Investment Board revisions re annual report on investment goals and long-term investment strategies and contracting with outside investment advisors for certain investments  -  Act 299
Livestock premises registration created; DATCP duties; confidentiality and contract provisions  -  Act 229
MA contracts with prepaid health care benefits: actuarially sound basis requirement [vetoed] -  SB-484
MERA revisions re permissive subjects of collective bargaining [vetoed] -  AB-598
Minority businesses and public work projects [Sec. 221m, 842t, 924g, 943p, 1029r, 1524r, 1527g-1528t, 1533b, 1682d- 1683m, 2022b, 2031p, 2325h-m, 2384c-cr, 2440m, 2442r, 2448g, r, 2618v-vp, 2628fg] [vetoed]  -  SB-44
Municipal courts may contract with collection agencies to collect forfeitures, assessments, and surcharges; cost sharing provision with local governments -  Act 140
Prescription drug cost controls and drug purchasing agreements; prescription drug prior authorization provisions; DHFS report required; Mental health medication review committee created [Sec. 1392p-1393, 9124 (8w), 9424 (8w)] [1393 — partial veto; 1392p-u, 9124 (8w), 9424 (8w) — vetoed]  -  Act 33
Prisoner confinement in county jails [Sec. 2491g] [vetoed] -  SB-44
SHSW operation of the state historic sites revised -  Act 91
State lottery functions: authority to contract out services [Sec. 2630g-2631] [2631 — partial veto; 2630g, h — vetoed] -  Act 33
Wisconsin Advantage Jobs Training Program created re technical colleges providing certain services or facilites to businesses; tax levy increase prohibited [vetoed]  -  SB-384
controlled substanceControlled substance, see Drugs
cook, robert jCook, Robert J.
Life and military service commended [AJR-68] -  JR-43
cooperative associationsCooperative associations
Health benefit purchasing cooperative pilot project authorized; reports required -  Act 101
cop _community options program_COP (Community options program), see Nursing homes
Term of office changed to 4-year: constitutional amendment (1st consideration) [AJR-10] -  JR-12
corporationCorporation, see also Business
Dentistry service corporations permitted -  Act 41
Identifying documents or information of an entity: unauthorized use prohibited -  Act 36
LLCs organized under the laws of this state: annual report required; DFI may administratively dissolve for failure to file [Sec. 2122-2132, 9120 (1)] -  Act 33
Nonprofit corporation board members: meetings and settling issues via electronic communications or ballot permitted -  Act 259
SHSW operation of the state historic sites revised -  Act 91
UI law revisions -  Act 197
corporation _ stocks and bondsCorporation — Stocks and bonds
Corporation law revisions re classes or series of stock; shareholder notices and meetings; committees; mergers, share exchanges, and business combinations; and transfer of property [vetoed] -  SB-218
corporation _ taxationCorporation — Taxation, see also Property tax
Electricity and fuel consumed in manufacturing tangible personal property: income or franchise tax credit and sales and use tax provisions revised; manufacturing investment credit created -  Act 99
Income and franchise tax credit for sales and use tax paid on fuel and electricity consumed in manufacturing tangible property modified re carry forward; allowing refunds for claiming certain development zones and technology zones tax credits [partial veto] -  Act 267
Single sales factor apportionment of corporate income -  Act 37
Technology commercialization grant and loan program and angel investment and early stage seed investment tax credits created; investor networks development provisions; study and report required [partial veto] -  Act 255
Technology zone tax credit calculation method revised; certification of business provision -  Act 72
WHEDA bonds or notes: individual and corporate income tax re multifamily and elderly housing projects created; cultural and architectural landmark exemption repealed; repayment to general fund provision -  Act 85
corrections, department ofCorrections, Department of
Appropriation revisions -  Act 1
Division administrators: number reduced [Sec. 2394m] -  Act 33
Federal foster care reimbursement lapse [Sec. 9210 (3f)] -  Act 33
Halfway houses for nonviolent offenders: program created, sunset provided [Sec. 439t, w, 1189g, r, 2485g, r, 9410 (1q)] [2485g — partial veto] -  Act 33
Juvenile boot camp program eliminated [Sec. 2484, 2727, 2729, 2732] -  Act 33
Mendota Juvenile Treatment Center funding [Sec. 1098d] -  Act 33
Minimum security institution in city of Chippewa Falls: 50 beds specified as alternative to revocation of probation, extended supervision, or parole [Sec. 2490d] [partial veto]  -  Act 33
Penalty assessment receipts transfer [Sec. 556t, 588t, 2671g, 9101 (11p), 9201 (1p), 9210 (1p), 9215 (1) (gp), 9232 (1p), 9240 (1p), 9241 (1p)] -  Act 33
Persons subject to administrative or minimum supervision: Corr.Dept authority to base fees on level of supervision repealed [Sec. 440, 1606, 2509-2511, 2768-2770]  -  Act 33
