justice, department ofJustice, Department of
DNA analysis: FTE positions and appropriation to DOJ increased [Sec. 9129, 9229] -  Act 5
Hazardous waste violations: judge may order payment to DOJ re investigation and prosecution costs [Sec. 3092, 9329 (1)] -  Act 20
Lac Courte Oreilles Band of Lake Superior Chippewa Indians: funding for tribal law enforcement services [Sec. 2909h-L] -  Act 20
Obsolete appropriations repealed; payment of rewards for tips specified [Sec. 483, 484, 493, 2905]  -  Act 20
Sexual Assault Forensic Examination Compensation Program created to compensate health care providers re services for victim of sexual offense [Sec. 491, 492, 494, 495, 499, 500, 3752, 3757, 3806, 3837-3865, 3887, 3891, 9329 (4)]  -  Act 20
Trigger lead information re consumer reports: state law restrictions on dissemination and use of; DATCP, AG, DOJ, DA, civil action, and penalty provisions -  Act 76
WC law revisions; OCI, DOJ, and DWD duties -  Act 185
justice assistance, office ofJustice Assistance, Office of
Assistant DAs in Chippewa and St. Croix counties: OJA to fund [Sec. 9111 (4q), (4r)] -  Act 20
Child advocacy centers: funding for [Sec. 125g, 536m] -  Act 20
Cops-n-Kids Reading Program in City of Racine: three-year grant provided [Sec. 9101 (7h)] -  Act 20
County with highest violent crime rate: provisions re grants and plan for presentencing assessments [Sec. 536, 9101 (3), (4)] -  Act 20
Drug Abuse Program surcharge allocated to DHFS and OJA [Sec. 3866, 9407 (1)] -  Act 20
Emergency generator for the Town of Sumner: grant provided [Sec. 9101 (7f)] -  Act 20
Federal Byrne Justice Assistance Grant funding for multijurisdictional enforcement groups (MEGs), Wisconsin CASA Association, and Dane County youth court coordinator [Sec. 9101 (6L), (6Lj), (7t)] -  Act 20
Human trafficking and trafficking of a child: crimes created; AG, DA, DHFS, OJA, and DOA duties specified  -  Act 116
Multijurisdictional enforcement group DA positions in Dane, Milwaukee, and St. Croix counties; federal Byrne Justice Assistant Grant funding [Sec. 9101 (6L), 9111 (1L)-(3L)]  -  Act 20
State of emergency: state agency status for health care facilities, mass clinics, and certain health care providers revised; governing bodies of counties allowed to make declarations of emergencies; civil liability immunity for donating or selling qualified food and household products modified; State Interoperability Council made a statutory council and renamed the Interoperability Council; tornado or other hazardous drill requirement in public and private schools revised  -  Act 79
Youth Diversion Program transferred from Corr.Dept to OJA; services in ward two in City of Racine required [Sec. 102, 323, 325, 326, 487, 488, 539, 3125-3128, 9101 (5), 9109 (1)]  -  Act 20
justicesJustices, see Supreme Court
juvenile courtJuvenile court
Children's Code and Juvenile Justice Code revisions re failure to act within time period, extension of time periods, and informal dispositions -  Act 199
Federal Byrne Justice Assistance Grant funding for multijurisdictional enforcement groups (MEGs), Wisconsin CASA Association, and Dane County youth court coordinator [Sec. 9101 (6L), (6Lj), (7t)] -  Act 20
Juvenile court records open to inspection by certain other courts, prosecutors, law enforcement agencies, DHFS, county department of human or social services, and certain licensed child welfare agencies; confidentiality and forfeiture provisions [vetoed] -  AB-676
Out-of-home placements of children revisions [Sec. 1234-1238, 1242-1244, 1247-1253, 1262-1266, 1330, 1362, 3726, 3728, 3729, 3786-3788, 3793, 3797, 3798, 3807, 3808, 3810-3817, 3825, 9321 (3)] -  Act 20
juvenile court _ jurisdictionJuvenile court — Jurisdiction
Juvenile court granted CHIPS jurisdiction when guardian is unable to provide necessary special treatment and is unable or unwilling to sign the petition requesting that jurisdiction -  Act 77
Juvenile court jurisdiction for 17 year-olds: Corr.Dept response to audit [Sec. 9109 (1f)] -  Act 20
Community youth and family aids allocated to counties revised [Sec. 3116-3124] -  Act 20
Community youth and family aids provided by the state: per person daily cost assessments increased [Sec. 3113, 3114]  -  Act 20
juvenile detention facilityJuvenile detention facility
Community youth and family aids allocated to counties revised [Sec. 3116-3124] -  Act 20
Community youth and family aids provided by the state: per person daily cost assessments increased [Sec. 3113, 3114]  -  Act 20
Juvenile correctional services appropriation deficit [Sec. 324g-k, 3114m, 9209 (1f), 9409 (2f)] [324g, 9409 (2f) — partial veto; 324h, 3114m — vetoed]  -  Act 20
