16.001   Organization of department.
16.002   Definitions.
16.003   Department of administration.
16.004   Secretary, powers and duties.
16.005   Bradley Center Sports and Entertainment Corporation.
16.006   Treatment of classified employees.
16.007   Claims board.
16.008   Payment of special charges for extraordinary police service to state facilities.
16.009   Board on aging and long-term care.
16.01   Women's council.
16.04   Fleet management and maintenance.
16.045   Gasohol, alternative fuels, and hybrid-electric vehicles.
16.05   Interstate agreements.
16.06   American Indian assistance.
16.10   Ratification of the midwest interstate low-level radioactive waste compact.
16.11   Midwest interstate low-level radioactive waste compact.
16.115   Fees.
16.12   Violation of midwest interstate low-level radioactive waste compact.
16.13   Data collection.
16.15   Resource recovery and recycling program.
16.18   Management assistance grants to certain counties.
16.22   National and community service.
16.25   Service award program.
16.255   College savings program vendor.
16.26   Weatherization assistance.
16.27   Low-income energy assistance.
16.28   Office of business development.
16.283   Disabled veteran-owned businesses.
16.285   Woman-owned businesses; certification; database.
16.287   Minority businesses.
16.29   Technical assistance.
16.295   Fund of funds investment program.
16.297   Grants for local government expenditures; moral obligation pledge.
16.301   Definitions.
16.302   State housing strategy plan.
16.303   Housing cost grants and loans.
16.304   Designated agents.
16.305   Grants to local housing organizations.
16.306   Transitional housing grants.
16.307   Grants to alleviate homelessness.
16.308   Grants for the provision of shelter for homeless individuals and families.
16.309   Community development block grant programs.
16.310   Use of surplus state-owned real property.
16.311   Mental health services.
16.315   Federal housing assistance programs.
16.40   Department of administration, duties, powers.
16.401   Treasury management.
16.405   Requests for issuance of operating notes.
16.41   Agency and authority accounting; information; aid.
16.412   Agency payments.
16.413   Disclosure of expenditures relating to state agency operations and state agency contracts and grants.
16.415   Certification of payrolls.
16.417   Dual employment or retention.
2015-16 Wisconsin Statutes updated through 2017 Wis. Act 58 and all Supreme Court and Controlled Substances Board Orders effective on or before September 20, 2017. Published and certified under s. 35.18. Changes effective after September 20, 2017 are designated by NOTES. (Published 9-20-17)