Legislative Reference Bureau
This listing is compiled from the enrolled bills and joint resolutions passed by the Legislature. The Legislative Reference Bureau makes a reasonable effort to provide a complete and accurate listing, but assumes no responsibility or liability for possible errors or omissions.
The first table is intended to record whole-numbered statute sections affected by 2001 Wisconsin Acts in regular and special sessions. Some whole-numbered statute sections, though last printed in the statutes of 1919, continue in force today.
The second table shows, in the ascending order of the decimal-numbered statute sections affected by 2001 Wisconsin Acts, the changes enacted by the 2001 Legislature in its regular and special sessions. In addition, this table contains references to decimal-numbered statute sections affected in prior legislative sessions which have delayed effective dates beginning after January 1, 2001, and decimal-numbered statute sections affected by Supreme Court Orders effective beginning on January 1, 2001.
Changes in nonstatutory session laws resulting from 2001 enactments are shown separately following the table of statute section numbers. A final table shows the constitutional amendments approved by the 2001 Legislature on first consideration for review by the 2003 Legislature, constitutional amendments approved by the 2001 Legislature on 2nd consideration for submission to the electorate, and statewide referendum questions for submission beginning with the 2001 spring election.
Abbreviations Abbreviations
aff. affected
am. amended
am.rn. amended and renumbered
AB- Assembly Bill
AJR- Assembly Joint Resolution
Chap. Chapter (Wisconsin Acts)
ch. chapter (statutes)
cons.rn. consolidated and renumbered
cr. created
CSB Controlled Substances Board
(date) effective date changed
effec. effective date
exc. except
(intro.) introductory paragraph
JR- [Enrolled] Joint Resolution
rn. renumbered
rn.fr. renumbered from
r. repealed
r.cr. repealed and recreated
reen. reenacted
SB- Senate Bill
SJR- Senate Joint Resolution
SCO Supreme Court Order
13.93[(1)(b)] Revisor's authority to renumber
161.11[(4)] Controlled Substances Bd. change
Whole Sections Whole-Numbered Statute Sections
Some whole-numbered statute sections, though last printed in the statutes of 1919, continue in force today. To publication time, none of these whole-numbered statute sections had been affected by an act passed by the 2001 Legislature.
2001 Sections Affected Decimal-Numbered Statute Sections
1.0551.055(1) am. (vetoed)SB55
1.0561.056am. (vetoed)SB55
1.101.10(title) am.Act 16
1.10(1m) cr.Act 16
1.10(1r) cr.Act 16
1.10(4) am.Act 16
1.111.11(2) (c) 4. am.Act 103
1.11(2) (c) 5. am.Act 103
2.01(41) am.Act 104
Subch. I(title), ch. 3 [precedes 3.001] cr.Act 46
3.0023.002(1) am.rn. 3.004 (2)Act 46
3.002(1m) cr.Act 46
3.004(2) am.rn.fr. 3.002 (1)Act 46
3.013.01to 3.09 r.Act 46
Subch. II(title), ch. 3 [precedes 3.11] cr.Act 46
3.113.11to 3.18 cr.Act 46
4.0034.003(2), (3) am.Act 104
5.025.02(1) rn. 5.02 (1c)Act 16
5.02(1c) rn.fr. 5.02 (1)Act 16
5.02(1e) am. effec. 1-1-2002Act 16
5.02(1m) r. effec. 1-1-2002Act 16
5.02(13) am. effec. 7-1-2003Act 109
5.055.05(2) am. effec. 7-1-2003Act 109
5.355.35(2) am. effec. 1-1-2002Act 16
5.35(6) (b) am. effec. 1-1-2002Act 16
5.545.54am. effec. 1-1-2002Act 16
5.555.55am. effec. 1-1-2002Act 16
5.665.66(2) am. effec. 1-1-2002Act 16
5.685.68(3) am. effec. 1-1-2002Act 16
5.795.79am. effec. 1-1-2002Act 16
5.815.81(1) am. effec. 1-1-2002Act 16
5.81(2) r. effec. 1-1-2002Act 16
5.81(3) am. effec. 1-1-2002Act 16
5.825.82am. effec. 1-1-2002Act 16
5.845.84(1) am. effec. 1-1-2002Act 16
5.855.85(2), (3) am. effec. 1-1-2002Act 16
5.915.91(14) cr. effec. 1-1-2002Act 16
5.945.94am. effec. 1-1-2002Act 16
Subch. I(unnumbered) (title), ch. 6 [precedes 6.02] rn. subch. I (title), ch. 6 [precedes 6.021]Act 63
Subch. I(title), ch. 6 [precedes 6.021] rn.fr. subch. (unnumbered) (title), ch. 6 [precedes 6.02]Act 63
6.10(7m) cr.Act 16
6.156.15(3) (a) 1. am. effec. 1-1-2002Act 16
6.15(3) (b) am. effec. 1-1-2002Act 16