218.20   Definitions.
218.205   Motor vehicle salvage dealers to be licensed.
218.21   Application for salvage dealer's license.
218.22   When department to license salvage dealers.
218.23   Licensee to maintain records; purchase and sale of vehicles by licensee.
218.24   Salvage dealer license number displayed on trucks and truck-tractors.
218.25   Rules.
218.30   Definitions.
218.305   Motor vehicle auction dealers to be licensed.
218.31   Application for auction dealer's license.
218.32   When department to license auction dealer.
218.33   Motor vehicle auction dealer to be bonded; conduct of auction business.
218.34   Purchases from a motor vehicle auction.
218.40   Definitions.
218.41   Moped dealers regulated.
218.42   Examination by department.
218.43   Penalty.
218.50   Definitions.
218.505   Salvage pools to be licensed as wholesalers.
218.51   Buyer identification cards.
218.52   Purchases from motor vehicle salvage pools.
218.53   Penalties.
subch. I of ch. 218 SUBCHAPTER I
Subch. I of ch. 218 Cross-reference Cross-reference: See also chs. Trans 137, 138, 139, 140, and 144, Wis. adm. code.
218.0101 218.0101 Definitions. In ss. 218.0101 to 218.0163, unless the context requires otherwise:
218.0101(1) (1)“Agreement" means a contract that describes the franchise relationship between manufacturers, distributors, importers and dealers.
218.0101(2) (2)“Autocycle” has the meaning given in s. 340.01 (3m).
Effective date note NOTE: Sub. (2) is created eff. 5-1-20 by 2019 Wis. Act 50.
218.0101(3) (3)“Cash price" means the retail seller's price in dollars for the sale of goods, and the transfer of unqualified title to those goods, upon payment of the retail seller's price in cash or a cash equivalent.
218.0101(4) (4)“Consumer lease" has the meaning given in s. 429.104 (9).
218.0101(5) (5)“Designated family member" includes all of the following:
218.0101(5)(a) (a) The spouse, child, grandchild, parent, brother or sister of a deceased owner of a dealership who holds an interest in the dealership or who is entitled to receive an interest in the dealership by reason of the owner's death.
218.0101(5)(b) (b) A court-appointed legal representative of an incapacitated owner, including a guardian or conservator.
218.0101(5)(c) (c) An owner's attorney-in-fact under a valid power of attorney.
218.0101(5)(d) (d) A court-appointed personal representative or special administrator of a deceased owner's estate if the deceased owner's estate holds an interest in the dealership and, if the personal representative or special administrator is a corporate fiduciary, an individual is designated as operator under the franchise agreement.
218.0101(5)(e) (e) The trustee of a trust, testamentary or inter vivos, of which an owner was settlor if the trust holds an interest in the dealership and, if the trustee is a corporate fiduciary, an individual is designated as operator under the franchise agreement.
218.0101(5)(f) (f) An individual who has been nominated by the operator of a dealership as his or her successor in a written instrument filed with and accepted by the manufacturer, importer or distributor if that individual will hold a legal or beneficial interest in the dealership and is acceptable to the persons who will hold the controlling interest in the dealership.
218.0101(6) (6)“Distributor" means a person, resident or nonresident who in whole or part, sells or distributes new motor vehicles to motor vehicle dealers, or who maintains distributor representatives.
218.0101(7) (7)“Distributor branch" means a branch office similarly maintained by a distributor for the same purposes.
218.0101(8) (8)“Distributor representative" means a representative similarly employed by a distributor or distributor branch.
218.0101(9) (9)“Division of hearings and appeals" means the division of hearings and appeals in the department of administration.
218.0101(10) (10)“Factory branch" means a branch office maintained by a person who manufactures or assembles motor vehicles, for the sale of motor vehicles to distributors, or for the sale of motor vehicles to motor vehicle dealers or for directing or supervising in whole or part, its representatives.
218.0101(11) (11)“Factory representative" means a representative employed by a person who manufactures or assembles motor vehicles or by a factory branch, for the purpose of making or promoting the sale of its motor vehicles, or for supervising or contacting its dealers or prospective dealers.
218.0101(12) (12)“Finance charge" has the meaning set forth in s. 421.301 (20).
218.0101(13) (13)“Franchise" means the right to buy, sell, distribute or service a line make of motor vehicles that is granted to a motor vehicle dealer or distributor by a manufacturer, importer or distributor.
218.0101(13m) (13m)“Gross capitalized cost" has the meaning given in s. 429.104 (13m).
218.0101(14) (14)“Importer" means a person who has written authorization from a foreign manufacturer of a line make of motor vehicles to grant franchises to motor vehicle dealers or distributors in this state with respect to that line make.
218.0101(15) (15)“Lease" or “leasing" means, with respect to a lessor, to enter into or offer to enter into a consumer lease with a lessee.
218.0101(16) (16)“Lessee" has the meaning given in s. 429.104 (17).
