221.1008 History History: 1995 a. 336.
subch. XI of ch. 221 SUBCHAPTER XI
221.1101 221.1101 Bank service corporations.
221.1101(1)(1)Definitions. In this subchapter:
221.1101(1)(a) (a) “Bank service corporation" means a corporation organized to perform bank services for 2 or more banks, each of which owns part of the capital stock of the corporation.
221.1101(1)(b) (b) “Bank services" means check and deposit sorting and posting, computation and posting of interest and other credits and charges, preparation and mailing of checks, statements, notices and similar items, other clerical, bookkeeping, accounting, statistical, auditing, compliance, loan documentation, administrative, technology, or other similar functions performed for a bank, or any other service established under sub. (6).
221.1101(1)(c) (c) “Invest" includes any advance of funds to a bank service corporation, whether by purchase of stock, the making of a loan, or otherwise, except a payment for rent earned, goods sold and delivered, or services rendered prior to the making of the payment.
221.1101(2) (2)Investments in bank service corporations.
221.1101(2)(a)(a) Two or more banks may invest not more than 10 percent of the capital of each of the banks in a bank service corporation.
221.1101(2)(b) (b) If stock in a bank service corporation is held by 2 banks, and one of the banks ceases to utilize the services of the corporation and ceases to hold stock in it, and leaves the other as the sole stock holding bank, the corporation may nevertheless continue to function as a bank service corporation and the other bank may continue to hold stock in it.
221.1101(4) (4)Permitted activities of bank service corporations. A bank service corporation may not engage in any activity other than the performance of bank services for banks.
221.1101(5) (5)Contracting for bank services. A bank may cause to be performed, by contract or otherwise, any bank service for itself, whether on or off its premises, if the bank and the party performing the service provide the division with assurances, satisfactory to the division, that the performance of the service will be subject to regulation and examination by the division to the same extent as if the service was being performed by the bank itself on its own premises.
221.1101(6) (6)Additional bank services.
221.1101(6)(a) (a) The division may establish additional services as bank services under sub. (1) (b) if the services are related to the routine daily operations of banks.
221.1101(6)(b) (b) A bank may file a written request with the division to exercise its authority under par. (a) and may include, along with the request, a description of any proposed bank service and an explanation of how that service is related to the routine daily operations of banks. Within 60 days after receiving a request under this paragraph, the division shall approve or disapprove the request.
221.1101 History History: 1995 a. 336; 2013 a. 22.
subch. XII of ch. 221 SUBCHAPTER XII
221.1201 221.1201 Stock in bank-owned banks. A bank, or, subject to the limitations of s. 221.0901, a bank holding company, may, with the approval of the division, acquire and hold stock, in an aggregate amount not exceeding 10 percent of its capital, in one or more of the following:
221.1201(1) (1)A bank chartered under s. 221.1202.
221.1201(2) (2)A national bank chartered under 12 USC 27 (b).
221.1201(3) (3)A bank holding company wholly owning a bank described under sub. (1) or (2).
221.1201 History History: 1995 a. 336.
221.1202 221.1202 Bank-owned banks.
221.1202(1)(1)Establishment and ownership. The division may authorize the establishment of, and issue a charter to, a bank, all of the stock of which is owned by 2 or more depository institutions or depository institution holding companies. Notwithstanding any other requirement of this section, the division may authorize, by rule, up to 10 percent of the stock to be held by other persons to accommodate operational needs of the bank.
221.1202(2) (2)Status and powers. A bank established under sub. (1) is a state bank chartered under this chapter for all purposes, except that its functions are limited solely to doing the following:
221.1202(2)(a) (a) Providing banking and banking-related services to or for depository institutions, subsidiaries of depository institutions, depository institution holding companies, subsidiaries of depository institution holding companies and directors, officers and employees of other depository institutions.
221.1202(2)(b) (b) Providing correspondent banking services at the request of other depository institutions or depository institution holding companies, and to depository institution trade associations.
221.1202(3) (3)Stock issuance. A bank established under sub. (1) may authorize and hold authorized but not issued stock.
221.1202 History History: 1995 a. 336.
221.1202 Cross-reference Cross-reference: See also s. DFI-Bkg 3.01 and 3.02, Wis. adm. code.
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