880.331(5) (5)Duties in reviews. In any review of a protective placement under s. 55.06 or of a protective service order under s. 55.05, the guardian ad litem shall do all of the following:
880.331(5)(a) (a) Interview the ward to explain the review procedure, the right to an independent evaluation, the right to counsel and the right to a hearing.
880.331(5)(b) (b) Provide the information under par. (a) to the ward in writing.
880.331(5)(c) (c) Secure an additional evaluation of the ward, if necessary.
880.331(5)(d) (d) Review the annual report and relevant reports on the ward's condition and placement.
880.331(5)(e) (e) Review the ward's condition, placement and rights with the guardian.
880.331(5)(f) (f) If relevant, report to the court that the ward objects to the finding of continuing incompetency, the present or proposed placement, the position of the guardian or the recommendation of the guardian ad litem as to the best interests of the ward or if there is ambiguity about the ward's position on these matters.
880.331(5)(g) (g) If relevant, report to the court that the ward requests the appointment of counsel or an adversary hearing.
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