Professional patient care bargaining unit: contract ratification  -  Act 385
Professional patient care collective bargaining unit: contract ratification  -  . Act 1
Professional patient treatment bargaining unit: contract ratification for the 1993-95 and 1995-97 biennia  -  Act 87
Professional research, statistics and analysis bargaining unit: contract ratification  -  Act 207
Professional science bargaining unit: contract ratification  -  Act 203
Professional social services bargaining unit: contract ratification  -  Act 83
Security and public safety bargaining unit: contract ratification  -  Act 85
Technical employe bargaining unit: contract ratification  -  Act 84
U.W. Madison and Extension program, project and teaching assistants: contract ratification  -  Act 204
U.W. Milwaukee program, project and teaching assistants: contract ratification  -  Act 205
UWHCA revisions re lease and affiliation agreement, employe contracts and health insurance, LAB audit, records management, legislative review and recommendations, bond issuance and contractual services [Sec. 1g-2b, 8m, 9-15, 28, 39g-r, 55-57, 61g-67m, 9162 (1), 9458 (1w)]  -  Act 216
WERC filing fee for request re compulsory, final and binding arbitration [Sec. 53]  -  Act 216
WERC program revenue and mediation functions [Sec. 796m, 3786e, s, 3787g, 3803d-t, 3843e, s, 9120 (3g), (3h), 9420 (2g)] [3786s, 3803t, 3843s — partial veto]  -  Act 27
commendation certificateCommendation certificate, see name of specific individual
commerce, department ofCommerce, Department of, see also Development, Department of
Boundary line cooperative plan: approval authority transferred from DOA to Department of commerce [Sec. 48, 9462 (1)]  -  Act 216
DOD renamed Department of commerce [Sec. 505, 1209, 9116 (5), 9416 (3)]  -  Act 27
Safety and buildings administrative services appropriation [Sec. 18, 9415]  -  Act 216
commercial codeCommercial code
Uniform commercial code and business organization record-keeping functions transferred from Secretary of state to DFI [for section numbers, see entry under: ``Financial institutions, Department of"]  -  Act 27
Uniform commercial code financing statements: fee for expedited service authorized [Sec. 3297, 6461, 9450 (1)]  -  Act 27
Uniform commercial code: revisions re negotiable instruments and bank deposits and collections chapters  -  Act 449
Uniform commercial code statewide lien system administration transferred from Division of banking to DFI [Sec. 5, 6, 29, 59, 68, 9423 (3)]  -  Act 216
commercial feedCommercial feed
Fertilizer and commercial feed invoices: statement of fees permitted  -  Act 4
Vehicles transporting certain overweight loads: laws revised re agricultural transportation and energy emergencies, farm tractors on certain highways and permits for loads of hay bales or Christmas trees  -  Act 348
community_based residential facilityCommunity-based residential facility
CBRF receivership: funding revised; payment of nursing home monitor costs [Sec. 920, 3240y-3241L] [3240y — partial veto]  -  Act 27
CBRF required to provide statement of financial condition for private-pay patient [Sec. 3237, 9326 (2)]  -  Act 27
COP funding limit for long-term care in CBRF; DOA to review and approve rules and standards; report required [Sec. 2211-2213, 2217, 2222, 2247, 2250, 2254, 2261, 9126 (5), (29g)]  -  Act 27
COP service purchase for persons residing in CBRF: development and use of model contract for purchase by counties; report required [Sec. 2214, 2219, 2233, 9126 (29h)]  -  Act 27
COP services in certain CBRFs: funding limited unless approved by DHSS [Sec. 2209w, 2215, 2216, 2227, 2229, 9126 (4)]  -  Act 27
Facility licensure revisions [Sec. 2438-2440, 2583, 2584, 2587, 2598, 2602-2607, 3227-3231, 3233, 3238m, 3239, 9326 (22)]  -  Act 27
Monitor in nursing home or CBRF: payment of costs [Sec. 811, 820, 923]  -  Act 27
community integration program _cip_Community integration program (CIP), see Medical assistance
community living arrangementCommunity living arrangement, see Youth
community options program _cop_Community options program (COP), see Nursing homes
community supervisionCommunity supervision, see Probation
compensation for victims of crimeCompensation for victims of crime, see Crime victim
comprehensive insuranceComprehensive insurance, see Insurance — Health
condemnation of propertyCondemnation of property, see Eminent domain
condolence certificateCondolence certificate, see Legislature — Member; name of specific individual
confidentialityConfidentiality, see Privacy
congratulatory certificateCongratulatory certificate, see name of specific individual
constitutional amendments _ first considerationConstitutional amendments — First consideration
District attorney term of office extended to 4-years: constitutional amendment (1st consideration) [SJR-30]  -  JR-21
Right to keep and bear arms created: constitutional amendment (1st consideration) [AJR-53]  -  JR-27
Sheriffs' term of office changed to 4-year; restriction on holding any other office revised; vacancy and appointment provisions: constitutional amendment (1st consideration) [AJR-37]  -  JR-23
constitutional amendments _ second considerationConstitutional amendments — Second consideration
Convicted felons and persons convicted of misdemeanor involving violation of public trust: eligibility to hold public office revised. Constitutional amendment (2nd consideration) [AJR-16]  -  JR-28
Judge assumption of nonjudicial office during elected term: restriction removed. Constitutional amendment (2nd consideration) [AJR-15]  -  JR-4
Masculine gender pronouns: unnecessary references removed. Constitutional amendment (2nd consideration) [AJR-12]  -  JR-3
Sports lottery authorized; proceeds dedicated to athletic facilities: constitutional amendment (2nd consideration) [SJR-3]  -  JR-2
construction lienConstruction lien, see Lien
consumer creditConsumer credit, see Credit
consumer price indexConsumer price index, see Consumer protection
consumer protectionConsumer protection
Consumer act administration transferred from Division of banking to DFI secretary [Sec. 69-71, 9123 (1), 9423 (4)]  -  Act 216
Consumer act and licensed lenders: loan administration fee revisions  -  Act 272
Consumer act revisions re open-ended credit plan charges and fees; applicability re AG's opinion; study required  -  Act 328
Consumer fraud and unfair trade practices against elderly and disabled: supplemental forfeitures created  -  Act 382
Consumer protection functions of DOJ transferred to DATCP [Sec. 121x, 3601c-t, 3602b-y, 3607m, 3608g-3609m, 4146e-s, 4148b-v, 4454m, 6412e-s, 7064m, 7066c-w, 7129e-s, 9104 (5q), 9136 (3q), 9436 (2q)] [121x — partial veto; 9104 (5q) — vetoed]  -  Act 27
Motor vehicle consumer leases: laws revised; provisions re prelease agreements, bond or liability insurance policy, motor vehicle dealer definition, sales finance company bond or credit, leasing to a minor and personalized registration plates  -  Act 329
Price misrepresentation in sales using electronic scanners: information refund policy required  -  Act 319
Residential real property disclosure form revised; certain exceptions provided  -  Act 180
State procurement procedures and contract with governmental entities or consortia with 3rd parties revised; DOA may adjust based on consumer price index  -  Act 244
contraband articlesContraband articles, see Jail
contraceptiveContraceptive, see Birth control
Contractor work on one- and 2-family dwellings: bond and insurance provisions revised  -  Act 392
Subcontractor and supplier claims on construction project payment bonds; prime contractor defense of action on construction liens  -  Act 395