292.81(4)(b)1. 1. A statement of the purpose of the lien.
292.81(4)(b)2. 2. A brief description of the property to be affected by the lien.
292.81(4)(b)3. 3. A statement of the expenses incurred by the department.
292.81(4)(b)4. 4. The date on or after which the lien will be filed.
292.81(4)(c) (c) The department shall serve the notice required in par. (a) on the property owner at least 60 days before filing the lien. The notice shall be provided by certified mail, return receipt requested, to the property owner and to each mortgagee of record at the addresses listed on the recorded documents. If the property owner is unknown or if a mailed notice is returned undelivered, the department shall provide the notice by publication thereof as a class 3 notice under ch. 985.
292.81(4)(d) (d) In the foreclosure of any lien filed under this subsection, ch. 846 shall control as far as applicable unless otherwise provided in this subsection. All persons who may be liable for the expenses incurred by the department may be joined as defendants. The judgment shall adjudge the amount due the department, and shall direct that the property, or so much of the property as is necessary, be sold to satisfy the judgment, and that the proceeds be brought into court with the report of sale to abide the order of the court. If the sum realized at the sale is insufficient after paying the costs of the action and the costs of making the sale, the court shall determine the liability of the defendants for the remaining unreimbursed expenses and costs.
292.81(4)(e) (e) This subsection does not apply if the lien is filed after the department obtains a judgment against the property owner and the lien is for the amount of the judgment.
292.81 History History: 1995 a. 227 s. 711.
subch. III of ch. 292 SUBCHAPTER III
292.93 292.93 Orders. The department may issue orders to effectuate the purposes of ss. 292.31 and 292.35 and enforce the same by all appropriate administrative and judicial proceedings.
292.93 History History: 1995 a. 227.
292.95 292.95 Review of alleged violations; environmental repair and cost recovery. Any 6 or more citizens or any municipality may petition for a review of an alleged violation of s. 292.31 or 292.35 or any rule promulgated or special order, plan approval, license or any term or condition of a license issued under those sections in the following manner:
292.95(1) (1) They shall submit to the department a petition identifying the alleged violator and setting forth in detail the reasons for believing a violation occurred. The petition shall state the name and address of a person within the state authorized to receive service of answer and other papers in behalf of the petitioners and the name and address of a person authorized to appear at a hearing in behalf of the petitioners.
292.95(2) (2) Upon receipt of a petition under this section, the department may:
292.95(2)(a) (a) Conduct a hearing in the matter within 60 days of receipt of the petition. A hearing under this paragraph shall be a contested case under ch. 227. Within 60 days after the close of the hearing, the department shall either:
292.95(2)(a)1. 1. Serve written notice specifying the law or rule alleged to be violated, containing findings of fact, conclusions of law and an order, which shall be subject to review under ch. 227; or
292.95(2)(a)2. 2. Dismiss the petition.
292.95(2)(b) (b) Initiate action under s. 292.98.
292.95(3) (3) If the department determines that a petition was filed maliciously or in bad faith, it shall issue a finding to that effect, and the person complained against is entitled to recover expenses on the hearing in a civil action.
292.95 History History: 1995 a. 227.
292.98 292.98 Violations and enforcement; environmental repair and cost recovery.
292.98(1) (1)
292.98(1)(a)(a) If the department has reason to believe that a violation of s. 292.31 or 292.35 or any rule promulgated or special order, plan approval, or any term or condition of a license issued under those sections occurred, it may:
292.98(1)(a)1. 1. Cause written notice to be served upon the alleged violator. The notice shall specify the law or rule alleged to be violated, and contain the findings of fact on which the charge of violation is based, and may include an order that necessary corrective action be taken within a reasonable time. This order shall become effective unless, no later than 30 days after the date the notice and order are served, the person named in the notice and order requests in writing a hearing before the department. Upon such request, the department shall after due notice hold a hearing. Instead of an order, the department may require that the alleged violator appear before the department for a hearing at a time and place specified in the notice and answer the charges complained of; or
292.98(1)(a)2. 2. Initiate action under s. 299.95.
292.98(1)(b) (b) If after such hearing the department finds that a violation has occurred, it shall affirm or modify its order previously issued, or issue an appropriate order for the prevention, abatement or control of the problems involved or for the taking of other corrective action as may be appropriate. If the department finds that no violation has occurred, it shall rescind its order. Any order issued as part of a notice or after hearing may prescribe one or more dates by which necessary action shall be taken in preventing, abating or controlling the violation.
292.98 History History: 1995 a. 227.
292.99 292.99 Penalties.
292.99(1)(1) Any person who violates this chapter or any rule promulgated or any plan approval, license or special order issued under this chapter shall forfeit not less than $10 nor more than $5,000 for each violation. Each day of continued violation is a separate offense. While an order is suspended, stayed or enjoined, this penalty does not accrue.
292.99(2) (2) In addition to the penalties provided under sub. (1), the court may award the department of justice the reasonable and necessary expenses of the investigation and prosecution of the violation, including attorney fees. The department of justice shall deposit in the state treasury for deposit into the general fund all moneys that the court awards to the department or the state under this subsection. Ten percent of the money deposited in the general fund that was awarded under this subsection for the costs of investigation and the expenses of prosecution, including attorney fees, shall be credited to the appropriation account under s. 20.455 (1) (gh).
292.99 History History: 1995 a. 227.
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