Dairy science associate degree program at Northcentral Technical College: incentive grants [Sec. 9146 (1k)]  -  Act 20
Post-employment benefits: school district funds held in trust must be held in segregated accounts; provisions expanded to include local governmental units and technical college districts -  Act 82
Technical college district levy limit and referendum provisions; sunset provided [Sec. 737m, r, 9446 (1d)] [vetoed]  -  SB-40
Tuition and fee remissions for veterans and certain dependents: new biennial appropriation for Regents and TCS boards [Sec. 226, 735, 736, 740, 741, 749, 9322 (2)]  -  Act 20
Workforce advancement training grants [Sec. 743m] [partial veto] -  Act 20
technologyTechnology, see Industrial development; specific subject
E-Rate funds: use expanded [Sec. 529] -  Act 20
La Causa Charter School in Milwaukee: grant from the segregated universal service fund [Sec. 243c, 9137 (7c)]  -  Act 20
Newsline for the Blind: money appropriated for DPI from the universal service fund [Sec. 248] -  Act 20
Public library system funding from the universal service fund [Sec. 9139 (1f)] -  Act 20
Telecommunications access grants to school districts and private schools: DOA authority eliminated [Sec. 129, 531, 532, 2930] -  Act 20
Universal service fund: PSC authority modified; local exchange service rates adjustments [Sec. 2929-2929j]  -  Act 20
Universal service fund: reimbursement of overpayment [Sec. 2929m, 9339 (1d)] -  Act 20
Universal service fund: reimbursement of overpayment [Enrolled SB-40: Sec. 2929m, 9339 (1d)]  -  Act 20
Universal service fund use for telecommunications services: moneys used across the U.W. System instead of only certain campuses [Sec. 2929v] [partial veto]  -  Act 20
Wireless 911 telephone system grants sunsetted [Sec. 216] -  Act 20
telephoneTelephone, see also Telecommunications
Fraud, waste, and mismanagement in state government: LAB to maintain a toll-free telephone number with voice mail to receive reports; referral to a state department, board, commission, or independent agency for investigation permitted  -  Act 126
Liquefied petroleum gas supplier regulations and licensing requirements; one-call system for receiving excavation notices and transmitting notices revised; private transmission facilities and forfeiture provisions -  Act 203
Locker rooms: capturing nude or partially nude image on recording device, including cell phones, prohibited; written policy on use of recording devices required -  Act 118
Nonsolicitation directory for telephones: commercial mobile service added to definition of residential customer  -  Act 226
Real estate transfer return: electronic filing required, undue hardship provision; SSN and telephone numbers must remain confidential -  Act 219
Wireless 911 telephone system grants sunsetted [Sec. 216] -  Act 20
Film production credits: technical corrections [Sec. 1986-1988, 2056-2058, 2064, 2065, 2112-2114, 2120, 2121]  -  Act 20
Radio and television programs: motion picture film and tape tax exemption modified to include [Sec. 2381]  -  Act 20
Video service provider and cable television regulations; municipality and DFI duties specified; U.W. and fee provisions [partial veto] -  Act 42
temporary assistance for needy families _tanf_Temporary assistance for needy families (TANF), see Public assistance
temporary help agencyTemporary help agency, see Employment bureau
Arts Board one-time grants for Lake Superior Big Top Chautauqua, Ko Thi Dance Company, and African American Children's Theater [Sec. 221m, p, 9104 (1j), 9404 (1j)]  -  Act 20
thompson, georgiaThompson, Georgia
$228,792.62 claim for damages re defense of federal criminal charges -  Act 74
tid _tax incremental district_TID (Tax incremental district), see Property tax
tif _tax incremental financing_TIF (Tax incremental financing), see Property tax
tillery, jesseTillery, Jesse
Life and military service commended [SJR-15] -  JR-32
timberTimber, see Forestry
time_share propertyTime-share property, see Housing
Smoking cessation program for MA recipients [Sec. 9121 (7L)]  -  Act 20
Tobacco product marketing settlement agreement: nonparticipating manufacturer's agent changed from Secretary of State to DFI (remedial legislation) -  Act 156
Tobacco settlement permanent endowment fund revisions; MA trust fund, MA and Badger Care Plus benefits, appropriation obligation bonds, and DOA provisions [partial veto]  -  Act 226
Tobacco settlement permanent endowment fund: transfer to MA trust fund [Sec. 697, 697n] -  Act 20
Tobacco use control grants increase -  Act 226
toll_free telephoneToll-free telephone, see Telephone
tomahawk, city ofTomahawk, City of, see Lincoln County
tourism, department ofTourism, Department of
Economic development programs in Comm.Dept revisions; definition, reporting requirements, forfeiture, and goals and benchmark provisions; LAB audit required  -  Act 125
tourist rooming houseTourist rooming house, see Hotel and motel
townTown, see also name of specific town
Nonprofit camps exempt from certain town sanitary district or town special assessments -  Act 226
Rochester, Town and Village of: consolidation authorized if referendum passes [Sec. 1875p-t] -  Act 20
town _ boardTown — Board
Governing body of a city, town, village, or county: member or member-elect may refuse to accept salary  -  Act 49
town _ employeeTown — Employee, see Public employee
town _ financeTown — Finance
Brownfields revolving loan program: local units of government authorized to issue municipal obligations; promissory note provision -  Act 188
town _ highwayTown — Highway, see Road
town _ lawsTown — Laws
Publication of a local governmental unit ordinance in a newspaper: requirements revised -  Act 72
town _ officersTown — Officers
Elected town officers also serving as town employee: compensation modified [Sec. 1860m] -  Act 20
town _ taxationTown — Taxation
Levy limits modified and extended; new exceptions created [Sec. 1878d-1899, 9155 (3t), 9441 (6n)] [1880, 1881, 1882, 1892 — partial veto; 1896 — vetoed]  -  Act 20
trade practiceTrade practice, see also Sales
Scrap metal sales, purchases, and dealers: definitions, confidentiality, and records requirements; fines and civil action provisions; theft of property modified -  Act 64
trades and occupationsTrades and occupations, see also specific occupation
Architect, landscape architect, professional engineer, designer of engineering systems, and land surveyor: examining board may establish continuing education requirements  -  Act 47
Automated external defibrillator: persons required to have current proficiency through instruction specified; DHFS duties and administrative rule requirements; licensure and certification provisions; Emergency Medical Services Board required to provide information on cardiocerebral resuscitation  -  Act 104
Child abuse or neglect reporting: no privilege for information in reports required by certain professionals  -  Act 53
Disciplinary actions against credential holder through DRL: definition of ``limit" modified (remedial legislation)  -  Act 143
DRL permitted to set initial and renewal fees by rule; report to JCF; adjustments posted on Web site and in renewal notices [Sec. 2997b, 3449-3453, 3458-3462, 3463-3465L, 3465pr, 3465s-3467, 3471-3477, 3479, 3481-3491, 3493-3502, 3503b-3525, 3527-3530at, 3530eg, 3531-3558, 9440 (2t)]  -  Act 20
Pawnbroker and secondhand dealer: license application form and holding period revisions -  Act 191
Professional employer organizations (PEO): registration and regulations created; fees and benefits provisions; DRL duties specified -  Act 189
Respiratory care: MEB may issue a temporary certificate under certain conditions -  Act 54
traffic safetyTraffic safety