Diesel truck idling reduction grants: DSPS authority to award sunsetted and transferred to DOA [Sec. 215, 216, 1710, 9138 (6)] - Act 20
DSPS to collect fingerprints of applicants for real estate appraiser certification or license and submit to the FBI; DSPS or appropriate board may reprimand a credential holder or limit or revoke a credential for failure to provide information re an investigation into misconduct within certain amount of time - Act 124
Dwelling Code Council: requiring a review of one- and two-family dwelling code once every 3 years and report on the review and recommendations to DSPS once every 6 years - Act 23
Electrician, electrical contractor, and electrical inspector licensing, registration, and certification requirements: 2007 WisAct 63 effective date changed and municipal licensing authority by ordinance sunsetted - Act 4
Electricians: revisions re licensing structure re apprentices, master electrician statutory requirements, journeyman requirements, and exemptions to work that does not require a licensed electrician; DSPS duties and prohibition on promulgating a rule requiring electrical wiring inspection at certain industrial or manufacturing facilities - Act 143
Erosion control laws for construction sites with a land disturbance area of one or more acres transferred to DNR from DSPS; storm water discharge permit provision and statewide uniform standard required; ordinance stricter than uniform standard permitted under certain conditions [Sec. 574, 575, 575ag-ar, 1245-1247, 1252-1257, 1259-1261, 1568m, 1628, 1711, 1712, 2088-2092e, 2097-2102, 9138 (2)] - Act 20
Information technology FTE positions transferred from DSPS to DOA [Sec. 9138 (5)] - Act 20
Mobile dentistry program registration provisions created; DSPS, Dentistry Examining Board, fees, and rule-making provisions - Act 244
PECFA transferred from DSPS to DNR; contractor registration and federal aid for costs re petroleum spills provisions [Sec. 210b, 214, 217-222, 283, 522-528, 1597-1599, 1634-1709, 1996, 1998, 2056, 2057, 2122-2125, 2127-2130, 2265, 2280, 9138 (7), 9238 (2L)] - Act 20
PEG, PEO, charitable organization, professional fund-raisers, and fund-raising counsel: regulation of transferred from DSPS to DFI; annual financial report filing modified [Sec. 787, 869, 1227, 1237, 1238, 1461, 1715, 1894, 1895, 1896, 1936, 1974, 1989, 1990, 2161, 2179, 2180-2182, 2183, 2184-2187, 2188-2217, 2232-2253, 2267, 9138 (1), 9438 (1)] - Act 20
Petroleum products and hazardous substances regulation: certain duties and powers transferred from DSPS to DATCP [Sec. 201, 206-209, 211, 213m, 529, 786, 1462, 1463, 1589-1591, 1594, 1595, 1600-1627, 1629-1633, 1949-1961, 1962-1970, 9138 (3), (4), 9238 (1), (2)] [9138 (3) -- partial veto] - Act 20
Postsecondary education degree not required before taking an examination for a credential from DSPS or credentialing board with exceptions for real estate appraiser, registered nurse, and licensed practical nurse; Board of Nursing may deny initial license or certificate under certain conditions - Act 114
Professional regulation laws revised: fingerprints of real estate appraiser certification or license applicant; reprimand of a credential holder for failure to respond to information request re misconduct; Cosmetology Examining Board membership; discretion to Pharmacy Examining Board to grant license to certain persons licensed in other states and suspension of license for failure to renew by renewal date; prescription drug monitoring program; construction, installation, alteration, operation, and inspection of elevators and lifts revised - Act 124
Public building and buildings that are places of employment: ordinances re standards for constructing, altering, or adding to must conform to rules promulgated by DSPS; variance from a standard in a DSPS rule is acceptable under certain conditions; DSPS to accept variance reviews and determinations by second class cities; Building Code Council created in DSPS; certification of inspectors and inspection of fire safety devices provisions - Act 270
SCERB membership revised re interior designers - Act 331
Unclassified division administrator positions in DSPS; certain positions transferred from unclassified to classified service [Sec. 2002, 2006m, 2182m, 9138 (8c)] [vetoed] - Act 20
safety and professional services, department of _ administrative rulesSafety and Professional Services, Department of -- Administrative rules
Rule-making procedure revised; various Accounting Examining Board rules modified and repealed [Admin.Code Accy 1.003, 1.101, 1.205, 9.01, 9.06, 9 Appendix A] - Act 210
