Period ending December 31, 2010
Prepared by Patricia Reichert and Marian Rogers, Librarians
Wisconsin Legislative Reference Bureau
"Act" at the end of each entry refers to one of the 2009 Wisconsin Acts (e.g., "Act 28" is a reference to 2007 WisAct 28). Any number preceded by "JR-" is a reference to an enrolled Joint Resolutions deposited with the Secretary of State. The reference "SCO" indicates a change in a statutory court rule, effective beginning on the date shown, made by Supreme Court Order.
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academic excellence scholarshipAcademic excellence scholarship, see Scholarships and loans
access to public recordsAccess to public records, see Public record
acquired immunodeficiency syndromeAcquired immunodeficiency syndrome
AIDS/HIV drug assistance and insurance premium subsidy programs: funding revisions; pilot program made permanent [Sec. 327, 327d, 1360-1363, 9122 (5v), 9422 (13v)]  -  Act 28
AIDS Network, Inc.: grants to aid in facility construction and renovation and to purchase equipment; DOA to review and approve plans [Sec. 19g, 640, 655s, 657e, 9106 (1)(h), (8)] -  Act 28
AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin, Inc.: grants for facilities in Green Bay, Kenosha, or Milwaukee; DOA to review plans for construction and renovation [Sec. 19h, 640, 655q, 657g, 9106 (1)(i), (9)] -  Act 28
HIV infection services grant to the Black Health Coalition of Wisconsin, Inc. [Sec. 9122 (6q)] -  Act 28
HIV-related care coordination services provided to MA recipients created, DHHS approval required  -  Act 221
HIV testing consent provisions and disclosure of results revised; penalty and DHS duties -  Act 209
actions against the stateActions against the state, see Claims
adams countyAdams County
Financial assistance for specific dam safety project [Sec. 721d] -  Act 28
FoodShare employment and training plan: DHS to work with certain counties re increase in federal funding [Sec. 9122 (12u)] -  Act 28
Highway specific information sign authorization eliminated for certain portion of STH 21 -  Act 153
Wisconsin River monitoring and study of point and nonpoint source pollution from City of Merrill to the Castle Rock Flowage dam [Sec. 273s, 2574h] -  Act 28
adams, ryan cAdams, Ryan C.
Life and military service commended [AJR-124] -  JR-33
adjutant generalAdjutant General
Emergency management: chap.166, Wis.Stats, recodified -  Act 42
Sheriff or undersheriff authorized to depute a DMA security officer for certain purposes with approval of the Adjutant General; state employee status provisions -  Act 154
administration, department of _ agency and general functionsAdministration, Department of — Agency and general functions
AIDS Network, Inc.: grants to aid in facility construction and renovation and to purchase equipment; DOA to review and approve plans [Sec. 19g, 640, 655s, 657e, 9106 (1)(h), (8)] -  Act 28
AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin, Inc.: grants for facilities in Green Bay, Kenosha, or Milwaukee; DOA to review plans for construction and renovation [Sec. 19h, 640, 655q, 657g, 9106 (1)(i), (9)] -  Act 28
Aldo Leopold Climate Change Center and Interactive Laboratory: grant to assist with construction; DOA to review and approve plans [Sec. 19gd, 640, 655uc, 657ec, 9106 (1) (o), (23)] -  Act 28
Attorney positions in the executive branch eliminated by 2005 WisAct 25 as affected by 2007 WisAct 5: date extended; DOA Secretary to eliminate certain number of FTE positions [Sec. 3408, 9457 (1)] -  Act 28
Budget documents posting on the Internet; DOA procedures permitting electronic compliance with auditing certain claims requirements; provision re print copy upon request of member of legislature [Sec. 80, 81, 96] -  Act 28
Building program enumerations (2005-07 and 2007-09): modifications re projects on specific U.W. campuses and certain DOA, DHS, DMA, and DNR projects [Sec. 3406m, p, 3409n, p, 9106 (4)-(6), (18)] -  Act 28
Disabled veteran-owned businesses and minority and disabled veteran-owned businesses certified by Comm.Dept: preferences in governmental procurement provisions created; DOA report required; DOT provisions -  Act 299
Energy conservation program modifications [Sec. 112m, 229m, 234m, 237m, 253m, 307m, 340m, 540m, 552m, 571-571n, 640, 657m, p] -  Act 28
Energy conservation standards for the construction of certain buildings, LEED certification for public building projects, graywater and rainwater systems; DOA, Building Commission, and Comm.Dept duties; report and lease provisions [vetoed] -  SB-616
Grand Opera House in the City of Oshkosh: grant for repair and restoration; DOA to review and approve project plans [Sec. 19gc, 640, 655ub, 657eb, 9106 (1)(n), (22)]  -  Act 28
Grants for improving pupil academic achievement: MPS to apply to DPI instead of DOA -  Act 58
Human resources functions in executive branch agencies: DOA to evaluate; consolidation procedures; transfers to OSER, certain exceptions provided; report required [Sec. 596, 597, 2483, 2485, 9101 (8c)] [2483 — partial veto]  -  Act 28
Juvenile correctional services deficit reduction; DOA and Corr.Dept report on alternate statutory mechanism [Sec. 313-315, 317-319, 9111 (2i), 9211 (1), 9411 (1)] [9111 (2i) — vetoed] -  Act 28
Juvenile correctional services provided by counties and nonprofit organizations: DOA and Corr.Dept to conduct comprehensive review; to include description of AODA and mental health services; youth counselors from the state's three schools to participate [Sec. 9111 (2k)] [vetoed]  -  AB-75
