Property tax exemptions for certain property owned by the Y.M.C.A. and Y.W.C.A. [Sec. 2103g, k, 9344 (28w)]  -  Act 16
Second-chance homes for child who is a custodial parent or expectant mother receiving inadequate care created, cultural competency requirement; DHFS to distribute grants to private agencies -  Act 69
United Community Center in the city of Milwaukee: grants for [Sec. 445g, 9110 (7g)] -  Act 16
Urban conservation grants [Sec. 1036bx-y] [1036em — partial veto; all other sections except 1036wm vetoed]  -  Act 16
Wetland enhancement and restoration grants [Sec. 3200m, 3206m, r] -  Act 16
Wisconsin Conservation Hall of Fame: funding from Indian gaming revenues; sunset provided [Sec. 603f, g, 885m, n, 9137 (5z), 9437 (5z)] -  Act 16
Wisconsin Patient Safety Institute, Inc., grants: provisions of 2001 WisAct 16 repealed [Sec. 16, 9401 (1)]  -  Act 109
oshkosh, city ofOshkosh, City of
Brownfields site assessment grant program revisions; sustainable urban development zone program expanded; references to ``pilot program" in specific cities removed; cities of Fond du Lac and Platteville added [Sec. 3323b-3324db, 3696]  -  Act 16
outagamie countyOutagamie county
Urban forestry grants for certain cities and counties [Sec. 9137 (5vv)-(5y)] [9137 (5vy)-(5y) — vetoed]  -  Act 16
outdoor advertisingOutdoor advertising, see Billboard
outpatient servicesOutpatient services, see Hospitals
owi _operating while intoxicated_OWI (Operating while intoxicated), see Drunken driving
p - P -
paper industryPaper industry, see Forestry
parkPark, see also State park
Florence County Keyes Peak Recreation Center grant [Sec. 451, 9110 (10fk)] [vetoed] -  SB-55
Grant Park in Milwaukee county: stewardship funding for beach redevelopment [Sec. 1039km] [vetoed]  -  SB-55
Skateboard park in city of Menasha: stewardship funding for [Sec. 1034h, 1039m] [vetoed] -  SB-55
Wausau City Square Park Pedestrian Pathway: grant provided; contribution to share of project costs required [Sec. 9152 (4c)] [vetoed] -  SB-55
park _ countyPark — County
SHSW appropriation re American Indian grave sites at Power's Bluff County Park and Merrill Historical Society publication of upper Wisconsin River valley native tribal history; funding from Indian gaming revenues [Sec. 493d, m, 891p, t]  -  Act 16
parochial and private educational institutionsParochial and private educational institutions
Milwaukee parental choice program revisions re notification date, aid reduction and levy offset, and summer school payment [Sec. 2748i, 2752r, 2767h-Lm, 9340 (1k), 9440 (2m)]  -  Act 16
Pledge of allegiance and national anthem: public and private school requirements revised [Sec. 2674d, j]  -  Act 16
Veterans benefits for armed forces in Operation Enduring Freedom; professional or occupational license renewal, salary paid to certain public employees, and withdrawal from college process provisions re national guard or armed forces member called into active duty -  Act 22
parole or probationParole or probation
Corr.Dept positions and funding reduced re delay in opening of new institutions [Sec. 9211 (11)-(18)]  -  Act 109
Emergency rules re fees from persons on probation, parole, or extended supervision: Corr.Dept required to promulgate [Sec. 9111 (2), 9211 (21)] -  Act 109
Faith-based approaches to crime prevention and corrections; restorative justice program in Milwaukee county and a second county selected by AG; evaluation of DHFS and Corr.Dept AODA programs; inmate rehabilitation; LAB audit; legislative purpose and sunset provided [Sec. 1483j, 2002j, 3327r, 3333j, 3334j, 3354j, 4031j-r, 9113 (2m), 9132 (4m)] [3333j, 4031p — partial veto; 1483j, 3327r — vetoed]  -  Act 16
Jail reimbursements to county and tribal bodies re certain persons held in custody: funding increased [Sec. 9211 (2)]  -  Act 109
Parole commission membership increased [Sec. 129, 169] -  Act 16
Probation and parole facility in north central Wisconsin: Corr. Dept to study feasibility of constructing [Sec. 9111 (3d)] -  Act 16
Sex offender residence and extended supervision conditions [Sec. 3329m, 3354g, 3354r-3385r, 3389m-y, 3984m] [3329m, 3385r — partial veto; 3354g, r, 3357m, 3389m-y — vetoed] -  Act 16
