Period ending December 31, 2006
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S — Senate Journal
A — Assembly Journal
Table of Contents
addresses to the legislature
certificates by the legislature
chaplain _ assembly
chaplain _ senate
chief clerk _ assembly
chief clerk _ senate
claims board
committees _ appointment to _ assembly
committees _ appointment to _ senate
communication _ assembly
communication _ senate
elections board _ communication to assembly
elections board _ communication to senate
engrossed bills and joint resolutions
executive clemency
executive order
extraordinary session
jensen, scott r
list of lobbyists
lobbyists and lobbying organizations
majority leader _ assembly
majority leader _ senate
minority leader _ assembly
minority leader _ senate
mpcp _milwaukee parental choice program_
newcomer, scott
oath of office
president of the senate
president pro tempore of the senate
reports to the legislature
administration, department of
building commission
children and families, wisconsin council on
college savings program board
commerce, department of
corrections, department of
elections board
gathering waters conservancy
groundwater advisory committee
health and family services, department of
housing and economic development authority
ice age park and trail foundation
insurance, commissioner of
investment board
justice, department of
legislative audit bureau
legislative council
legislative reference bureau
medical college of wisconsin
milwaukee public schools
natural resources, department of
physical disabilities, council on
public instruction, department of
public service commission
regulation and licensing, department of
revenue, department of
revisor of statutes bureau
sentencing commission
southeast wisconsin professional baseball park district
state employment relations, office of
supreme court
technical college system board
transportation, department of
university of wisconsin _ parkside
university of wisconsin hospital and clinics
university of wisconsin system
urban open space foundation
veterans affairs, department of
wisconsin hospital association
workforce development, department of
rules _ assembly
rules _ joint
rules _ senate
ruling of the chair _ assembly
ruling of the chair _ senate
seat assignments
secretary of state _ communication to assembly
secretary of state _ communication to senate
sergeant_at_arms _ assembly
sergeant_at_arms _ senate
speaker of the assembly
speaker pro tempore of the assembly
special election
special session proclamation
veto message _ assembly
veto message _ senate
vrakas, daniel p
ward, david
addresses to the legislature Addresses to the Legislature, see also Governor
Albino, (Cpt.) David (432d Civil Affairs Battalion) - A 70
Alvarez, Barry (U.W. Madison football coach and athletic director) - A 724
Alvarez, Barry (U.W. Madison football coach and athletic director) - S 527
Anagnostopoulos, James (VFW Post 6003) - A 70
Anderson, Lyman (family of the former representative) - A 597
Blackdeer, Wade (Vice President of the Ho-Chunk Nation) - S 683
Chamberlain, (Maj.) Mark (432d Civil Affairs Battalion) - A 70
Cheng, Thomas (Director general, Taipei Economic and Cultural Office,
Chicago) - A 169
Coenen, Clyde (8th Air Force member) - A 489
Contreras, Ignacio - A 646
Cooper, Gena (Alice in Dairyland) - A 646
Danforth, Gerald (Oneida Nation Chairman and Great Lakes Inter-Tribal Council president) - A 907
DePerry, Ray (Red Cliff Chairman and President of Great Lakes Inter-Tribal Council) - A 107
DePerry, Ray (text of address by President of Great Lakes Inter-Tribal
Council, Inc.) - A 136
Fetherston, Rick (American Family Insurance) - A 882
Francoeur, Betsy (Alice in Dairyland) - A 216
Freese, Stephen (Speaker Pro Tempore of the Assembly) - A 8
Gard, John G. (Speaker of the Assembly) - A 6
Hemauer, Andrew, Anne, Brad, and Lucas (parents and brothers of SPC Kyle M. Hemauer) - A 537
Jerabek, Ken and Rita (parents of Army PFC Ryan M. Jerabek) - A 169
Kiser, Debra (wife of Army SSG Charles Kiser) - A 122
Kistner, Bernd (from Hesse Landtags in Germany) - A 302
Lam, Eva (2005 National Forensic League Champion) - A 597
Lang, Robert (Director of Legislative Fiscal Bureau) - A 606
Lasee, Alan (President of the Senate) - S 1, 4
McMahon, Jenny (coach, Fondy Blades synchronized skating team) - A 80
Mason, Wilton "Tony" E., III (Legislative Fiscal Bureau) - A 1060
Mundt, Jackie (Future Farmers of America (FFA) President) - A 277
Nischke, Ann M. (Representative from the 97th Assembly District) - A 294
Nussburger, Cheryl (mother of SSGT Patrick Lybert) - A 1174
Ollman, Billie (Miss Pre-Teen Wisconsin) - A 882
Popkey, Aaron (Green Bay Packers) - A 882
Prening, Marine CPL Brian R. (family of) - A 180
Prieur, SGT Kenneth (Wisconsin Army National Guard, 32nd Military Police Company) - A 686
Riege, Deputy Bernd (from Hesse Landtags in Germany) - A 302
Robson, Judith (Minority Leader of the Senate) - S 3
Schlender, James, Jr. (re resolution honoring his father) - A 939
Scott, CWO Joshua Michael (family of) - A 468
Schultz, Dale (Majority Leader of the Senate) - S 2
Soldner, SFC Mark (Wisconsin Army National Guard, 32nd Military Police Company) - A 686
Splinter, MAJ Christopher J. (family of) - A 565
Thornburgh, Casey (sang Star Spangled Banner) - A 605
Turba, Wilfrid (family of the former representative) - A 475
Vacho, John and Carol (parents of SSGT Nathan Vacho) - A 1174
Van Zoest, Ben and Deborah (parents of SGT Travis Van Zoest) - A 1174
Vroman family (Marine PFC Brent Vroman) - A 122
Warns, Robert, I (father of Marine CPL Robert Warns, II) - A 294
Warns, Robert and Bridget (parents of Marine CPL Robert Warns, II) - A 276
Wyatt, LCpl Daniel (family of) - A 583
certificates by the legislature Certificates by the Legislature
Abraham, Peter - S 947
Abrahams, Jim - S 290