Water Loan Program: general obligation bonding authority increased and issuance of revenue bonds authorized [Sec. 122, 171-176, 296, 339, 1957-1960] - Act 9
Safe Drinking Water Loan Program: term and repayment of loan revisions [Sec. 1960b, c] - Act 9
deerDeer, see Hunting
dementiaDementia, see Disease
Dental services to MA recipients with disabilities: increase MA reimbursement rates [Sec. 9119 (9)] - Act 9
Educational loan assistance program administered by the UW Board of Regents for physicians, dentists, and other health care providers: agree to practice in eligible practice area for certain amount of time to be eligible, definition provision - Act 58
Marquette University School of Dentistry rural dentistry scholarship program created [Sec. 135g, r, 392m] [135g, 392m -- partial veto; 135r -- vetoed] - Act 9
Seal-a-Smile program: DHS grants expanded [Sec. 1892, 9119 (6)] - Act 9
dependent childrenDependent children, see Family
designerDesigner, see Architect
Electric weapon prohibition exception for private security personnel on official duty - Act 87
dhsDHS, see Health Services, Department of -- specific subheading
diabetesDiabetes, see Disease
Cancer clinical trial participation: reimbursement of patient-incurred expenses not considered undue inducement - SB489
Diabetes care and prevention action program: DHS to develop; DETF, DPI, and DOC provisions; biennial report required - SB217
Dispensing, distributing, or selling dialysate drugs, or devices necessary for providing home peritoneal kidney dialysis to patient with end-stage renal disease: exemption from pharmacist license requirement, conditions set - Act 13
Lyme disease: DNR awareness campaign requirements, state park brochure provision - SB298
Lyme disease informational signs: DNR and DHS to collaborate on signs for state parks, trails, recreational areas, and forests - Act 73
``Mental health crisis intervention services" changed to ``crisis intervention services" and adds intellectual disability, substance abuse, and dementia; county contribution provision [Sec. 680, 681, 691] [681 -- partial veto] - Act 9
Well-Woman Program: multiple sclerosis services funding limit [Sec. 1950] - Act 9
district attorneyDistrict attorney
Authority to represent public interest in proceedings under the Children’s Code: provisions for county board of supervisors to transfer authority to or from the DA modified - AB502
DA positions added, one-step pay progression increase, and assistant DA positions added [Sec. 9110 (1f), 9210 (1e), (1f)] [9210 (1e), (1f) -- partial veto] - Act 9
Selective abortions and disability-selective abortion prohibited; civil remedies and injunctive relief provisions [vetoed] - AB182
dnrDNR, see Natural Resources, Department of -- specific subheading
dodge countyDodge County
Wisconsin 9/11 Memorial Highway: portion of STH 28 in Dodge and Washington counties designated as; directional signs for the Wisconsin 9/11 Memorial and Education Center and highway map provisions; DOT duties - Act 20
Sexual contact with an animal, obscene depictions of, or facilitating access to animal for purposes of: felony penalties; child under age 13, sex offender registration, animal retained as evidence, court assessed expenses, and reporting mistreatment of dogs provisions - SB139
domestic abuseDomestic abuse, see Sex crimes
domestic partnerDomestic partner, see Marriage
door countyDoor County
Washington Island Observer newspaper eligible to receive compensation for publishing legal notices - Act 32