Period ending December 31, 1998
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page numbers in the daily journals.
S — Senate Journal
A — Assembly Journal
Addresses to the Legislature, see also Governor
Brancel, Ben (Speaker of the Assembly) - A 6, 381
Bye, Karyn (U.S. women's olympic hockey team member) - A 713
Cattanach, Dale (director of Wisconsin Legislative audit bureau) - A 580
Coggs, Spencer (Representative) - A 627
Dalai Lama - A 896
FitzRandolph, Casey (Olympic speed skater) - A 669
Freese, Stephen (Speaker pro tempore) - A 917
Heffernan, Nathan (former Wisconsin chief justice) - A 477, 625
Jensen, Scott R. (Speaker of the Assembly) - A 382, 486
Klaas, Marc (founder of the Marc Klaas foundation for children) - A 688
Loftus, Tom (former Speaker of the Assembly and U.S. Ambassador to Norway) - A 490
Ott, Courtney (Alice in Dairyland) - A 669
Park, Yoonkyung (Wisconsin's Junior Miss) - A 87
Rimon, Tzipora (Counsel general of Israel to the midwest) - A 904
Risser, Fred A. (President of the Senate) - S 389
Rude, Brian (President of the Senate) - S 589, 717
Scocos, John A. (Assembly sergeant-at-arms) - A 381
Schneider, Marlin (Representative) - A 483
Spillner, Joan H. (Representative) - A 497
U.S. women's olympic curling team members Erika Brown, Debbie Henry, Lisa Schoeneberg and Lori Mountford - A 713
White, Reggie (Green Bay Packer) - A 744, 778
Table of Contents
adelman, lynn
adjournment _ assembly
adjournment _ senate
assembly ceremonies
brancel, ben
buettner, carol a
certificates by the legislature
chaplain _ assembly
chaplain _ senate
chief clerk _ assembly
chief clerk _ senate
claims board
committee of the whole
committees _ appointment to _ assembly
committees _ appointment to _ senate
communication _ assembly
communication _ senate
elections board _ communication to assembly
elections board _ communication to senate
emergency rules
engrossed bills and joint resolutions
extraordinary session
hanson, doris
kunicki, walter j
lazich, mary a
linton, barbara j
list of lobbyists, 1997
list of lobbyists, 1998
lobbyists and lobbying organizations
majority leader _ assembly
majority leader _ senate
melvin, tom
members excused from voting
minority leader _ assembly
minority leader _ senate
potter, calvin
president of the senate
president pro tempore of the senate
reports to the legislature
administration, department of
administrative rules, joint committee for review of
agriculture, trade and consumer protection, department of
child abuse and neglect prevention board
commerce, department of
corrections, department of
education commission of the states
educational approval board
educational communications board
employe trust funds, department of
employment relations, department of
ethics board
financial institutions, department of
gaming, division of
gaming board
governor_s task force on cheese pricing
groundwater coordinating council
health and family services, department of
health care information, office of
higher educational aids board
historical society
housing and economic development authority, wisconsin
insurance, office of the commissioner of
investment board
joint legislative council
judicial commission
justice, department of
justice assistance, office of
justice information systems, bureau of
legislative audit bureau
legislative organization, joint committee on
medical college of wisconsin
milwaukee area technical college
milwaukee public schools _ office of governmental relations
minnesota_wisonsin boundary area commission
natural resources, department of
physical disabilities, council on
privatization commission
public defender
public instruction, department of
public service commission
recycling market development board
regulation and licensing, department of
retirement systems, joint survey committee on
revenue, department of
rules clearinghouse
southeast wisconsin professional baseball park district
state courts, director of
teach wisconsin
technical college system board
tourism, department of
transportation, department of
university of wisconsin hospitals and clinics authority
u.w. system
veterans affairs, council on
workforce development, department of
workforce excellence, council on
roessler, carol a
rules _ assembly
rules _ joint
rules _ senate
ruling of the chair _ assembly
rutkowski, james a
seat assignments
secretary of state _ communication to assembly
secretary of state _ communication to senate
sergeant_at_arms _ assembly
sergeant_at_arms _ senate
speaker of the assembly
speaker pro tempore of the assembly
spillner, joan h. _wade_
stone, jeff
veto message _ assembly
veto message _ senate
weeden, timothy l
wisconsin sesquicentennial
adelman, lynn Adelman, Lynn
Resigned effective 12/29/97. Represented 28th Senate district. (Appointed U.S. district judge for the eastern district of Wisconsin.) - S 381
adjournment _ assembly Adjournment — Assembly
Final adjournment of the April 1998 special session - A 915
adjournment _ senate Adjournment — Senate
Final adjournment of the April 1998 special session - S 715
assembly ceremonies Assembly ceremonies
Representatives not seeking reelection honored - A 903
brancel, ben Brancel, Ben
Resigned effective 11/2/97. Represented 42nd Assembly district. (Appointed Secretary of Wisconsin Department of agriculture, trade and consumer protection) - A 381
buettner, carol a Buettner, Carol A.
Name changed to Carol A. Roessler effective 4/28/97 - S 141
certificates by the legislature Certificates by the Legislature
certificates by the legislature Certificates by the Legislature
Aalborg Garden [band] - S 747
Abraham, Aaron John - S 12
Ackley, Richard, Jr. - S 670
Adamczyk, Edwin and Bernelle - S 728
Adams, Nicholas Patrick - S 795
Adekola Adedapo and the Mel Rhyne Trio - S 431
Adelman, Lynn - S 431
Albertz, Elena - S 288
Albright United Methodist Church - S 12
Alt, Jason - S 367
Altergott, Jacob O. - S 670
Ament, F. Thomas - S 746
American Family Mutual Insurance - S 479
American TV - S 479
Amon, Jonathan - S 479
Anchor Bank - S 479
Anderson, Gerald C. - S 12