118.001 Duties and powers of school boards; construction of statutes.
118.01 Educational goals and expectations.
118.015 Reading instruction.
118.017 Foreign language instruction.
118.019 Human growth and development instruction.
118.02 Special observance days.
118.025 Arbor day observance.
118.03 Textbooks.
118.035 School uniforms.
118.04 Summer classes.
118.045 Commencement of school term.
118.05 School conservation camps.
118.06 Flag, pledge of allegiance, and national anthem.
118.07 Health and safety requirements.
118.08 School zones; crossings.
118.09 Safety zones.
118.10 School safety patrols.
118.105 Control of traffic on school premises.
118.11 School fences.
118.12 Sale of goods and services at schools.
118.123 Reports and records; forfeitures.
118.125 Pupil records.
118.126 Privileged communications.
118.127 Law enforcement agency information.
118.128 Information related to pupil harm to others.
118.13 Pupil discrimination prohibited.
118.135 Eye examinations and evaluations.
118.14 Age of pupils.
118.145 Admission to high school.
118.15 Compulsory school attendance.
118.153 Children at risk of not graduating from high school.
118.155 Released time for religious instruction.
118.16 School attendance enforcement.
118.162 Truancy committee and plan.
118.163 Municipal truancy and school dropout ordinances.
118.164 Removal of pupils from the class.
118.165 Private schools.
118.167 Private school determination by state superintendent.
118.169 Pupil identification numbers.
118.17 Indigent children.
118.175 Pupils without parents or guardians; report required.
118.18 Teacher reports.
118.19 Teacher certificates and licenses.
118.192 Professional teaching permits.
118.195 Discrimination against handicapped teachers prohibited.
118.20 Teacher discrimination prohibited.
118.21 Teacher contracts.
118.22 Renewal of teacher contracts.
118.23 Populous counties; teacher tenure.
118.235 Lunch period for teachers.
118.24 School district administrator.
118.245 Limitation on salary and fringe benefit costs for professional employees.
118.25 Health examinations.
118.255 Health treatment services for children with special physical or mental health treatment needs.
118.257 Liability for referral to police.
118.258 Electronic communication devices prohibited.
118.26 Claim against school district.
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