Life and public service [AJR-2] -  JR-11
smokingSmoking, see Tobacco
Alcohol concentration: prohibited level lowered; ATV, boat, and snowmobile operation included; court costs and fees for first violation provision; DOT to purge driving records of first violation under certain conditions except CDL holders  -  Act 30
Gaming revenues and snowmobile aids [Sec. 404c, 609k, 2608m] [vetoed] -  SB-44
Protective headgear use or nonuse by operators and passengers of motorcycles, ATVs, and snowmobiles: introduction of evidence in certain civil actions prohibited, exceptions and recovery for damages provisions -  Act 148
Restricted controlled substances: operating a motor vehicle, ATV, snowmobile, or motorboat or operating or going armed with a firearm with detectable amounts in person's blood prohibited; definition provided -  Act 97
Snowmobile law revisions re operation of, equipment on, registration certificates, and derbies and races; funding for trails, safety, and enforcement costs; boat and ATV provision  -  Act 166
Snowmobile safety certification program: additional hours of instruction for persons under age 16 required  -  Act 253
Wild rivers: DNR prohibited from promulgating certain rule re snowmobiles and ATVs crossing certain bridges; locations and trail conditions specified -  Act 248
social securitySocial security
Financing statement under the Uniform Commercial Code: form revised re SSN and employer ID number statement  -  Act 120
SSN used as student ID number: prohibition expanded to private institutions of higher education -  Act 282
solid waste managementSolid waste management, see also Recycling
Off-road utility vehicle: operation on certain roadways permitted; definition, registration, operator's license, rules of the road, and vehicle emission provisions  -  Act 192
Recycling tipping fee: exemption for PCB contaminated sediments removed from navigable waters [Sec. 2475e]  -  Act 33
Solid waste used in public works projects: immunity from liability under certain conditions; DNR duty specified  -  Act 88
Waste facility siting board transferred from DOA to DNR [Sec. 92x, 402p, 587p, 2475g, 9101 (8c)] [vetoed]  -  SB-44
space shuttleSpace shuttle
Clark, Dr. Laurel Blair Salton: life and career as NASA astronaut commended [SJR-17] -  JR-13
Columbia space shuttle astronauts: lives honored and condolences extended at their deaths [AJR-20]  -  JR-27
special session, 2003 _ januarySpecial session, 2003 — January
Appropriation revisions re decreasing various sum certain appropriations, lapsing certain moneys from PR accounts to the general fund, transferring moneys from certain segregated funds to the general fund, and increasing funding for certain purposes; legislative rules of procedure provision  -  Act 1
ssi _supplemental security income_SSI (Supplemental security income), see Public assistance
ssn _social security number_SSN (Social security number), see Social security
stateState, see specific department or subject
state agenciesState agencies, see also specific agency or department
Attorney positions in executive branch agencies (other than U.W. System, DETF, and Investment board): vacancies deleted; salary and fringe benefits put in general fund; deletions to equal 31.0 positions [Sec. 9101 (9x)] [partial veto]  -  Act 33
Discretionary compensation expenditures: lapse or transfer of moneys to general fund [Sec. 9160 (2f)] [partial veto]  -  Act 33
Electronic Government, Department of, abolished; functions transferred to DOA [for section numbers and vetoes, see entry under ``Reorganization of state government"]  -  Act 33
Executive budget process: deadlines revised re Governor's budget message and capital budget; DOA to report on agency budget requests submitted late [vetoed]  -  SB-64
Federal grants: LRB to assist state departments and agencies in locating and applying for [Sec. 40m] [vetoed]  -  SB-44
Fifth week of vacation as cash: lapse or transfer of PR and SEG funds [Sec. 9160 (3f)] -  Act 33
Identifying documents or information of an entity: unauthorized use prohibited -  Act 36
Reinstatement privileges and restoration rights for certain state employees laid off during the 2003-05 fiscal biennium [Sec. 9118 (2x)] -  Act 33
State government management system and Web site; business intelligence and data warehousing; land information systems; printed publication restrictions [Sec. 141f, 215m, 230d-t, 9101 (4k), (14p), 9401 (2k)] [all sections vetoed except 141f] -  Act 33
state aidState aid, see specific subject
state bankState bank, see Bank
state bar associationState bar association, see Attorney
state capitolState capitol
Capitol offices relocation authority and funding repealed [Sec. 219, 670, 674] -  Act 33
state courts, director ofState courts, Director of
Court imposed assessments, surcharges, and restitution payments consolidated in the statutes and renamed surcharges; report and fiscal estimate provisions  -  Act 139
state debtState debt, see Debt, Public
state employment relations, office ofState employment relations, Office of
DER eliminated; powers and duties transferred to DOA [for section numbers and vetoes, see entry under ``Reorganization of state government"] -  Act 33
Nonrepresented state employee compensation plan modifications re health insurance premium credits, earned annual leave, travel and expense reimbursement, and additional paid personal holiday; Office of State Employment Relations provision -  Act 117
state fair park boardState fair park board
State Fair Park Board: sunset on legislative membership eliminated -  Act 27
state historical society of wisconsin _shsw_State Historical Society of Wisconsin (SHSW), see Historical society
state landState land, see Public land
state lotteryState lottery, see Lottery
state office buildingState office building
Rented office space by the state; management cost supplementation; DOA review and report of state office space utilization; plan for consolidation [Sec. 672m, 9101 (11q), 9130 (1q)] [9130 (1q) — partial veto; 9101 (11q) — vetoed] -  Act 33
state officersState officers, see Legislature — Member; Public officers; specific title
state parkState park, see also Forestry
Heritage Hill State Park development and maintenance: expenditure requirements do not apply in fiscal year 2003-04 [Sec. 9138 (3)] -  Act 33
state printingState printing
State government management system and Web site; business intelligence and data warehousing; land information systems; printed publication restrictions [Sec. 141f, 215m, 230d-t, 9101 (4k), (14p), 9401 (2k)] [all sections vetoed except 141f] -  Act 33
state prisonState prison, see Prison
state public defenderState public defender, see Public defender
state registrarState registrar, see Vital statistics
state superintendent of public instructionState superintendent of public instruction, see also Public instruction, Department of
Federal funds use for administrative purposes; State superintendent annual plan required; JCF duties [Sec. 1995t] [vetoed] -  SB-44
MPCP private school participation: criminal background checks of all employees required and prohibition on employing persons convicted of certain felonies; State Superintendent, DOJ, and fingerprint provisions [vetoed]  -  AB-836