Chiropractor examinations and regulation of technicians and radiological technicians modified; provisions re fees, loan default, sexual misconduct, continuing education, and claims for waived insurance [Sec. 226, 226m, 2994eg, er, mnag, mnar, 2995ib-igm, ihm-ir, 9142 (1f), (1g), 9342 (1m), 9442 (1f), (1g)] [2994mnag, mnar, 2995iem, iom — partial veto; 2995if, inm, ip-ir — vetoed] -  Act 28
Volunteer Health Care Provider Program: state required to pay for legal representation and costs and damages re certain claims; chiropractors, podiatrists, and physical therapists added -  Act 93
christofferson, steven jChristofferson, Steven J.
Life and military service commended [SJR-33] -  JR-8
cigarette _ taxationCigarette — Taxation
Cigarette and tobacco products tax rate increased; moist snuff tax rate modified [Sec. 2332, 2333, 2392, 2395, 9443 (14)] -  Act 28
Tribal tax refund and sharing agreements expanded; use tax credit for purchases made on Native American lands [Sec. 1815, 1841, 1841b, 1848, 2338, 2401, 9443 (8), (14q)]  -  Act 28
cip _community integration program_CIP (Community integration program), see Medical assistance
Appropriation lapses and reestimates [Sec. 9247 (1c)] -  Act 28
Asbestos claims filed against a successor corporation; liability provisions [Sec. 3283g, 9309 (3f), 9409 (2f)]  -  Act 28
Court interpreter mileage reimbursement raised [Sec. 3205, 3234-3236] -  Act 28
Court interpreter pilot project in seventh judicial administrative district authorized [Sec. 609, 9109 (1), 9409 (1)]  -  Act 28
Employment discrimination, unfair honesty testing, and unfair genetic testing: action in circuit court to recover compensatory and punitive damages -  Act 20
Ferry operation after hours to transport arrested person: reimbursement of costs to law enforcement agency required  -  Act 72
News persons: limiting disclosure of information gathered by -  Act 400
Permanency planning for children in out-of-home care, right to be heard in proceedings involving children in out-of-home care, notice to relatives when child is removed from home, placement with siblings re foster home or adoption, plan for transition to independent living, reporting of infants affected by controlled substances, circuit court commissioner review of permanency plans, TPR filing requirements, reasonable efforts to achieve goals of permanency plan, informal disposition, confidentiality of records; effective date changed re paying support of maintenance arrears to certain public assistance recipients -  Act 79
Receivership for abatement of residential nuisances: all cities, towns, and villages allowed to apply to circuit court  -  Act 125
TROs and injunctions re domestic abuse, child abuse, adult at risk, or harassment: petition law revisions  -  Act 262
Veterans mentoring program: privileged communication provisions created -  Act 210
Wisconsin Uniform Securities Law violations: penalty enhancer created if victim is at least 65 years of age; Division of Securities authority re civil enforcement; JRCCP report  -  Act 196
circuit court _ clerkCircuit court — Clerk, see Court — Clerk
civil air patrolCivil Air Patrol, see Aviation
civil defenseCivil defense, see also Natural disaster
Continuity of government: striking ``enemy action in the form of an attack" and inserts ``severe or prolonged, natural or human-caused, occurrence that threatens the life, health, or the security of the state". Constitutional amendment (1st consideration) [AJR-59] -  JR-14
Interim successors for legislators, virtual meetings, and temporary locations in event of a disaster or emergency; Wisconsin Constitution provision re effective date for interim successors -  Act 363
Bills of rights for foster children and for foster parents created; requirements cited [Sec. 1051n, o, 9108 (6f), 9408 (5f)] [vetoed] -  AB-75
Civil service commission of 1st class city: certification of eligible candidates for vacant positions modified  -  Act 18
Milwaukee County enrollment services unit established in DHS re administration of income maintenance and state supplemental payment programs; DCF may contract with DHS to administer child care subsidy program in Milwaukee County; county civil service employees and collective bargaining agreement provisions; JSCRS appendix report -  Act 15
Budget documents posting on the Internet; DOA procedures permitting electronic compliance with auditing certain claims requirements; provision re print copy upon request of member of legislature [Sec. 80, 81, 96] -  Act 28
