Budget Index Report

How to Use This Guide to the 2005-07 Governor's Executive Budget Bill
2005 Assembly Bill 100

Every budget bill is composed of hundreds of individual bill drafts (component drafts), each dealing with a particular topic or program. The Budget Index Report contains a subject index term and a topic line for each component which will help you locate specific information in the budget bill. You can search the report for a word or phrase as you would any other Folio infobase.

Your search will find the word or phrase in the subject, topic heading, or in the component draft. If you find the word or phrase for which you searched in the Budget Index Report, the first instance will be a link to the LRB number of the component draft. Other instances will be links to both the component draft and to the sections in the budget bill itself.

Remember to search for plurals, i.e. a search for court will not find courts unless you use wild card characters. Also, abbreviations are used in the Budget Index Report (i.e. MA and med. assist.).