62.01 Saving clause.
62.02 Repeal of special charters.
62.03 First class cities excepted.
62.04 Intent and construction.
62.05 Classes of cities.
62.071 Annexations to cities of the first class.
62.075 Detachment of farm lands from cities.
62.08 Alteration of aldermanic districts.
62.09 Officers.
62.11 Common council.
62.115 Defense of officers by city attorney.
62.12 Finance.
62.13 Police and fire departments.
62.133 Ambulance service.
62.135 Highway safety coordinator.
62.14 Board of public works.
62.15 Public works.
62.155 Acquisition of recycling or resource recovery facilities without bids.
62.16 Street grades; service pipes.
62.17 Enforcement of building codes.
62.175 Sewer and water extensions in 1st and 2nd class cities; sewage from other municipalities.
62.18 Sewers.
62.185 Sewer district bonds.
62.19 Water and heat pipe extensions.
62.22 Acquiring property; opening or changing streets.
62.225 Recycling or resource recovery facilities.
62.23 City planning.
62.231 Zoning of wetlands in shorelands.
62.234 Construction site erosion control and storm water management zoning.
62.237 Municipal mortgage housing assistance.
62.25 Claims and actions.
62.26 General provisions.
62.50 Police and fire departments in 1st class cities.
62.51 Mayoral appointments in 1st class cities.
62.53 Residency required for public officials in 1st class cities.
62.55 Requirements for surety bonds of officers and employees in 1st class cities.
62.57 Uniform salaries in 1st class cities.
62.59 Police authority to alderpersons in 1st class cities repealed.
62.61 Health insurance; 1st class cities.
62.63 Benefit funds for officers and employees of 1st class cities.
62.65 Death benefit payments to foreign beneficiaries.
62.67 Uninsured motorist coverage; 1st class cities.
62.69 First class city utilities.
62.71 Pedestrian malls in 1st class cities.
62.73 Discontinuance of public grounds.
subch. I of ch. 62 SUBCHAPTER I
62.01 62.01 Saving clause. That no inconvenience may arise by reason of change of government of cities from special charter to general charter, or by reason of the revision of the general charter law, it is declared that:
62.01(1) (1) All vested rights, pending actions and prosecutions, and existing judgments, claims, and contracts, both as to individuals and bodies corporate, shall continue as though no change had taken place.
62.01(3) (3) Ordinances in force, so far as not inconsistent herewith, shall continue in force until altered or repealed.
62.01(5) (5) Nothing herein shall change the time for paying taxes as provided in any special city charter until the council shall by ordinance change the same to conform to general law.
62.02 62.02 Repeal of special charters. All special charters for cities of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th classes are hereby repealed and such cities are hereby incorporated under this subchapter. The city clerk shall forthwith certify the boundaries of such city to the secretary of state, who shall file the same and issue to such city a certificate of incorporation as of the date when this subchapter became effective, and record the same.
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