63.01   County civil service commission; appointment; terms.
63.02   Rules; secretary; employees; offices.
63.03   Classification.
63.04   Appointments; promotions and removals in classified service.
63.05   Certifications; appointments; temporary assignments.
63.06   Rights of employees in military service.
63.065   Elected county or state officers.
63.07   Temporary appointments.
63.08   Eligible lists.
63.085   Certification and appointment of handicapped; special lists of eligibles.
63.09   Efficiency records; promotions.
63.10   Demotion; dismissal; procedure.
63.11   Standard scale of compensation.
63.12   Investigations; testimonial powers; witnesses.
63.13   Certification of payrolls.
63.14   Prohibited influences and practices.
63.15   Existing officers and employees, how affected.
63.16   Appropriation for commission.
63.17   Violations, county civil service.
63.18   First class city commission; appointment; terms.
63.19   Duties and powers of board.
63.20   Compulsory attendance and fees of witnesses.
63.21   Annual report.
63.22   City and its officers to cooperate in carrying out the law.
63.23   Classification of offices.
63.235   Delegation to board of school directors.
63.24   Commission to make rules.
63.25   Rules, what to require.
63.26   Appointments to conform to rules.
63.27   Rules not applicable to certain officers.
63.28   Civil service to include stenographic and clerical employees in the office of the city attorney.
63.29   Civil service for attorneys in office of city attorney.
63.30   Secretary; selection, duties.
63.31   Funds for board.
63.32   Applicants to be examined; character of examinations.
63.33   Examinations reasonable.
63.34   Notice of examinations.
63.35   Application, contents.
63.36   Appointment of examiners; compensation.
63.37   Board to keep a register of eligibles.
63.38   Persons examined not to be obstructed, aided or impersonated.
63.39   Vacancies, how filled.
63.40   Special expert class.
63.41   Vacancies in special cases, how filled.
63.42   Notice to commissioners of all appointments, and of all offices abandoned.
63.43   Removals for just cause only; reasons to be furnished in writing; hearings; decisions.
63.44   Provisions for removals not to apply to certain departments.
63.45   No payments approved or made of salary in the classified service except as provided.
63.49   No promotion or demotion for making or refusing political contributions.
63.50   Use of money prohibited.
63.51   The improper use or promise of political influence forbidden.
63.52   Violations, city civil service; vacates office; disqualification; prosecution.
63.53   Board of school directors employees.
subch. I of ch. 63 SUBCHAPTER I
63.01 63.01 County civil service commission; appointment; terms.
63.01(1)(1) There shall be a civil service commission in every county containing 750,000 inhabitants or more according to the last state or United States census and in all other counties the county board of supervisors may establish a civil service commission, called “commission" in ss. 63.01 to 63.16. Such commission shall consist of 5 members, all of whom shall be legal residents of the county. Appointments shall be made on the basis of recognized and demonstrated interest in and knowledge of the problems of civil service. No person holding any elective or appointive public position or office of any sort in said county government shall be appointed thereon.
63.01(2) (2) Except as provided under s. 59.17 (2) (c), the chairperson of the board of supervisors of any county, within 30 days after ss. 63.01 to 63.16 become applicable thereto, shall appoint the members of the commission, designating the term of office of each. The appointment and designation shall be subject to confirmation by the board of supervisors. Of the persons first appointed one shall hold for one year, one for 2 years, one for 3 years, one for 4 years, and one for 5 years from the first day of January next following appointment, and until a successor is appointed and qualifies. In the month of December of each year, immediately preceding the expiration of the term of office of any commissioner, the board of supervisors shall elect one member of the commission to hold office for the term of 5 years, from the first day of January next succeeding the appointment and until a successor is elected and qualifies.
63.01(3) (3) Every person appointed a member of said commission shall take and file the official oath.
63.01(4) (4) Each member of the commission shall receive such salary as the county board shall determine, which shall not be less than $200 for service performed in any one year. Such compensation shall be paid by the county treasurer on the certificate of the director of personnel, countersigned by the county auditor, if any.
63.01 History History: 1983 a. 148 ss. 2, 8; 1983 a. 538; 1985 a. 29 s. 3202 (56); 1995 a. 201; 2017 a. 207, s. 5.
63.01 Cross-reference Cross-reference: See s. 59.52 (8) for other authority to establish county civil service systems.
63.02 63.02 Rules; secretary; employees; offices.
63.02(1) (1) Such commissioners, as soon as possible after their appointment and qualification, shall prepare and adopt such rules and regulations to carry out the provisions of ss. 63.01 to 63.16 as in their judgment shall be adapted to secure the best service for the county in each department affected by said sections, and as shall tend to promote expedition and speed the elimination of all unnecessary formalities in making appointments. Such rules shall be printed and distributed in such manner as reasonably to inform the public of the county as to their purpose, and shall take effect 10 days after they are published.
63.02(2) (2) The director of personnel shall cause the minutes of its proceedings to be taken and fully transcribed. The original transcribed copy shall be the official minutes of such proceedings and shall be open and available for public inspection. The director of personnel shall preserve all reports made to the commission, keep a record of all examinations held under its direction and perform such other duties as the commission may from time to time prescribe. The director of personnel shall be appointed by the county executive in the unclassified civil service and is subject to confirmation by the county board, as provided in s. 59.17 (2) (bm).
63.02(3) (3) The board of supervisors in every county in which a commission is appointed shall provide suitable offices, furniture, stationery, light, heat, telephone and all other necessary supplies and conveniences to enable the commission to perform its duties.
63.02 Annotation The federal age discrimination in employment act of 1967, as amended, did not invalidate a county's 35 year maximum age requirement for applicants for deputy sheriffs. 63 Atty. Gen. 530.
63.03 63.03 Classification.
63.03(1)(1) In every county in which a commission is appointed, under ss. 63.01 to 63.16, all offices and positions in the public service in the county shall be divided into 2 classes, namely, the classified and the unclassified service. All such offices and positions, however created or filled, shall be included in the classified service, except as provided under subs. (2) and (3).
63.03(2) (2) Except as provided under sub. (3), the following officers and positions in every county with a commission created under ss. 63.01 to 63.17 shall be in the unclassified service:
63.03(2)(a) (a) All officials elected by the people.
63.03(2)(b) (b) All members of boards and commissions.
63.03(2)(d) (d) Court reporters of circuit court.
63.03(2)(f) (f) Undersheriff.
63.03(2)(g) (g) Deputy register of deeds.
63.03(2)(h) (h) Chief deputy clerk of the circuit court.
63.03(2)(i) (i) Deputy county clerk.
63.03(2)(j) (j) Deputy county treasurer.
63.03(2)(k) (k) Deputy coroner.
63.03(2)(km) (km) All members of the staff of a district attorney's office in any county with a population of 750,000 or more, except employees engaged in clerical and stenographic work.
63.03(2)(n) (n) Investigators in the office of the district attorney, when authorized by the county board.
63.03(2)(o) (o) Students and interns in medical or professional specialties.
63.03(2)(p) (p) Residents in the medical specialties.
63.03(2)(q) (q) Members of the medical staffs of the various hospitals, sanatoriums, and other county institutions who are supplied by a medical school or medical societies without expense to or compensation from the county.
63.03(2)(r) (r) All staff performing services for the Milwaukee County enrollment services unit under s. 49.825 or for the child care provider services unit under s. 49.826.
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