Misdemeanor diversion program to be developed by Public defender board, Director of state courts, and Wisconsin District Attorneys Association; passive review by JCF; community justice center grants [Sec. 9101 (13), (21j), 9139 (1)] [9101 (21j) — vetoed] -  Act 16
state debtState debt, see Debt, Public
state employeeState employee, see Public employee
state fairState fair
State fair park board: sunset on legislative membership eliminated [Sec. 183h, i] [vetoed] -  SB-55
State fair park construction projects [Sec. 105m, 978h, p, 1034pm, 1039p, 1405m] -  Act 16
State fair park police transferred from State fair park board to DOA [Sec. 3081, 3082, 9146 (1)] -  Act 16
state fair park boardState fair park board
State fair park board employees: employment rights re placement in unclassified service (1999 WisAct 9) [Sec. 1405, 3079] -  Act 16
State fair park police transferred from State fair park board to DOA [Sec. 3081, 3082, 9146 (1)] -  Act 16
state flagState flag, see Symbols, State
state historical society of wisconsin _shsw_State historical society of Wisconsin (SHSW), see Historical society
state landState land, see Public land
state office buildingState office building
Distributed generation unit: DOA to investigate use in certain state building projects; report to Building commission [Sec. 319s] [vetoed] -  SB-55
Distributed generation unit: DOA to investigate use in certain state building projects; report to Building commission [Sec. 20v] [vetoed] -  Jr2 AB-1
Justice Center building: state building program appropriation increased for purchase of -  Act 12
Lease-purchase agreements re state building construction [Sec. 108b, c, e, 994e, 9307 (1x)] [vetoed]  -  SB-55
Private facility rental and space management supplement re leased facilities [Sec. 961ab-f] -  Act 16
State office buildings: disposition of net proceeds derived from sale of certain buildings; sunset provided [Sec. 9107 (1)] -  Act 109
Wausau state office facility study [Sec. 9107 (12mk)] [vetoed] -  SB-55
state officersState officers, see Legislature — Member; specific title
state_owned aircraftState-owned aircraft, see Aviation
state parkState park
Advertising historic sites and state parks: Tour.Dept to fund from existing appropriation [Sec. 1400n] [vetoed]  -  SB-55
Beach maintenance in state parks and forests: funding from conservation fund [Sec. 585k] [vetoed]  -  SB-55
Concessions in state parks: DNR to review and report on operations [Sec. 9137 (4z)] [vetoed] -  SB-55
Hunting and fishing in state parks required re funding from conservation fund's fish and wildlife account [Sec. 1162h-wm] [vetoed] -  SB-55
Milwaukee Lakeshore State Park funding [Sec. 1039w] -  Act 16
Parks operation: gaming revenues transfer to conservation fund [Sec. 9237 (2)] -  Act 16
Perrot State Park bridge study [Sec. 9137 (8m)] [vetoed] -  SB-55
Recycling activities in parks and forests: funding revision [Sec. 585im] -  Act 16
Rib Mountain State Park chalet reconstruction [Sec. 1034p, pm, 1039c, d] -  Act 16
Vehicle admission to state parks and recreation areas: annual fees increased; daily fee for out-of-state vehicles raised; automated licensing agent transaction fee; resident senior citizen fee increased [Sec. 1150-1153g, 1153i, L, 1196g, r, 9337 (3cf), (4f), 9437 (2ff), (3)] -  Act 16
Wisconsin Dells natural area: lease of state park land within boundaries of [Sec. 1147] -  Act 16
state patrolState patrol, see Traffic officer
state public defenderState public defender, see Public defender
state publicationState publication, see Public document
state registrarState registrar, see Vital statistics
state superintendent of public instructionState superintendent of public instruction
Benson, John T.: public service commended and congratulations upon retirement [SJR-38] -  JR-17
Charter schools: annual report by State superintendent [Sec. 2635m] -  Act 16
Examinations required to be administered statewide: access provisions; State superintendent to ensure security and confidentiality [Sec. 2712m, 2714m] -  Act 16
Revenue limits for school districts: penalty for exceeding [Sec. 2799] -  Act 16
state symbolState symbol, see Symbols, State
state waltzState waltz, see Symbols, State
Sum sufficient appropriation expenditure estimate: DOA to adjust for 2001-03 fiscal biennium re publication in Wisconsin Statutes [Sec. 9259 (8)] -  Act 109
Wis.Stats contained in computer databases: statutory citation moved from DOA to DEG [Sec. 358m] -  Act 16
statutes _ revisionStatutes — Revision
DLCL name changed to Division for libraries, technology, and community learning; ``minority group pupil" definition modified re Minority group pupil scholarship program (remedial legislation) -  Act 48
Human ova donors tested for HIV; Council on developmental disabilities membership revised; ``child caring institution" changed to ``residential care center for children and youth" (remedial legislation) -  Act 59
Revisor's revision bill -  Act 30
Revisor's revision bill -  Act 38
Revisor's revision bill -  Act 39
Revisor's revision bill -  Act 62
Revisor's revision bill -  Act 63
Revisor's revision bill -  Act 64
Revisor's revision bill -  Act 102
Revisor's revision bill -  Act 103
Revisor's revision bill -  Act 104
Revisor's revision bill -  Act 105
Revisor's revision bill -  Act 106
Revisor's revision bill -  Act 107
stella, david aStella, David A.
Public service commended and congratulations upon retirement [AJR-69] -  JR-36
Public service commended and congratulations upon retirement [SJR-51] -  JR-27
stevens point, city ofStevens Point, City of
USH 10 completion date set [Sec. 2302gg] [vetoed] -  SB-55
stewardship programStewardship program, see Natural resource
stray voltageStray voltage, see Electricity
Local roads improvement program allocation [Sec. 2347f-r] -  Act 16
Pedestrian crossing of USH 45 in town of Clayton: DOT to construct; contribution to pay share of project costs required [Sec. 9152 (4nk)] [vetoed] -  SB-55
School crossing sign at intersection: requirement for motor vehicles to reduce speed revised re any child or crossing guard -  Act 47
Town roads damaged by heavy trucks: funds provided [Sec. 2346m] [vetoed] -  SB-55