Sexually violent persons on supervised release: placement of [Sec. 3352r, 4034yg, yt, 9359 (12j)]  -  Act 16
Supervision fees based on supervision level: Corr.Dept may assess [Sec. 431g, k] [partial veto]  -  Act 109
Transitional placement facility for parolees: Corr.Dept to study; report to JCF [Sec. 9111 (3g)] [vetoed]  -  SB-55
pcpPCP, see Drugs
pedestrianPedestrian, see Street
pepin countyPepin county
Rural health dental clinics created in cities of Ladysmith and Menomonie to serve certain counties [Sec. 720k, 2850bc]  -  Act 16
Rural health dental health clinics: funding for [Sec. 9123 (1z), 9223 (18z)] -  Act 109
perfusionistPerfusionist, see Medical service
permanent endowment fundPermanent endowment fund, see Tobacco
personal propertyPersonal property
Benefits paid on behalf of decedent: changes to transfer by affidavit process for recovery [Sec. 3843-3851, 9323 (9)]  -  Act 16
Repair and service of tangible personal property for sales and use tax purposes [Sec. 2245, 9444 (1)]  -  Act 16
Unclaimed child support funds: DWD use for program administration permitted [Sec. 744, 745, 2901, 2903, 2906-2910, 2912, 9358 (3)] -  Act 16
Unclaimed prizes: racetracks permitted to retain 50% [Sec. 764qy, 879g, 3713jm, 9301 (3q), 9401 (3r)]  -  Act 16
Unclaimed property and securities: sales procedures revised [Sec. 2898-2900, 2905, 9353 (2)] -  Act 16
Unclaimed property law revised re gift certificates [Sec. 343m, q, 9153 (1k)] -  Act 109
Unclaimed property revisions re reporting, notice, payment, and delivery requirements; abandoned stock and intangible business interests [Sec. 2883-2897, 2901, 2904, 2911, 9153 (1), (2), 9353 (1)] -  Act 16
personal property _ taxationPersonal property — Taxation, see Property tax
personnel commissionPersonnel commission
General program operations appropriation decreased [Sec. 9238 (1)] -  Act 109
Agricultural chemical cleanup program changes re alternative sources of drinking water [Sec. 2397e, 9304 (1d)]  -  Act 16
Mosquito larvae suppression in cities of Brookfield and La Crosse [Sec. 369L] -  Act 109
Pest management for schools: program created; report required [Sec. 426p, 582k, 1357k, 2395t] [2395t — partial veto; 426p, 582k, 1357k — vetoed] -  Act 16
Great Lakes: drilling to explore for or produce oil or gas prohibited [Sec. 3325k] -  Act 16
Oil overcharge restitution moneys re lead paint hazard reduction and allocation for energy programs: provision re 1999 WisAct 113 removed [Sec. 44d, 1158b] -  Act 109
PECFA change re farm tank coverage [Sec. 2464f, 2469, 2472-2482] -  Act 16
PECFA changes re revenue bonding limit and reimbursement for some interest costs [Sec. 2468p, r, 2470-2471, 2483k, 2485, 9110 (2x), (2y), 9310 (1x)] [2470p, r, 9110 (2x), (2y), 9310 (1x) — vetoed] -  Act 16
Segregated funding to Comm.Dept and DNR decreased; funds transferred from the petroleum inspection, recycling, and environmental funds [Sec. 9210 (2)-(4), 9237 (11)-(20)]  -  Act 109
Tank plan review and inspection fees deposit in petroleum inspection fund [Sec. 1129, 2449, 2490, 9101 (1), 9210 (1)] -  Act 16
pettit, janePettit, Jane
Life and philanthropic generosity commended [SJR-42] -  JR-24
Bioterrorism response and preparedness: plan and funding; provisions re staffing, public health emergencies, vaccination, disposal of human remains, and reporting deaths of public health concern [for section numbers and vetoes, see entry under ``Public safety"] -  Act 109
Examining board membership revised [Sec. 182q, r, 9443 (2x)] [vetoed] -  SB-55
HIRSP pharmacy overpayment recovery [Sec. 9123 (4r)] -  Act 109
Pharmacy Internship Board abolished; pharmacy intern provisions; grant to the Wisconsin Patient Safety Institute, Inc. [Sec. 187d, 227r, 386m, 802m, 1356L, 3608bh-bL, 9443 (3f)]  -  Act 16
physical therapistPhysical therapist, see Handicapped
Prescription drugs administered to pupils: civil liability immunity expanded to advanced practice nurse prescriber, optometrist, and physician assistant -  Act 83
physician assistantPhysician assistant, see Physician
pierce countyPierce county
Rural health dental clinics created in cities of Ladysmith and Menomonie to serve certain counties [Sec. 720k, 2850bc]  -  Act 16