Medical malpractice: notice requirement revised re civil actions against local governments, political corporations, volunteer fire companies, and their officers, agents, or employees, and state officers -  Act 278
Stillmunkes, Inc.: $30,000.00 claim for payment of brush removal services -  Act 353
Volunteer Health Care Provider Program: state required to pay for legal representation and costs and damages re certain claims; chiropractors, podiatrists, and physical therapists added -  Act 93
clark countyClark County
Region One development manager: Comm.Dept to fill vacancy by certain date [Sec. 9110 (18f)] [vetoed]  -  AB-75
clean indoor airClean indoor air, see Tobacco
cochrane_fountain city school districtCochrane-Fountain City School District, see Buffalo County
collection agencyCollection agency, see Debt and debtors
collective bargainingCollective bargaining
Assistant district attorneys bargaining unit: 2007-09 contract ratification -  Act 51
Day care provider collective bargaining authorized; Memorandum of Agreement provisions [Sec. 2216g-y, 9156 (2f)]  -  Act 28
Grievance arbitration or fair-share agreement ended during contract negotiation made a prohibited practice under MERA  -  Act 21
History of organized labor and the collective bargaining process incorporated into model academic standards for social studies -  Act 99
Milwaukee County enrollment services unit established in DHS re administration of income maintenance and state supplemental payment programs; DCF may contract with DHS to administer child care subsidy program in Milwaukee County; county civil service employees and collective bargaining agreement provisions; JSCRS appendix report -  Act 15
Preparation time during school day made a mandatory subject of collective bargaining under MERA in school districts  -  Act 34
Professional engineering bargaining unit: 2007-09 contract ratification -  Act 194
Professional research, statistics, and analysis bargaining unit: 2007-09 contract ratification -  Act 52
QEO provisions repealed; revisions re duration of agreements, combining of bargaining units, and weighting of factors in arbitration awards [Sec. 2220-2223, 2224-2225f, 2264, 2297, 9316 (1x), (2j)] -  Act 28
Standardized examinations of pupils: results used to evaluate teacher performance permitted; school board to develop a teacher evaluation plan, collective bargaining provision -  Act 60
State employees covered by SELRA and U.W. System faculty and academic staff: unfair labor practice for employers to use moneys received to discourage employees from exercising their collective bargaining rights; academic freedom provision -  Act 289
U.W. Madison and Extension program, project, and teaching assistants: 2007-09 contract ratification  -  Act 53
U.W. System faculty and academic staff provided collective bargaining rights similar to SELRA [Sec. 4, 9, 84, 102, 165-167, 320, 321, 598, 633-638, 660, 662, 663, 738, 777, 784-792, 805, 813-815, 2255, 2481, 2484, 2488-2490, 2493] [2255 — partial veto] -  Act 28
U.W. System research assistants: collective bargaining rights under SELRA provided [Sec. 2242s, 2243d-t, 2254L, 9416 (1g)] [2254L — partial veto]  -  Act 28
Wisconsin Quality Home Care Authority created, duties defined; collective bargaining provision; Authority is not a state agency, is exempt from state employment requirements, and employees are excluded from state retirement benefits [Sec. 3, 10, 16, 20, 23, 24, 44-47, 52, 53, 74, 75, 93-95, 98, 99, 105-112, 114, 120, 163, 164, 863, 884, 893, 894, 1444, 1518, 1623, 1847, 2073, 2156, 2240-2242, 2243, 2244-2251, 2253-2254g, 2482, 2627, 2632, 3202, 9122 (3), (3f), 9155m] -  Act 28
columbia countyColumbia County
Lodi Food Pantry: one-time grant provided [Sec. 632g, 9157 (2u)] -  Act 28
Rio Area Food Pantry: one-time grant provided [Sec. 632g, 9157 (2u)] -  Act 28
commendation certificateCommendation certificate, see name of specific individual
commerce, department ofCommerce, Department of
Biofuels: financial assistance for biorefinery, ``agricultural use" definition revised, Bioenergy Advisory Council, forestry diversification program, Biofuels Production Facility Regulatory Review, marketing orders, personal renewable fuel production and use, income tax credit for blender pumps, offering unblended gasoline to motor fuel dealers, renewable motor vehicle fuel sales goals, state fleet provisions; reports required; OEI, DATCP, DNR, Comm.Dept, and DOR duties; JSCTE appendix report -  Act 401
