AB694,5,1818 2. All factual information presented shall be medically accurate and objective.
AB694,5,2019 3. Instruction shall be made available on an equal basis to a pupil who is an
20English learner.
AB694,5,2321 4. Instruction and materials shall be appropriate for use with pupils of all
22races, genders, sexual orientations, gender identities, and ethnic and cultural
23backgrounds and with children with disabilities.
15. Instruction and materials shall be accessible to children with disabilities,
2including the provision of a modified curriculum, materials, and instruction in
3alternative formats, and auxiliary aids.
AB694,6,64 6. Instruction and materials shall encourage a pupil to communicate with his
5or her parents or guardians about human sexuality, and should provide the skills to
6initiate those discussions.
AB694,6,87 7. Instruction and materials shall teach respect for marriage and committed
8relationships that are voluntary, healthy, and safe.
AB694,6,109 8. Instruction and materials shall teach pupils the skills to recognize and aspire
10to healthy, respectful relationships including all of the following:
AB694,6,1211 a. Communication skills that help pupils discuss and resolve conflicts within
12intimate relationships with respect and nonviolence.
AB694,6,1313 b. Critical thinking skills.
AB694,6,1414 c. Skills to negotiate with an intimate partner.
AB694,6,1615 d. Skills for pupils to recognize and understand their own individual
16boundaries, and recognize and respect the boundaries of others.
AB694,6,1717 9. Instruction and materials shall not teach or promote religious doctrine.
AB694,6,1918 10. Instruction and materials shall not reflect or promote bias against any
19person on the basis of any category protected under s. 118.13.
AB694,6,25 20(3) (a) At the beginning of each school term, or, for a pupil who enrolls in a school
21after the beginning of the school term, at the time of that pupil's enrollment, each
22school board that provides teen dating violence prevention education under this
23section shall notify the parent or guardian of each pupil about instruction in teen
24dating violence prevention education and research on pupil health behaviors and
25risks planned for the coming term. The notice shall do all of the following:
11. Advise the parent or guardian that written and audiovisual educational
2materials used in comprehensive teen dating violence prevention education are
3available for inspection.
AB694,7,124 2. Advise the parent or guardian whether the teen dating violence prevention
5education will be taught by school district personnel or by outside consultants. A
6school board may provide teen dating violence prevention education, to be taught by
7outside consultants, and may hold an assembly to deliver teen dating violence
8prevention education by guest speakers, but if it elects to provide teen dating
9violence prevention education in either of these manners, the notice shall include the
10date of the instruction, the name of the organization or affiliation of each guest
11speaker, and information stating the right of the parent or guardian to request a copy
12of this section.
AB694,7,1413 3. Include information explaining the parent's or guardian's right to request a
14copy of this section.
AB694,7,1615 4. Advise the parent or guardian that the parent or guardian may request in
16writing that his or her child not receive teen dating violence prevention education.
AB694,7,2017 (am) Upon written request to the school principal, a parent or guardian of a
18pupil less than 18 years of age, within a reasonable period of time after the request
19is made, may examine the teen dating violence education program instructional
20materials at the school in which his or her child is enrolled.
AB694,8,221 (b) Anonymous, voluntary, and confidential research and evaluation tools to
22measure pupils' health behaviors and risks, including questionnaires and surveys
23containing age-appropriate questions about the pupil's attitudes concerning teen
24dating violence, may be administered to any pupil in grades 7 to 12 if the parent or
25guardian is notified in writing that this questionnaire or survey is to be administered

1and the pupil's parent or guardian is given the opportunity to review the
2questionnaire or survey and to request in writing that his or her child not participate.
AB694,8,43 (c) The use of outside consultants or guest speakers as described in par. (a) 2.
4is within the discretion of the school board.
AB694,8,85 (d) A pupil may not attend any class in teen dating violence prevention
6education, or participate in any activities under par. (b) if the school has received a
7written request from the pupil's parent or guardian excusing the pupil from
AB694,8,119 (e) A pupil may not be subject to disciplinary action, academic penalty, or other
10sanctions if the pupil's parent or guardian declines to permit the pupil to receive teen
11dating violence prevention education or to participate in any activities under par. (b).
AB694,8,1612 (f) During the administration of teen dating violence prevention education or
13a survey on pupil health behaviors and risks described in par. (b), an alternative
14educational activity shall be made available to pupils whose parents or guardians
15have requested that they not receive the instruction or participate in the
16questionnaire or survey.
AB694,8,18 17(4) (a) The department shall incorporate teen dating violence and sexual
18violence curriculum into its model health curriculum.
AB694,8,2519 (b) The department shall consult with the department of health services, the
20attorney general, and domestic violence and sexual assault prevention advocates for
21advice on the development of grade-level concepts and content guidelines to be
22incorporated into the health education program currently taught at secondary
23schools to pupils in grades 7 to 12. Materials produced under this paragraph shall
24focus on educating pupils regarding teen dating violence, sexual violence, and
25healthy relationships.
1(c) Teen dating violence and sexual violence education materials and
2instruction shall include all of the following:
AB694,9,33 1. Definitions of teen dating violence and sexual violence.
AB694,9,44 2. Skills for recognizing teen dating violence warning signs.
AB694,9,55 3. Characteristics of healthy relationships.
AB694,9,66 4. Relevant information about legal, medical, and mental health services.
AB694,9,77 (End)