Disciplinary actions, 440.475
Disclosures to be made by solicitors, 440.455
Fund-raising counsel, 440.43
Fund-raising organizations, 440.42
Penalties and enforcement, 440.48
Professional fund-raisers, 440.44
Prohibited acts, 440.46
Trusts, see Trusts
charters CHARTERS
chattel documents and mortgages CHATTEL DOCUMENTS AND MORTGAGES
chauffeurs CHAUFFEURS
Training grants, 38.29
checks CHECKS
cheese CHEESE
chickens CHICKENS
child abuse and neglect prevention board CHILD ABUSE AND NEGLECT PREVENTION BOARD
Appropriation, 20.433
Children's trust fund:
Control by state investment board, 25.17 (1) (av)
Creation, 25.67
Creation, members, 15.195 (4)
General provisions, 15.07
Powers and duties, 48.982
children CHILDREN
Note: HFS refers to the Department of Health and Family Services
children_1. general provisions 1. General Provisions
Criminal, 948.20
Grounds for termination of parental rights, 48.415 (1)
Abortion, see Abortion
Abuse and neglect prevention boards, see Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Board
Abused or neglected children:
Abuse and neglect prevention program, 46.515
Health care records, disclosure provision, 146.82 (2) (a) 11.
Physician-patient privilege, none where abuse suspected, 905.04 (4) (e)
Reports of children and unborn children, required for certain professionals, exception, 48.981
Restraining orders and injunctions, 813.122
Combined actions, domestic and child abuse, 813.127
Foreign protection orders and injunctions, 806.247, 813.128
Schools, protective behaviors program, 115.368
Services for, allocation, 46.51
Shaken baby syndrome and impacted babies information, preparation and distribution, 253.15
Adoption, see Adoption—3. Minors
Alcohol, underage drinking, see Alcohol Beverages—1. General Provisions
Alcohol and drug abuse treatment, see also Alcohol Abuse
Referral for civil commitment, 48.135
Bicycle regulations, parent or guardian responsibility, 346.77
Blood donors:
Over age 17, 146.33
Umbilical cord blood, 146.343
Bone marrow donation by minors, 48.14 (9), 146.34
Boxing contests, 444.09 (4)
Children and families; services for, grants, 46.513
Children's research institute, 13.48 (37)
Commercial paper:
Negotiation, rescission, 403.207
Rights against holder in due course, 403.305
Community programs grants, 46.481
Community services, 48.79, 48.80
Condemnation proceedings, 32.05 (4), 32.06 (4)
Contraceptive articles:
Sale prohibited in public schools, 450.16
Vending machines, display or advertisement to children, 450.155
Controlled substances:
Distribution and manufacture, engaging child, 961.455
Distribution to, penalty, 961.46
Courts, exclusion from, 757.14