Business retention: Comm.Dept emergency response team and report on businesses at-risk of expanding or relocating outside the state [Sec. 9110 (11r)] [vetoed]  -  AB-75
Capital access program created re participating banks making loans to borrowers for eligible projects; Wisconsin Business Development Finance Corporation to administer; grants provision and reports required -  Act 268
Comm.Dept fees re plumbing and fire sprinkler credentials: mandatory cap eliminated [Sec. 2406-2425]  -  Act 28
Comm.Dept grants to businesses for outsourcing work to rural municipalities, to corporations for employing a grant writer to apply for certain federal small business grants, and for creating an economic model database for use by regional economic development entities -  Act 265
Commercial construction site erosion control program and responsibilities transferred from Comm.Dept to DNR [Sec. 275d, 702m-t, 1449s, 1954g, 2075c-j, 2576n, p, 9110 (11f), 9410 (2f)] -  Act 28
Construction contractor registration provisions; Comm.Dept may promulgate initial rules as emergency rules without the finding of emergency [Sec. 2074f, h, 2155m, 2156c, 9110 (17r), 9410 (2i)] -  Act 28
Development zones, enterprise development zones, agricultural development zones, technology zones, and airport development zones consolidated; LAB audit required [Sec. 1, 2, 42, 89, 112, 136, 159-164, 180, 201-206, 222, 224, 758, 760, 761, 764, 766, 768, 776, 780, 781, 801-846, 9110 (4), (5)]  -  Act 2
Diesel truck idling reduction: statutory authorization restored, grants from petroleum inspection fund; provision re ARRA funding; sunset provided [Sec. 217f, g, 3013 p-s, 9110 (11u), 9137 (3u), 9210 (2u)] -  Act 28
Disabled veteran-owned businesses and minority and disabled veteran-owned businesses certified by Comm.Dept: preferences in governmental procurement provisions created; DOA report required; DOT provisions -  Act 299
Early stage seed and angel investment credits: amount an individual may claim revised [Sec. 9, 101-105, 152, 153, 196, 197, 219, 223, 789-797, 9310 (1)] -  Act 2
Early stage seed and angel investment credits: required investment holding time revised [Sec. 1575, 1579, 1659, 1725]  -  Act 28
Economic development grants for small business innovation research assistance; funds for farm shoring (outsourcing work to domestic rural locations); Comm.Dept to develop value supply chain based on regional economies; study provided [Sec. 198q, 204p, 207-208, 210, 3082h, 9110 (13u)-(15u), (16u)] [207-208, 210, 9110 (16u) — partial veto; 9110 (13u) — vetoed] -  Act 28
Economic development: postsecondary education tax credits, certain investment credits limits, Comm.Dept grants, microloans to create new businesses, technical college training program grants, converting manufacturing facilities, U.W. System provisions, rural outsourcing grants, skills enhancement grants, and Office of Regulatory Assistance [partial veto]  -  Act 265
Economic development programs in Comm.Dept: Community-Based and Minority Business Grant programs and boards eliminated; responsibilities of Development Finance Board assumed by Economic Policy Board (EPB), membership specified; annual funding for Forward Innovation Fund and Women's Business Initiative Corporation [Sec. 29, 35-37, 200-204, 208-210, 667, 735-737, 748, 1492-1495, 3008, 3009, 3014, 3016, 3033, 3076-3082, 3083, 3128, 9110 (8), (9)]  -  Act 28
Electrical code and licensing program administration: Comm.Dept to conduct cost-benefit analysis re use of contractor rather than department employee [Sec. 2157r] [vetoed] -  AB-75
Electronic medical records tax credit program: effective date delayed [Sec. 1582, 1662, 1728] -  Act 28
Energy conservation standards for the construction of certain buildings, LEED certification for public building projects, graywater and rainwater systems; DOA, Building Commission, and Comm.Dept duties; report and lease provisions [vetoed] -  SB-616
Enterprise zone business that purchases tangible personal property, items, property, goods, or services from Wisconsin vendors: Comm.Dept to certify for tax benefits  -  Act 267
Enterprise zone refundable capital investment tax credit created [Sec. 1571d-g, 1655m-r, 1721m-r, 3121g, r]  -  Act 28
Enterprise zone revisions, Comm.Dept duties, definitions, and income and franchise tax credit re payroll provisions  -  Act 11