94.50(1)(d) (d) "Grower" means a person who grows cultivated ginseng and who sells cultivated ginseng to a dealer.
94.50(1)(e) (e) "Out-of-state cultivated ginseng" means ginseng that is grown or nurtured outside this state by a person.
94.50(2) (2)Growers and dealers; registration. No person may act as a grower or a dealer unless he or she is registered with the department. Any person who acts as a dealer and a grower shall register as both. Registrations shall be made annually on a form provided by the department. Registrations expire on December 31 of each year. A dealer shall pay to the department an annual registration fee of $25. The department shall assign a registration number to each person registered under this subsection.
94.50(3) (3)Sale or shipment of cultivated ginseng.
94.50(3)(a)(a) Except as provided in par. (f), no person may sell or ship cultivated ginseng to a dealer or ship cultivated ginseng out of this state unless the cultivated ginseng is accompanied by a valid completed shipment certificate which specifies the year of harvest. The person selling or shipping the cultivated ginseng shall complete a valid shipment certificate provided by the department. The person selling or shipping the cultivated ginseng shall on a valid form provided by the department report to the department within 30 days after the sale or shipment, the source of all of the cultivated ginseng included in the sale or shipment. Each person who completes a shipment certificate or report form shall retain a duplicate copy.
94.50(3)(b) (b) The department shall upon request provide each registered grower and dealer with shipment certificates and report forms required under par. (a). The department shall stamp each shipment certificate and report form with the registration number of the grower or dealer. A shipment certificate and report form is valid only if used during the registration period for which the stamp registration number of the grower or dealer was issued. The department may charge a reasonable fee to recover the costs related to providing shipment certificates and report forms.
94.50(3)(c) (c) No dealer may purchase or receive cultivated ginseng unless it is accompanied by a completed shipment certificate. A dealer shall retain the original copy of each shipment certificate he or she receives.
94.50(3)(d) (d) No dealer may purchase or receive out-of-state cultivated ginseng unless the ginseng is accompanied by a valid written certificate, issued by the state of origin, certifying that the shipment consists solely of out-of-state cultivated ginseng. The certificate shall include the source, year of harvest, and dry weight of the out-of-state cultivated ginseng included in the shipment. A dealer shall retain a copy of each written certificate he or she receives.
94.50(3)(e) (e) No person may import out-of-state cultivated ginseng into this state, unless the imported shipment is accompanied by a valid shipment certificate issued by the state of origin. No person may ship out-of-state cultivated ginseng under a shipment certificate issued by this state.
94.50(3)(f) (f) Paragraph (a) does not apply to a person who sells or ships cultivated ginseng dry root to a person outside of this state who is buying or receiving the cultivated ginseng dry root solely for the purpose of final retail sale to consumers in the United States, if the person selling or shipping keeps a written record of the sale or shipment which shall include all of the following:
94.50(3)(f)1. 1. The name and address of the purchaser or recipient.
94.50(3)(f)2. 2. The dry weight of the cultivated ginseng dry root included in the sale or shipment.
94.50(3)(f)3. 3. The date of the sale or shipment.
94.50(3)(f)4. 4. The source of all of the cultivated ginseng dry root included in the sale or shipment.
94.50(3)(f)5. 5. The year in which the cultivated ginseng dry root was harvested.
94.50(4) (4)Inspection or submission of records. A dealer or grower shall make all records that are required to be kept under this section available upon request to the department for inspection and copying. A dealer or grower registered in this state shall submit all records upon request to the department that are kept outside of this state and that are required to be kept under this section.
94.50(5) (5)False information. No person may include false information on any document or record required under this section, or submit false information to the department in connection with a registration under sub. (2). No person may knowingly accept or retain a document or record required under this section that contains false information to facilitate the sale or shipment of ginseng in violation of this section or s. 29.547.
94.50(6) (6)Public inspection of documents and records.
94.50(6)(a)(a) Documents and records relating to transactions in cultivated ginseng dry root submitted under this section by a grower or dealer to the department are not open to public inspection.
94.50(6)(b) (b) Documents and records relating to transactions in cultivated ginseng live root, tissue culture or seed which are submitted by a grower or dealer to the department under this section shall be open to public inspection under subch. II of ch. 19.
94.50(7) (7)Enforcement actions. The department may by an order deny, suspend or revoke the registration of a dealer or a grower and may invalidate shipment certificates completed by the dealer or grower, if the department finds that the dealer or grower has violated this section. The department may by a summary order and without prior notice or hearing, suspend or invalidate the registration and shipment certificates of a dealer or grower if the department finds that there is a need for immediate action to prevent a violation of this section. An order issued under this subsection shall be in writing, have the force and effect of an order issued under s. 93.18, and is subject to a right of hearing before the department, if requested within 10 days after service. Hearings on summary orders shall be conducted within 10 days after receipt of a request for hearing. Enforcement of a summary order shall not be stayed pending the hearing.
