DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE—regulation of industry, buildings and safety
101.01 Definitions.
101.02 Powers, duties and jurisdiction of department.
101.025 Ventilation requirements for public buildings and places of employment.
101.027 Energy conservation code for public buildings and places of employment.
101.03 Testimonial powers of secretary and deputy.
101.05 Exempt buildings and projects.
101.055 Public employee safety and health.
101.07 Flushing devices for urinals.
101.09 Storage of flammable, combustible and hazardous liquids.
101.10 Storage and handling of anhydrous ammonia.
101.11 Employer's duty to furnish safe employment and place.
101.111 Excavations; protection of adjoining property and buildings.
101.12 Approval and inspection of public buildings and places of employment and components.
101.1205 Erosion control; construction of public buildings and buildings that are places of employment.
101.121 State historic building code.
101.1215 Abrasive cleaning of historic buildings.
101.122 Rental unit energy efficiency.
101.123 Smoking prohibited.
101.124 Heated sidewalks prohibited.
101.125 Safety glazing in hazardous locations.
101.126 Recycling space.
101.127 Building requirements for certain residential facilities.
101.128 Restroom equity.
101.13 Physically disabled persons; place of employment and public building requirements.
101.132 Physically disabled persons; housing requirements.
101.135 Uniform firewall identification.
101.137 Fire suppression; ozone-depleting substances.
101.14 Fire inspections, prevention, detection and suppression.
101.141 Record keeping of fires.
101.142 Inventory of petroleum product storage tanks.
101.143 Petroleum storage remedial action; financial assistance.
101.144 Petroleum storage tank discharges.
101.145 Smoke detectors.
101.15 Mines, tunnels, quarries and pits.
101.16 Liquefied petroleum gas.
101.17 Machines and boilers, safety requirement.
101.175 Local energy resource systems.
101.177 Refrigeration equipment and ozone-depleting refrigerant.
101.178 Installation and servicing of heating, ventilating and air conditioning equipment.
101.18 Electric fences.
101.19 Fees and records.
101.211 Lunchrooms.
101.55 Executive agreements to control sources of radiation.
101.563 Payments without regard to eligibility; calendar years 2000 to 2004.
101.573 Fire dues distribution.
101.575 Entitlement to dues.
101.578 Protection of medical waste incinerator employees.
101.58 Employees' right to know.
101.581 Notice requirements.
101.583 Toxic substance information requirements; employer to employee.
101.585 Infectious agent information requirements; employer to employee.
101.586 Pesticide information requirements; employer or agricultural employer to employee.
101.587 Information requirements; employer or agricultural employer to department.
101.588 Information collection and maintenance; department.
101.589 Extended time periods; exceptions.
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