Mendota Juvenile Treatment Center funding from Corr.Dept to DHFS: amounts for 2007-09 biennium adjusted [Sec. 832]  -  Act 20
Remote dispensing by pharmacists permitted, locations specified; Pharmacy Examining Board provision  -  Act 202
k_l - K+L -
kenosha, city ofKenosha, City of
Civil War exhibit at the Kenosha Public Museums: bonding authorized; DOA duties [Sec. 9nx, 583, 596k, 606h, 9105 (1)(n), (6i)] -  Act 20
Kenosha, City of, street improvements: grant from local transportation facility improvement assistance [Sec. 9148 (12z)] -  Act 20
kenosha countyKenosha County
Child advocacy centers: funding for [Sec. 125g, 536m] -  Act 20
Circuit court branch added to Kenosha County [Sec. 3706g, 9107 (1j)-(1L)] [9107 (1j) — partial veto]  -  Act 20
Fabiano, Frank, Jr.: life and public service of the Kenosha County sheriff's deputy commended [Ap8 AJR-1]  -  JR-50
Local roads improvement program grants: state veterans cemetery access road in Washburn County, 85th Street in Village of Pleasant Prairie, and McComb Avenue in Village of Rib Lake [Sec. 307, 9148 (3), (9z), (14qq)]  -  Act 20
Mars Cheese Castle business permitted to relocate its on-premises signs [Sec. 2535h] -  Act 20
TID number 2 in Village of Pleasant Prairie: allowable number of project plan amendments increased  -  Act 73
kincaid, lloyd hKincaid, Lloyd H.
Life and public service [SJR-66] -  JR-21
Four-year-old kindergarten grants [Sec. 242, 2709, 2733] -  Act 20
Four-year-old kindergarten phase in -  Act 226
kinship careKinship care, see Day care
klemme brothers well drillingKlemme Brothers Well Drilling
$10,317.93 claim for well abandonment and drilling new wells  -  Act 123
kryst, kevinKryst, Kevin
Life and military service commended [AJR-53] -  JR-43
la crosse, city ofLa Crosse, City of
Rail Passenger Route Development Program expanded re routes between Chicago and Milwaukee, between Madison and La Crosse, and between Madison and Eau Claire [Sec. 2543]  -  Act 20
la crosse countyLa Crosse County
Child advocacy centers: funding for [Sec. 125g, 536m] -  Act 20
Hmong cultural centers in Dane and La Crosse counties [Sec. 9nd, 583, 596kd, 602c, 9105 (1) (L), (5i)]  -  Act 20
Truck weight enforcement facility: DOT prohibited from locating in or adjacent to Village of Rockland [Sec. 2523p]  -  Act 20
Painters and Allied Trades District Council 7: grant from WDF for union training program [Sec. 195, 9108 (7f)]  -  Act 20
lafayette countyLafayette County
Belmont School District: appropriation for an online school library catalog [Sec. 236nd] -  Act 20
Great Lakes contaminated sediment removal: bonding authority to pay portion of costs [Sec. 291, 591, 3082]  -  Act 20
Jersey Valley Lake restoration: Stewardship 2000 Program funding [Sec. 658g] -  Act 20
Lake Winnebago comprehensive restoration project: area where structure may be placed expanded re Lake Poygan [Sec. 717v] -  Act 20
Mirror Lake: Stewardship 2000 Program funding to improve navigability for recreational boating [Sec. 658]  -  Act 20
Navigable waters regulation revisions re permit exemption for certain piers and wharves, boat slips, exemption for certain existing structures, repair and maintenance, solid piers, and funding; DNR prohibited from certain enforcement  -  Act 204
landLand, see also Public land
Clean water fund, Safe drinking water loan, and Land recycling loan programs: revision re present value and bonding authority [Sec. 585, 586, 3074-3076] -  Act 20
Landowner incentive pilot program created re public ATV corridors and lightweight utility vehicle use on trails and roadways; sunset and report provisions [Sec. 274m, 282k-L, 664m, 665g, r, 666m, 743s, 1959c, 2021e, 2086k, L, 2087e, g, 2922u, 3660g, 9341 (11q), 9435 (3q)] -  Act 20
Public access to certain Stewardship lands for hunting, fishing, and outdoor recreation; DNR to develop interactive mapping tool of Stewardship lands, signage requirements; NRB, hunting fee, and report provisions [Sec. 638mg, mj]  -  Act 20
Stewardship acreage allocation limited re parcels less than 10 acres [Sec. 647r] -  Act 20
land _ taxationLand — Taxation, see Property tax
Drainage district: local governmental units required to consider relationship with re comprehensive plans, notification provisions; DATCP to develop educational pamphlet; annual report requirements modified; disclosure that property is in a special purpose district required on the real estate condition report -  Act 121
Impact fee revisions re time period in which they may be used and payment of by the developer or property owner; costs of certain professional services provided through a political subdivision; fee for acquisition or improvement of public park land permitted re plat approval; dedication on a plat of storm water treatment facilities for the public  -  Act 44