st. croix countySt. Croix County
``128th Infantry Memorial Highway": DOT to designate and mark STH 128 in Pierce and St. Croix counties as; contributions from interested parties provision - Act 18
Lead acid battery used in motor vehicles: seller required to charge a deposit - Act 305
Oleoresin of capsicum: regulation of containers sold in this state modified - Act 77
Outside salespersons exempt from state minimum wage law - Act 285
Political subdivisions may not limit the sale of certain food and beverages [Sec. 1269m] - Act 20
Rule-making procedure revised; DWD rules modified re traveling sales crews [Admin.Code DWD 273.08, 273.11] - Act 361
UI benefits: individual engaged in sales activity outside a permanent retail establishment and remuneration is related to sales and not hours worked is not eligible to claim - Act 104
sales taxSales tax
Appeal of certain Tax Appeals Commission decisions may be made in circuit court where the taxpayer owns property or transacts business [Sec.1287j, 1500b] - Act 20
Delinquent sales and use taxes collection: DOR may obtain and sell person's real or personal property to pay [Sec. 1501] - Act 20
Dry cleaning facility license fee: ``gross receipts" definition revised [Sec. 1505] - Act 20
Interest rate on tax overpayments or underpayments modified [A.Sub.Amdt.1: Sec. 1440e, 1444d, 1500f, j, 1508r, 1896w, 1897h, j, 1961n, 9337 (4i)] - Act 20
Out-of-state retailers collecting sales tax on purchases by Wisconsin residents: impact of federal law and alternative minimum tax provisions [Sec. 1460d] - Act 20
``Prepaid wireless calling service" definition revised for sales and use tax purposes [Sec. 1476] - Act 20
Retail sales tax: ``purchase price" and ``sales price" definitions revised [Sec. 1276, 1481-1484] - Act 20
Retailer who receives a sales and use tax exemption certificate after reporting the sale as taxable: deduction on return [Sec. 1499d] - Act 20
Sales and use tax filing frequency by retailer modified [Sec. 1498, 9437 (2)] - Act 20
Sales and use tax provisions: technical changes [Sec. 1477, 1478, 1480, 1487, 1488, 1495] - Act 20
Sales or use tax refund claim deadline [Sec. 1500, 9437 (9)] - Act 20
Sales tax bad debt adjustments revisions re private label credit card, dual purpose credit card, and lenders; definition provisions - Act 229
Sales tax on property that is incidental to providing certain services [Sec. 1486] - Act 20
Single-owner entities disregarded as separate entities for income tax purposes: sales and use tax provisions apply to room tax, local food and beverage tax, local rental car tax, and state rental vehicle fee [Sec. 1277, 1502, 1503, 1504, 9437 (3)] - Act 20
sales tax _ exemptionSales tax -- Exemption
Advertising and promotional direct mail: sales and use tax exemption for printing of tangible property resulting in; JSCTE appendix report [Sec. 1485, 9437 (12)] - Act 20
Aircraft parts, maintenance, and labor: sales and use tax exemptions created - Act 185
Commercial radio or television station personal property: sales and use tax exemptions created under certain conditions; JSCTE appendix report - Act 346
Custom farming services performed by veterinarians exempt from sales and use taxes; definition provision; JSCTE appendix report [Sec. 1475] - Act 20
Fertilizer blending, feed milling, or grain drying operation: sales and use tax exemptions for processing equipment created; JSCTE appendix report - Act 324
Lump sum contract: sales and use tax exemption created for items and services sold as; JSCTE appendix report [Sec. 1479, 1497, 9337 (8), 9437 (10)] - Act 20
Printing industry: sales and use tax exemption created [Sec. 1497d, 9437 (8e)] - Act 20
Qualified research in biotechnology or manufacturing: sales tax exemption for items used in expanded to members of combined group of corporations; JSCTE appendix report [Sec. 1489-1494, 1496, 9337 (9)] - Act 20
Retailer who receives a sales and use tax exemption certificate after reporting the sale as taxable: deduction on return [Sec. 1499d] - Act 20
Sales tax exemption for coin-operated laundry machines changed to self-service laundry machines [Sec. 1484d, 9437 (1i)] - Act 20
Tax revisions re lowest individual income tax bracket, technical college district property tax relief aid and tax levy, depletion, carry-back and carry-forward of net operating loss, jobs tax credit, relocated business deduction or tax credit, manufacturing and agriculture credit, research credit, state historic rehabilitation credit, electronic medical records tax credit, and sales and use tax exemption for tangible personal property used in commercial printing - Act 145