94.50(8) (8)Penalty. A person violating this section shall forfeit not more than $500 for each violation.
94.50 History History: 1983 a. 27, 462; 1985 a. 29.
94.64 94.64 Fertilizer.
94.64(1)(1)Definitions. As used in this section:
94.64(1)(a) (a) "Brand or product name" means a name term, design or trademark used in connection with one or more grades of fertilizer and which identifies the product as fertilizer.
94.64(1)(b) (b) "Bulk fertilizer" means fertilizer distributed in a nonpackaged form.
94.64(1)(c) (c) "Custom mixed fertilizer" means a mixed fertilizer formulated according to individual specifications furnished by the consumer prior to mixing.
94.64(1)(d) (d) "Distribute" means to import, consign, sell, offer for sale, solicit orders for sale, or otherwise supply fertilizer for sale or use in this state.
94.64(1)(e) (e) "Fertilizer" means any substance, containing one or more plant nutrients, which is used for its plant nutrient content and which is designed for use or claimed to have value in promoting plant growth, except unmanipulated animal or vegetable manures, marl, liming material, sewage sludge other than finished sewage sludge products, and wood ashes. "Fertilizer" includes fertilizer materials, mixed fertilizers, custom mixed fertilizers, nonagricultural fertilizers and all other fertilizers or mixtures of fertilizers, regardless of type or form.
94.64(1)(f) (f) "Fertilizer material" means an element or chemical compound, or a substance manufactured by chemical reaction, which:
94.64(1)(f)1. 1. Contains one or more plant nutrients; and
94.64(1)(f)2. 2. Constitutes a component of fertilizer or is used to compound fertilizer.
94.64(1)(fm) (fm) "Finished sewage sludge product" means a product consisting in whole or in part of sewage sludge that is distributed to the public and that is disinfected by means of composting, pasteurization, wet air oxidation, heat treatment or other means.
94.64(1)(g) (g) "Grade" means the percentage guarantee of total nitrogen, available phosphorus or available phosphate, and soluble potassium or soluble potash stated in the same order as listed in this paragraph.
94.64(1)(h) (h) "Guaranteed analysis" means the percentage of each plant nutrient guaranteed or claimed to be present.
94.64(1)(i) (i) "Label" means any written, printed or graphic matter on or attached to packaged fertilizer or which is used to identify fertilizer distributed in bulk or held in bulk storage.
94.64(1)(j) (j) "Labeling" means all labels and other written, printed or graphic matter upon or accompanying fertilizer at any time, and includes advertising or sales literature.
94.64(1)(k) (k) "Manufacture" means to process, granulate, compound, produce, mix, blend or alter the composition of fertilizer or fertilizer materials.
94.64(1)(L) (L) "Mixed fertilizer" means a fertilizer containing any combination or mixture of fertilizer materials, or a fertilizer material and any other substance. A fertilizer material that contains impurities incident to the normal manufacturing or processing operations of that fertilizer material is not a mixed fertilizer as a result of the presence of such impurities unless the impurities are claimed as plant nutrients or fertilizer materials.
94.64(1)(Lm) (Lm) "Nonagricultural fertilizer" means any fertilizer distributed for nonfarm use, such as for home gardens, lawns, shrubbery, flowers, golf courses, parks, cemeteries, greenhouses or nurseries or for research or experimental purposes.
94.64(1)(m) (m) "Official sample" means a sample of fertilizer taken by a representative of the department in accordance with methods prescribed by department rules.
94.64(1)(n) (n) "Packaged fertilizer" means any type of fertilizer sold in closed containers.
94.64(1)(o) (o) "Percent" and "percentage" mean the percentage by weight.
94.64(1)(p) (p) "Plant nutrient" means boron, calcium, chlorine, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, molybdenum, nitrogen, phosphorus or available phosphate, potassium or potash, sodium, sulfur, zinc or any other chemical element recognized as a plant nutrient by department rule.
94.64(1)(pm) (pm) "Sewage sludge" means the residue material resulting from the treatment of sewage. In this paragraph, "sewage" has the meaning specified in s. 281.01 (13).
94.64(1)(q) (q) "Special-use fertilizer" means fertilizer designed and labeled for use in remedying nutrient deficiencies which are unique to certain crops or certain local areas.
94.64(1)(r) (r) "Ton" means a net ton of 2,000 pounds avoirdupois.
94.64(1)(t) (t) "Unmanipulated animal or vegetable manure" means animal or vegetable manure which has not been treated by mechanical drying, grinding or pelletizing, by adding a substance or by any other means.
94.64(2) (2)Labeling.
