Acid filters
Baghouse bags
Clothing (e.g., coveralls, aprons, shoes, hats, gloves)
Air filter bags and cartridges
Respiratory cartridge filters
Shop abrasives
Stacking boards
Waste shipping containers (e.g., cartons, bags, drums, cardboard)
Paper hand towels
Wiping rags and sponges
Contaminated pallets
Water treatment sludges, filter cakes, residues, and solids
Emission control dusts, sludges, filter cakes, residues, and
solids from lead-associated industries (e.g., K069 and D008 wastes)
Spent grids, posts, and separators
Spent batteries
Lead oxide and lead oxide residues
Lead plates and groups
Spent battery cases, covers, and vents
Pasting belts
Water filter media
Cheesecloth from pasting rollers
Pasting additive bags
Asphalt paving materials
1 Lead-associated industries are lead smelters, lead-acid battery
manufacturing, and lead chemical manufacturing (e.g., manufacturing of lead oxide or other lead compounds).
B. Exempt Lead-Bearing Materials When
Generated or Originally Produced By Any Industry
Charging jumpers and clips
Platen abrasive
Fluff from lead wire and cable casings
Lead-based pigments and compounding pigment dust
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