69.11   Amendments without court order.
69.12   Entry of true facts by court order.
69.13   Correction of facts misrepresented by informant for record of birth.
69.14   Registration of births.
69.145   Certificate of birth resulting in stillbirth.
69.15   Changes of fact on birth records.
69.16   Marriage documents.
69.17   Divorce report.
69.18   Death records.
69.186   Induced abortion reporting.
69.19   Court-ordered death records.
69.20   Disclosure of information from vital records.
69.21   Copies of vital records.
69.22   Fees.
69.24   Penalties.
69.30   Authorized copying of vital records.
69.60   Taxes and bonds.
69.61   Annual statement of taxes.
69.62   Returns to department of revenue.
69.63   Department of revenue, duties.
69.64   Realty statistics; items.
69.65   Statistics compiled, use of; county clerk's duties.
69.66   Agricultural statistics.
69.67   Returns may be sent for; expense.
69.68   Statement of indebtedness to secretary of state.
69.69   Neglect of duty.
subch. I of ch. 69 SUBCHAPTER I
69.01 69.01 Definitions. In this subchapter:
69.01(1r) (1r)“Certificate of termination of domestic partnership" means a certificate issued by a county clerk under s. 770.12 (3).
69.01(2) (2)“Certifier of the cause of death" means a physician, coroner or medical examiner acting under s. 69.18 (2).
69.01(3) (3)“City registrar" means the local health officer of a local health department with jurisdiction for a city that is a registration district.
69.01(5) (5)“Court report" means an abstract of a court action involving a vital record completed and certified by the clerk of court on a form supplied by the state registrar.
69.01(6g) (6g)“Date of death" means the date that a person is pronounced dead by a physician, coroner, deputy coroner, medical examiner, deputy medical examiner, or hospice nurse.
69.01(6r) (6r)“Declaration of domestic partnership" means a declaration issued by a county clerk under s. 770.07 (2).
69.01(7) (7)“Department" means the department of health services.
69.01(8) (8)“Direction of the state registrar" means the determination in individual cases that statutes are being observed, the issuance of administrative rules, the imposition of statutory penalties and the maintenance of communications within the system of vital records.
69.01(10) (10)“File" means the acceptance by the local registrar and the initial incorporation of vital records provided under this subchapter into the system of vital records.
69.01(11) (11)“Filing party" means any person who submits a vital record to a local registrar for filing in the system of vital records.
69.01(12) (12)“Final disposition" means the disposition of a corpse or stillbirth by burial, interment, entombment, cremation, delivery to a university or school under s. 157.02 (3) or delivery to a medical or dental school anatomy department under s. 157.06. “Final disposition" does not include disposition of the ashes produced by cremation of a corpse or stillbirth.
69.01(12g) (12g)“Hospice" has the meaning given in s. 50.90 (1).
69.01(12m) (12m)“Hospice nurse" means a registered nurse, as defined in s. 146.40 (1) (f), who is employed by or under contract to a hospice.
69.01(13) (13)“Hospital" has the meaning given under s. 50.33 (2).
69.01(13m) (13m)“Induced abortion" means the termination of a uterine pregnancy by a physician of a woman known by the physician to be pregnant, for a purpose other than to produce a live birth or to remove a dead fetus.
69.01(14) (14)“Local health department" has the meaning given in s. 250.01 (4).
69.01(15) (15)“Local registrar" means:
69.01(15)(a) (a) The register of deeds responsible for filing vital records in the county except as provided under par. (b).
69.01(15)(b) (b) The city registrar responsible for filing death records in his or her city.
69.01(15r) (15r)“Marriage certificate" has the meaning given in s. 765.002 (3).
69.01(16) (16)“Marriage document" has the meaning given under s. 765.002 (4).
69.01(16m) (16m)“Medical certification" means those portions of a death record that provide the cause of death, the manner of death, injury-related data, and any other medically-related data that is collected as prescribed by the state registrar under s. 69.18 (1m) (c) 2.
69.01(17) (17)“Person with a direct and tangible interest" means a person who satisfies the requirements under s. 69.20 (1).
69.01(18) (18)“Place of death" means the place where a pronouncement of a human death occurs or, if a death occurs in a conveyance or a corpse is found in interstate waters and removed in this state, the place where the corpse is removed.
69.01(19) (19)“Registrant" means the subject of a record or declaration which a local registrar has accepted for filing in the system of vital records.