94.64(2)(a)(a) Any packaged fertilizer, including packaged custom mixed fertilizer, distributed in this state shall have placed on or affixed to the package a label setting forth in clearly legible and conspicuous form the following information:
94.64(2)(a)1. 1. Name and address of the licensed manufacturer or distributor.
94.64(2)(a)2. 2. Brand or product name.
94.64(2)(a)3. 3. Grade.
94.64(2)(a)4. 4. Guaranteed analysis.
94.64(2)(a)5. 5. Net weight.
94.64(2)(b) (b) Any fertilizer distributed in this state in bulk shall be accompanied by a written or printed invoice or statement to be furnished to purchaser at time of delivery containing in clearly legible and conspicuous form the following information:
94.64(2)(b)1. 1. Name and address of the licensed manufacturer or distributor.
94.64(2)(b)2. 2. Name and address of the purchaser.
94.64(2)(b)3. 3. Date of sale.
94.64(2)(b)4. 4. Brand or product name.
94.64(2)(b)5. 5. Grade.
94.64(2)(b)6. 6. Guaranteed analysis.
94.64(2)(b)7. 7. Net weight.
94.64(2)(c) (c) In lieu of grade and guaranteed analysis, custom mixed fertilizer sold in bulk may be labeled to show the weight and grade of each material in the mixture and total weight of the mixture. Grade shall be indicated if a grade is specified by the purchaser.
94.64(2)(d) (d) All fertilizer in bulk storage shall be identified with a label attached to the storage bin or container giving the name or grade of the product.
94.64(2)(e)1.1. Guaranteed analysis for the primary nutrients of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium shall be expressed on the label in the following order and form: - See PDF for table PDF
94.64(2)(e)2. 2. If elemental guarantees are required by department rule under sub. (9) (a), the guaranteed analysis shall be expressed in terms of percentage of available phosphorus and potassium.
94.64(2)(e)3. 3. Additional plant nutrients, besides nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, claimed to be present in any form or manner shall be guaranteed on the elemental basis. Other beneficial substances or compounds, determinable by laboratory methods, may be guaranteed if approved by the department.
94.64(3) (3)Fertilizer license.
94.64(3)(a)1.1. Except as provided in subd. 2., no person may manufacture or distribute fertilizer in this state without an annual license from the department. A separate license is required for each business location and each mobile unit at which the person manufactures fertilizer. A license shall expire on August 14 annually and is not transferable between persons or locations.
94.64(3)(a)2. 2. Notwithstanding subd. 1., a person who distributes only any of the following is not required to obtain a license under subd. 1.:
94.64(3)(a)2.a. a. Fertilizer materials to manufacturers for further manufacturing.
94.64(3)(a)2.b. b. Packaged fertilizer that is in its original container as packaged and labeled by the manufacturer or distributor.
94.64(3)(a)2.c. c. Bulk fertilizer that the person obtains for resale purposes from a licensed manufacturer or distributor and that is labeled as required under sub. (2) (b) 1., 4., 5. and 6., with label information furnished by the licensed manufacturer or distributor.
94.64(3)(b) (b) An applicant for a license under par. (a) shall submit an application on a form provided by the department. The application shall include information reasonably required by the department for licensing purposes. As part of the application, the applicant shall identify the business location or mobile unit that the applicant uses to manufacture fertilizer in this state. The application shall be accompanied by all applicable fees under par. (c).
94.64(3)(c)1.1. An applicant for a fertilizer license under par. (a) shall pay the following fees:
94.64(3)(c)1.a. a. For each business location and each mobile unit that the applicant uses to manufacture fertilizer in this state and that is not licensed under s. 94.685 or 94.703, $50.
94.64(3)(c)1.b. b. For each business location and each mobile unit that the applicant uses to manufacture fertilizer in this state and that is licensed under s. 94.685 or 94.703, $25.
94.64(3)(c)1.c. c. If the applicant distributes fertilizer but does not manufacture it in this state, $50.
94.64(3)(c)2. 2. The department shall deposit the fees collected under this paragraph in the agrichemical management fund.
94.64(3m) (3m)NPK Percentage requirement; exemption permits.
94.64(3m)(a)(a) No person may distribute mixed fertilizer in which the sum of the guarantees for nitrogen, available phosphate and soluble potash totals less than 24% unless:
94.64(3m)(a)1. 1. The mixed fertilizer is exempted from this requirement by department rule; or
94.64(3m)(a)2. 2. The mixed fertilizer is a nonagricultural or special-use fertilizer and the person obtains a permit from the department authorizing its distribution as a nonagricultural or special-use fertilizer.
94.64(3m)(b) (b) An application for a permit under par. (a) 2. shall be on a form prescribed by the department and shall be accompanied by a proposed product label and a nonrefundable fee of $25. The department may require that the applicant substantiate, by scientific evidence:
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