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Senate Bill 358
Relating to: revising the negotiable instruments chapter and the bank deposits and collection chapter of the uniform commercial code.
By Senators George and Huelsman; cosponsored by Representatives Hubler and Prosser .
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Senate Bill 674
Relating to: redefining the internal revenue code for the income tax and the franchise tax.
By committee on Senate Organization , by request of Mark Bugher, Secretary of the Department of Revenue.
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Senate Amendment 3 to Senate Bill 422
1. Page 1, line 3: delete "(2)" and substitute:
"Section 31. Effective dates. This act takes effect on the day after publication, except as follows:
Note: Restores text, deleted by senate amendment 2, that is necessary to give effect to senate amendment 3, which was also adopted.
During today's session, the following visitors honored the Assembly by their presence and were welcomed by the presiding officer and the members:
Arvid and Adeline Myhrwold from Amery, guests of Representative Dueholm.
Hazel Dueholm from Luck, guest of Representative Dueholm.
Linda Hamilton from Delafield; and students Iceon, Olga, Lubon, Genya, Ellona and Nikka, accompanied by their teacher Ina, from Yakoots, Siberia, guests of Representatives Vrakas and Urban.
Terilyn Musser Scholze, Carson Scholze and Lavon Zeman, guests of Representative Musser.
John McGinty of Bear Creek and his daughter Molly, who became father-in-law and wife, respectively, of Representative Lorge on April 11, 1996, guests of Representative Lorge.
Ruling on the Point of Order
Speaker Pro Tempore Freese ruled the point of order raised by Representative Hubler that the Assembly stand adjourned under Assembly Rule 28 (2) well taken.
Pursuant to Assembly Rule 28 (1), the Assembly stood adjourned until 9:00 A.M. tomorrow.
8:52 P.M.