Legal Services, Division of, created in DOA; authorized to provide and charge for legal services to executive cabinet agencies only; classified attorney positions in specified agencies deleted [Sec. 31, 48, 560, 3408, 9457 (1)]  -  Act 28
Low-income energy assistance: eligibility expanded, benefit specified [Sec. 68, 69] -  Act 28
Madison Children's Museum: grant provided; DOA to review and approve plans for construction [Sec. 19j, 640, 655u, 657h, 9106 (1)(L), (12)] -  Act 28
Medal for firefighters: DOA to review design if submitted by board of directors of the State Firefighters Memorial; board to have exclusive management rights [Sec. 2476m]  -  Act 28
Mixed-use zoning ordinance clarified; communities required to enact a traditional neighborhood development ordinance to report to DOA on status of compliance; state housing strategy plan to include a bicycle- and pedestrian-oriented design in residential developments -  Act 351
Myrick Hixon EcoPark, Inc., in the City of La Crosse: grant provided; DOA to review and approve plans for construction [Sec. 19L, 640, 655t, 657i, 9106 (1)(m), (16)]  -  Act 28
Public benefit fees revised re weatherization or other services and DA salaries and fringe benefits; additional fee applies only to 2009-11 biennium [Sec. 64m, 542p, s, 558, 9101 (1f), 9113 (6x), 9413 (2x)] -  Act 28
Register of deeds fees for recording and filing instruments revised, SSN not viewable on the Internet, and electronic format provisions; land information council required if a county board created a land information office  -  Act 314
Sale of certain state-owned property: provisions re 2005 WisAct 25 and 2007 WisAct 20 modified; sunset provided [Sec. 3406] -  Act 28
State agency mission statements and performance measures: DOA to submit to JCF and appropriate standing committees [Sec. 73L] [vetoed] -  AB-75
Stone Barn historic property in the Town of Chase: allocation from building trust funds for restoration; DOA to review and approve plans [Sec. 19gf, 9106 (1)(q), (25)]  -  Act 28
Surplus property sale or auction: access revised; DOA or other designated purchasing agencies may restrict resale [Sec. 104n, p, 680n] [vetoed] -  AB-75
Traffic stop information collection and analysis requirements created; DOA, OJA, and JCF duties; data analysis re disproportionate number of vehicle stops and searches involving racial minorities; report required [Sec. 158m, 577-577s, 2993t, 9101 (11y), (12x)] -  Act 28
Weatherization and other energy conservation services funding; sunset provision [Sec. 120b-y, 9101 (1f), 9401 (1f)]  -  Act 28
Wisconsin Covenant Scholars Program modifications [Sec. 763-770, 3411, 9101 (5), 9301 (2)]  -  Act 28
administration, department of _ boards and other subdivisionsAdministration, Department of — Boards and other subdivisions
Biofuels: financial assistance for biorefinery, ``agricultural use" definition revised, Bioenergy Advisory Council, forestry diversification program, Biofuels Production Facility Regulatory Review, marketing orders, personal renewable fuel production and use, income tax credit for blender pumps, offering unblended gasoline to motor fuel dealers, renewable motor vehicle fuel sales goals, state fleet provisions; reports required; OEI, DATCP, DNR, Comm.Dept, and DOR duties; JSCTE appendix report -  Act 401
People with Developmental Disabilities, Board for: appropriation revisions [Sec. 514, 515] -  Act 28
People with Developmental Disabilities, Board for: stipends for members authorized [Sec. 30e, h] -  Act 28
Renewable and alternative fuels: OEI to promote use of in state owned and operated vehicles -  Act 401
administration, department of _ budget and fiscal issuesAdministration, Department of — Budget and fiscal issues
Bradley Center Sports and Entertainment Corporation: grant provided; DOA to review plans for capital maintenance and repair [Sec. 19i, 640, 655r, 657f, 9106 (1)(j), (10)]  -  Act 28
DOA Secretary required to transfer or lapse to general fund from unencumbered balances of executive branch state agencies, other than sum sufficient or federal appropriations for 2009-11 fiscal biennia; 2009-11 fiscal year provisions re 2007 WisAct 20 eliminated [Sec. 3412-3414, 3416d] [3412 — vetoed] -  Act 28
DOA Secretary to lapse or transfer certain funds before July 1, 2011, SWIB and DETF exempt; JCLO to lapse certain funds before July 1, 2011 [Sec. 9201 (1)]  -  Act 2
Engineering study re needs of businesses and state: specific grants and sunset provided [Sec. 632e]  -  Act 28
Federal economic stimulus funds: Governor to submit plan to JCF; transportation and exception provisions; new procedure created re state building projects; materials prepared by DOA and LFB to be posted to LFB's Web site [Sec. 9131 (1)]  -  Act 2
Management assistance grants from tribal gaming revenues to certain county; use for general operations permitted [Sec. 53n, 54] -  Act 28
One-time grants for specific local purchases and projects [Sec. 632g, 9157 (2u)] -  Act 28
SHSW storage appropriation made biennial; unencumbered balance reverts to DOA Indian gaming receipts [Sec. 235]  -  Act 28
State agency budget requests to include contract labor information [Sec. 76L, 82L] [vetoed] -  AB-75
Temporary reallocations to general fund revised [Sec. 168m] -  Act 28
Vital records program: provision re one-time allocations of unexpended fee revenue and revenue lapse [Sec. 327, 327d, 9108 (8v), 9122 (5v), (6v), (7v), 9222 (4v), (5w), 9422 (13v)] -  Act 28
WHEDA authorized to issue bonds for and make loans for the refinancing of qualified subprime loans; definition and DOA provisions; Comm.Dept appendix report [Sec. 763, 765, 770-775, 777, 778, 9325 (1)] -  Act 2