218.0101(17) (17)“Lessor" means a person who leases a motor vehicle to a lessee under a consumer lease, but does not include an assignee of a consumer lease.
218.0101(18) (18)“License period" means the period during which a particular type of license described in s. 218.0114 (14) is effective, as established by the department of transportation or division of banking under s. 218.0114 (13) (b) or (d).
218.0101(19) (19)“Licensor" means the body, either the division of banking or the department of transportation or both, issuing a license under ss. 218.0101 to 218.0163.
218.0101(20) (20)“Manufacturer" means any person, resident or nonresident, who does any of the following:
218.0101(20)(a) (a) Manufactures or assembles motor vehicles.
218.0101(20)(b) (b) Manufactures or installs on previously assembled truck chassis, special bodies or equipment which when installed form an integral part of the motor vehicle and which constitutes a major manufacturing alteration and which completed unit is owned by the manufacturer.
218.0101(21) (21)“Motorcycle" has the meaning given in s. 340.01 (32).
218.0101(22) (22)“Motor vehicle" means any motor-driven vehicle required to be registered under ch. 341 except mopeds.
218.0101(22m) (22m)“Motor vehicle buyer" means an individual who is employed by or who has contracted with one or more motor vehicle dealers to bid on or purchase a motor vehicle being held and offered for sale by a motor vehicle dealer or motor vehicle auction.
218.0101(23) (23)
218.0101(23)(a)(a) “Motor vehicle dealer" means any person, firm or corporation, not excluded by par. (b) who:
218.0101(23)(a)1. 1. For commission, money or other thing of value, sells, leases, exchanges, buys, offers or attempts to negotiate a sale, consumer lease or exchange of an interest in motor vehicles; or
218.0101(23)(a)2. 2. Is engaged wholly or in part in the business of selling or leasing motor vehicles, including motorcycles, whether or not the motor vehicles are owned by that person, firm or corporation.
218.0101(23)(b) (b) The term “motor vehicle dealer" does not include:
218.0101(23)(b)1. 1. Receivers, trustees, personal representatives, guardians, or other persons appointed by or acting under the judgment or order of any court.
218.0101(23)(b)2. 2. Public officers while performing their official duties.
218.0101(23)(b)3. 3. Employees of persons, corporations or associations enumerated in subds. 1. and 2., when engaged in the specific performance of their duties as employees of the enumerated persons, corporations or associations.
218.0101(23)(b)4. 4. Sales finance companies or other loan agencies who sell or offer for sale motor vehicles repossessed or foreclosed on by those sales finance companies or other loan agencies under terms of an installment contract, or motor vehicles taken in trade on such repossessions.
218.0101(23)(b)5. 5. Sales finance companies when engaged in purchasing or otherwise acquiring consumer leases from a motor vehicle dealer, or in renegotiating consumer leases previously purchased or otherwise acquired by them.
218.0101(24) (24)“Motor vehicle salesperson" means sales representative, sales manager, general manager or other person who is employed by a motor vehicle dealer for the purpose of selling or approving retail sales, or leasing or approving consumer leases, of motor vehicles. Any motor vehicle salesperson licensed under ss. 218.0101 to 218.0163 shall be licensed to sell or lease for only one dealer at a time.
218.0101(25) (25)“Parts outlet" means a facility at which a manufacturer, importer or distributor has authorized the sale of motor vehicle parts or accessories manufactured or distributed by the manufacturer, importer or distributor using a trade name, trademark or service mark also used to designate, make known or distinguish the manufacturer's, importer's or distributor's motor vehicles or dealers.
218.0101(26) (26)“Person" means a person, firm, corporation or association.
218.0101(27) (27)“Prelease agreement" means an agreement to enter into a consumer lease whereby the motor vehicle will be available and ready to be delivered to the prospective lessee at a later time.
218.0101(28) (28)“Prospective lessee" has the meaning given in s. 429.104 (21).
218.0101(29) (29)“Prospective lessor" has the meaning given in s. 429.104 (21m).
218.0101(30) (30)“Relevant market area" means any of the following:
218.0101(30)(a) (a) All of the area within a 10-mile radius of the site of an existing enfranchised motor vehicle dealership.
218.0101(30)(b) (b) The area of sales responsibility assigned to the existing enfranchised dealership by the manufacturer, importer, or distributor.
218.0101(31) (31)“Retail buyer" means a person, firm or corporation, other than a motor vehicle manufacturer, distributor or dealer, buying or agreeing to buy one or more motor vehicles from a motor vehicle dealer.
218.0101(32) (32)“Retail installment contract" or “installment contract" means and includes every contract to sell one or more motor vehicles at retail, in which the price of the motor vehicle is payable in one or more installments over a period of time and in which the seller has either retained title to the goods or has taken or retained a security interest in the goods under a form of contract designated either as a conditional sale, chattel mortgage or otherwise.
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