Relating to: recognition of the Wisconsin Buck and Bear Club.
Senator Shibilski, Moen, Zien, Welch, Moore and Petak, with unanimous consent, asked to be made cosponsors of Assembly Joint Resolution 19.
Concurred in.
Senator Farrow, with unanimous consent, asked that all action be messaged to the Assembly.
Announcements, adjournment honors and remarks under special privilege
Senator George, with unanimous consent, asked that when the Senate adjourn, it do so in memory of Vince Gibbens who was an News Anchor for Channel 12 WITITV.
Senator Andrea, with unanimous consent, asked that when the Senate adjourn, it do so in honor of September 1985 Special Session Senate Bill 14 was signed into law as 1985 Wisconsin Act Number 79 by Governor Tony Earl. The signing took place at Gateway Technical College in Kenosha on November 19, 1985 -- 10 years ago from this Sunday. WisPark corporation, a division of Wisconsin Energy, was created as a result. Today there are 4,038 jobs in 45 companies in WisPark's coporate parks. 25 of these are from the Chicago area. The number of jobs will rise to 4,300 jobs as companies that have recently announced moves or expansions reach full capacity. At one point in the 1980's Kenosha County's unemployment rate reached 23%. Today it hovers closer to 3%. A special salute to Senator Barbara Ulichney, many people deserve thanks for this successful effort: The former CEO of Wisconsin Energy Corporation -- Charles McNeer. The former Vice President at Wisconsin Energy, and current CEO -- Richard Abdoo, County Board Supervisor and current Senior Local Affairs Representative at Wisconsin Energy -- Wayne Koessl, Current Vice-President of WisPark Corporation Jerry Franke, Former Pleasant Prairie Town Chair -- Donald Wruck, Former Pleasant Prairie Town Chair and the the first Pleasant Prairie Town Chair and the first Pleasant Prairie Village Board President -- Tom Terwall. Current Pleasant Prairie Village Board President John Steinbrink. Many other Kenosha area residents, too numerous to mention, and WisPark Corporation.
Senator Ellis, with unanimous consent, asked that Assembly Joint Resolution 67 be withdrawn from the committee on Senate Organization and taken up at this time.
Assembly Joint Resolution 67
Relating to: commending Bruce Feustel on his service to the Wisconsin legislature and the Legislative Reference Bureau.
Senator Chvala, with unanimous consent, asked that all members of the senate be added as cosponsors of Assembly Joint Resolution 67.
Concurred in.
Remarks by Senate President Brian D. Rude
Senate Restoration Project
Thursday, November 16, 1995
Today marks the last time the State Senate will meet in this beautiful room until the opening of the 1999 session. The current Senate Chamber was first occupied January 8, 1913. In accepting the position of President Pro Tempore, Senator H. C. Martin marked the occasion by saying "This building will grow in beauty and grandeur as the arrangements are perfected and everything is fixed as it will be eventually, for the Senate of the State of Wisconsin."
S478 The Governor reported to the legislature "That very satisfactory progress has been made to the construction of the capitol is apparent to all. It calls therefore for no extended discussion. the work has been carried on almost as rapidly as available funds would permit and fully as fast as was originally planned. In view of what has already been done no one longer doubts that when the structure is complete Wisconsin will have one of the finest public buildings in America."
As we relocate out of the building for the next three years, a move that none of us are particularly excited about, I will read to you a resolution that was adopted on January 12, 1911.
Whereas, The room designated for the accommodation of the state senate is inadequate on account of improper heating and ventilation, and is lacking in many other respects, so as to make it not only inconvenient and uncomfortable, but also an unhealthful place for the senate to meet in.
Resolved by the senate, That the superintendent of public property at his earliest convenience designate and prepare a more suitable place for the senate to hold its sessions. It is suggested that the old supreme court room would be a much more sanitary and convenient place than the present quarters.
Our colleagues in the past made the sacrifice to create this beautiful room, now it is our turn to allow it to be restored for future generations. Our temporary relocation will be much better than that afforded our colleagues.
When the Senate convenes on January 9, 1996 in the temporary chamber located in the 119 Martin Luther King Building, it will be the first time in 82 years that the Senate will not meet in this room.
I hope that all of us will have the honor and privilege of serving in the Senate when the Senate once again convenes in this room, restored to all of its grandeur. It will truly be a monument to democracy.
Upon adjournment please join me in the Senate parlor to toast the start of the restoration of the South wing.
Senator Ellis, with unanimous consent, asked that all action be messaged to the Assembly.
Senator Farrow, with unanimous consent, asked that the Senate adjourn pursuant to Senate Joint Resolution 1.
3:20 P.M.
Chief Clerk's Report
The Chief Clerk records:
Seante Bill 17
Senate Bill 55
Senate Bill 80
Senate Bill 131
Senate Bill 132
Senate Bill 144
Senate Bill 249
Presented to the Governor on November 16, 1995.
Senate Enrolled Proposals
The Chief Clerk records:
Senate Bill 4
Senate Bill 160
Senate Bill 210
Senate Bill 289
Report correctly enrolled on November 16, 1995.
legislative reference bureau corrections
Corrections In:
Prepared by the Legislative Reference Bureau
(November 14, 1995)
Note: These changes reflect the content of the drafting record for Senate Amendment 1.