69.01(20) (20)“Registration" means final processing of vital records after filing and review for completeness and correctness by the local and state registrar.
69.01(21) (21)“Registration district" means a county, except that a city approved under s. 69.04 is a registration district for filing death records occurring in the city.
69.01(22) (22)“Research" means a systematic study through scientific inquiry for the purpose of expanding a field of knowledge, including environmental or epidemiological research or special studies, that is conducted by persons who meet criteria for access that are specified in rules promulgated under s. 69.20 (4).
69.01(24) (24)“State registrar" means the state registrar of vital records appointed by the department under s. 69.02 (1) (b).
69.01(25) (25)“System of vital records" means:
69.01(25)(a) (a) The filing, registration, collection, preservation, amendment and certification of vital records under this subchapter.
69.01(25)(b) (b) The collection of records, other than vital records, required under this subchapter.
69.01(25)(c) (c) Activities related to the activities under pars. (a) and (b), including the tabulation, analysis and publication of vital statistics.
69.01(26) (26)“Vital records" means any of the following:
69.01(26)(a) (a) Records of birth, death, divorce or annulment, termination of domestic partnership, marriage, and declarations of domestic partnership.
69.01(26)(b) (b) Worksheets that use forms that are approved by the state registrar and are related to documents under par. (a).
69.01(26)(c) (c) Data related to records under par. (a) or worksheets under par. (b).
69.01(27) (27)“Vital statistics" means the data derived from records of birth, death, divorce or annulment, termination of domestic partnership, marriage documents, declarations of domestic partnership, fetal death reports, or related reports.
69.02 69.02 Department powers and duties.
69.02(1)(1)The department shall:
69.02(1)(a) (a) Establish a unit called the office of vital records.
69.02(1)(b) (b) Appoint a state registrar.
69.02(1)(c) (c) Prescribe the form of an affidavit of death for releasing burial agreement trust funds to a beneficiary under s. 445.125 (1) (b) 4. b. or establishing proof of death for payment of benefits of a life insurance policy sold under s. 632.415 (2).
69.02(2) (2)
69.02(2)(a)(a) The department may promulgate administrative rules to administer this subchapter.
69.02(2)(b) (b) The department shall promulgate administrative rules which establish procedures regarding the contents of and acceptance and registration of tribally related vital records submitted to the state registrar by tribal courts and procedures for responding to court orders issued by tribal courts regarding tribally related vital records, as required under s. 69.035.
69.02 History History: 1985 a. 315; 1989 a. 194; 2003 a. 167; 2017 a. 334.
69.03 69.03 Powers and duties of state registrar. The state registrar shall:
69.03(1) (1)Administer and enforce this subchapter.
69.03(2) (2)Direct the system of vital records.
69.03(3) (3)Supervise the office of vital records.
69.03(4) (4)Act as custodian of all records in the office of vital records and preserve, index and certify the records by photographic, electronic or other means, as determined by the state registrar.
69.03(5) (5)Under this subchapter, accept for registration, assign a date of acceptance, and index and preserve original marriage documents and records of birth, death, divorce, and domestic partnership. Indexes prepared for public use under s. 69.20 (3) (e) shall consist of the registrant's full name, date of the event, county of occurrence, county of residence, and, at the discretion of the state registrar, state file number. Notwithstanding s. 69.24 (1) (e), the state registrar may transfer the paper original of a vital record to optical disc or electronic format in accordance with s. 16.61 (5) or to microfilm reproduction in accordance with s. 16.61 (6) and destroy the paper original of any vital record that is so converted. For the purposes of this subchapter, the electronic format version or microfilm reproduction version of the paper original of a vital record that has been transferred under this subsection shall serve as the original vital record.
69.03(6) (6)Direct any activity related to the operation of the system of vital records.
69.03(7) (7)Conduct training programs to promote uniformity of policy and procedures in this state in the system of vital records.
69.03(8) (8)Prescribe, furnish and distribute forms required under this subchapter and chs. 765 and 770 and prescribe any other means for transmission of data necessary to accomplish complete and accurate reporting and registration. When reasonable and possible the state registrar shall base the prescribed forms on the standard forms recommended by the federal agency responsible for administering the national system of vital statistics.
2017-18 Wisconsin Statutes updated through 2019 Wis. Act 18 and through all Supreme Court and Controlled Substances Board Orders filed before and in effect on October 1, 2019. Published and certified under s. 35.18. Changes effective after October 1, 2019, are designated by NOTES. (Published 10-1-19)