Prairie du Chien juvenile correctional institution converted to an adult prison; restrictions on age and type of prisoner removed; juvenile correctional services revenue sufficiency [Sec. 441d, 2493m, 2501, 2806-2808, 2810, 9130 (2f), 9210 (2d), 9430 (2f)] [441d — partial veto; 2493m, 9130 (2f), 9430 (2f) — vetoed] -  Act 33
Prisoner confinement in county jails [Sec. 2491g] [vetoed] -  SB-44
Sex offender change of residence, employment, or place of school attendance: Corr.Dept to provide means for law enforcement agencies to identify changes re Internet access  -  Act 188
Sex offender registered with Corr.Dept: name change prohibited; penalties provided -  Act 52
Sex offender registration: penalties for knowingly failing to comply and residence restriction violations modified  -  Act 53
``Sexually violent person" definition modified; criteria for supervised release revised; committee to recommend location of a facility to treat sexual predators created, report required -  Act 187
Targeted case management services under MA: eligibility and federal reimbursement [Sec. 1379-1381]  -  Act 33
Utility costs incurred by municipalities in connection with certain prisons: reimbursement provided [Sec. 9110 (1x)] [vetoed] -  SB-44
Voting re resumed eligibility and notice re resumed eligibility or ineligibility: court, Corr.Dept, and jailer requirements created -  Act 121
Youth aids funding to counties: allocation dates revised; amounts modified [Sec. 2494-2500] -  Act 33
Youth aids rates revised [Sec. 2492d, 2493d] -  Act 33
countyCounty, see also name of specific county
Beer wholesaler's license and Class ``A" license transferred together to premises in another municipality in the same county allowed under certain conditions -  Act 250
County may request court to vacate platted land under certain conditions -  Act 286
Highways in need of repair and accumulation of snow or ice: liability of cities, villages, towns, and counties for damages repealed [vetoed] -  AB-255
Political subdivision may not prohibit an employee of a political subdivision from being a candidate for elective office; leave of absence and federal Hatch Act provisions  -  Act 79
Towing service removal of unregistered, abandoned, or illegally parked motor vehicle: law enforcement must inform towing service of the name and last-known address of registered owner and all lienholders; towing service agreement with municipality or county provision -  Act 142
county _ boardCounty — Board
County board may establish fee for certain court-related sheriff's service; fee limited re seized property or eviction -  Act 182
County board of supervisors: decrease in number permitted; redistricting requirements; intradecade redistricting plan enactment by petition and referendum permitted; common council may revise the boundaries of certain aldermanic districts; exception for certain counties [vetoed]  -  SB-351
County tax levy for library services: exemption for city, town, village, or school district modified; county board approval required [vetoed] -  AB-431
Public inland lake protection and rehabilitation districts: laws revised; DNR provision -  Act 275
Tax delinquent real property: sale procedure modified -  Act 123
TIF program: technical and substantive changes; ``mixed-use development" defined; technical modification to the environmental remediation TIF program -  Act 126
county _ clerkCounty — Clerk, see County — Officers
county _ fairCounty — Fair, see Fair
county _ financeCounty — Finance, see also Milwaukee county
Children with severe emotional disturbances: funding revision [Sec. 1167m-1171] -  Act 33
Consolidation incentive program re county and municipal services eliminated [Sec. 1654, 1655, 1667] [1654, 1655 — partial veto] -  Act 33
County identification of MA applicants and recipients having other health insurance: DHFS incentive payments eliminated [Sec. 1314] -  Act 33
County or municipality may certify certain non-property tax-related debt over $20.00 to DOR to collect from debtor's tax refund -  Act 177
Damaged timber for sale by DNR or county: procedures revised -  Act 242
Domestic violence: portion of marriage license fee and increase in domestic abuse assessment to fund services related to -  Act 225
Federal child support incentive payments exceeding statutory cap: distribution revised [Sec. 503r, s, 523, 1294-1298, 9459 (4c)] -  Act 33
Fees imposed by political subdivisions [ Sec. 1532p] [vetoed]  -  SB-44
Fees imposed by political subdivisions: relationship to service for which it is imposed required -  Act 134
GPR appropriation to make aid payments to counties and municipalities: spending limit does not apply in 2003-05 fiscal biennium [Sec. 22] -  Act 33
MA trust fund and revisions re CIP-IA and CIP-IB, AODA and mental health services, emergency medical transportation, and school medical services [Sec. 351, 459, 466, 468, 864, 865, 868, 1113, 1114, 1362, 1390-1392, 1526, 1999]  -  Act 33
Municipal courts may contract with collection agencies to collect forfeitures, assessments, and surcharges; cost sharing provision with local governments -  Act 140