Date of enactment: May 19, 2003
2003 Assembly Bill 37 Date of publication*: June 2, 2003
* Section 991.11, Wisconsin Statutes 2001-02 : Effective date of acts. "Every act and every portion of an act enacted by the legislature over the governor's partial veto which does not expressly prescribe the time when it takes effect shall take effect on the day after its date of publication as designated" by the secretary of state [the date of publication may not be more than 10 working days after the date of enactment].
An Act to amend 346.94 (15) of the statutes; relating to: allowing certain school buses to tow trailers.
The people of the state of Wisconsin, represented in senate and assembly, do enact as follows:
26,1 Section 1. 346.94 (15) of the statutes is amended to read:
346.94 (15) Towing by buses or human service vehicles. No person may operate a school bus or a human service vehicle over any public highway of this state with any trailer or semitrailer attached. This subsection does not apply to a school bus that is not required to be registered under ch. 341 and that is registered in another jurisdiction in which the law of that jurisdiction permits the school bus to be operated with a trailer or semitrailer attached.
26,2 Section 2. Initial applicability.
(1) This act first applies to violations committed on the effective date of this subsection, but does not preclude the counting of other violations as prior violations for sentencing a person.