salvageSalvage, see Junkyard
sanitation and sewerage managementSanitation and sewerage management, see also Solid waste management
Speeding and reckless driving violations where sanitation workers are at risk: minimum and maximum forfeitures increased; JRCCP report - Act 39
Town authority to create a TID expanded; provisions for city or village to create a TID in recently annexed territory; property tax exemption for biogas or synthetic gas energy systems and property subject to TIF agreement; authorizing a TID to share tax increments with an environmental remediation tax increment district in same city of village - Act 193
Wastewater discharge permit for a publicly owned sewage treatment or collection system: prohibition on DNR requiring more than one eliminated - Act 70
satellite televisionSatellite television, see Television
savings and loan associationsSavings and loan associations, see also Financial institution
Rule-making procedure revised; various DFI rules modified and repealed re authorized activities of credit unions, control procedures for credit unions, and record retention by financial institutions [Admin.Code DFI-Bkg 9.01, 41.01, 47; DFI-CU 54.05, 57.01, 57.03, 59.03, 60.01, 60.03, 60.05, 60.06, 61 (title), 61.01, 61.02, 61.03, 61.04, 65, 66.02, 67.01, 67.02, 67.03, 67.04, 67.05, 68.02, 68.03, 68.06, 70, 72.12, 72.13, 74; DFI-SL 6.01, 6.03; DFI-SB 6.01, 6.03, 6.05] - Act 277
Securities registration requirements: exemptions created, definitions modified, registration of certain Internet sites with the Division of Securities, and other revisions; reporting by certain financial institution holding companies provisions - Act 52
sawyer countySawyer County
Elk introduced into specified counties; DNR duties and hunting season provision [Sec. 560, 573] - Act 20
scenic bywayScenic byway, see Road
scholarships and loansScholarships and loans, see also Veteran -- Education
College savings program income tax deduction indexed for inflation; other program revisions re deductions, withdrawals, amounts rolled over from other accounts, and authorizing any other person to contribute to an account; JSCTE appendix report - Act 227
Primary care and psychiatry shortage grant program created in HEAB; income tax exemption provision; JSCTE appendix report - Act 128
Talent incentive grants program modified re continuous enrollment - Act 329
Technical Excellence Higher Education Scholarship Program created; recipients are not eligible for an Academic Excellence Higher Education Scholarship - Act 60
Tuition expenses and mandatory student fees individual income tax subtraction: phase-out range and maximum income indexed for inflation; JSCTE appendix report [Sec. 1301] - Act 20
Wisconsin Covenant Scholars Program grants revised [Sec. 224e, 694g-k] - Act 20
``Wisconsin higher education grants" renamed ``Wisconsin grants"; tuition grant program for private colleges established and called ``Wisconsin grants; private, nonprofit college students" - Act 330
Alternate counting date re pupils enrolled in each school district established; State Superintendent of Public Instruction duties [Sec. 1882, 1892, 1893] - Act 20
Charter school teaching license created [Sec. 1731] - Act 20
Charter schools: UW--Milwaukee's authority to establish expanded to adjacent counties [Sec. 1778m-1780r, 1807] - Act 20
Educator effectiveness: certain charter schools allowed to use alternative method; credentialed school principal from another state may be granted an initial charter school principal license - Act 258
Educator effectiveness evaluation system: DPI may charge fee to use and award grants to implement [Sec. 227, 231, 243, 1748, 1749] - Act 20
Examinations to measure pupil attainment of knowledge and concepts expanded to grades 9 and 11; public, private, charter, and parental choice school provisions; Superintendent of Public Instruction duties [Sec. 1759-1769, 1874, 9434 (4L)] - Act 20
Home-based private educational program: pupil attendance in public high school courses expanded to any public school; minimum standards, equalized aid, and counting provisions [Sec. 1756, 1828, 1858, 1878, 1881, 1889] - Act 20
Home-based private educational program pupil: requirements to attend up to 2 high school courses revised - Act 211
Independent charter school per pupil payment amount [Sec. 244, 1744, 1782-1786] - Act 20
Rural schools task force: JLC requested to establish, report required [Sec. 9127 (1i)] - Act 20
School and school district accountability report: DPI to publish annually; independent charter school and parental choice participating private school provisions [Sec. 1746] - Act 20