Submittal of proposed rules to the legislature
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Educational Approval Board
(CR 02-135)
Chs. EAB 1, 3, 4, 7 and 8, relating to the regulation of for-profit postsecondary schools; out-of-state, nonprofit colleges and universities; and in-state, nonprofit institutions incorporated after 1991.
Health and Family Services
(CR 02-112)
Ch. HFS 95, relating to the custody and control of sexually violent persons placed at facilities.
Health and Family Services
(CR 02-115)
Ch. HFS 115, relating to screening of newborns' blood for congenital and metabolic disorders.
Health and Family Services
(CR 02-117)
Ch. HFS 116, relating to a birth defect prevention and surveillance system.
Health and Family Services
(CR 02-154)
Ch. HFS 109, relating to SeniorCare.
Natural Resources
(CR 02-064)
Ch. NR 447, relating to citation authority for asbestos program violations.
Natural Resources
(CR 02-114)
Ch. NR 169, relating to reimbursement of response action costs for response actions taken at eligible dry cleaning facilities.
Natural Resources
(CR 02-122)
Ch. NR 191, relating to lake protection and classification grants.
Natural Resources
(CR 02-134)
Chs. NR 140 and 811, relating to groundwater quality standards and the development of an aquifer storage recovery well or the operation of an ASR system by a municipal water utility.
Psychology Examining Board
(CR 02-124)
Chs. Psy 1 to 5, relating to examinations, supervised experience, qualifications and responsibilities of supervisors, licensure by comity, reciprocity, holders of the certificate of professional qualification and senior psychologists, continuing education, renewal and professional conduct.
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