178.01   Citation; definition of terms; knowledge and notice.
178.02   Rules of construction.
178.03   Partnership defined.
178.04   Determination of whether partnership exists.
178.05   Partnership property.
178.06   Partners are agents of partnership.
178.07   Conveyance of real property of partnership.
178.08   Admission by partner is evidence against the partnership.
178.09   Notice to or knowledge of partner charges partnership.
178.10   Partnership liable for wrongful act of partner.
178.11   Partnership liable on partner's breach of trust.
178.12   Liability of partners.
178.13   Partnership by estoppel.
178.14   Liability of incoming partner.
178.15   Rights and duties of partners.
178.16   Partnership books.
178.17   Partners must render information.
178.18   Partner accountable as fiduciary.
178.19   Right to an account.
178.20   After fixed term partnership continues as partnership at will.
178.21   Property rights of partner.
178.22   Partner's interest in partnership.
178.23   Assignment of partner's interest.
178.24   Partner's interest chargeable as such with judgment lien.
178.25   Dissolution of partnership defined.
178.26   Causes of dissolution.
178.27   Dissolution by decree of court.
178.28   Dissolution terminates agency of partner.
178.29   Liability of dissolving partner to partners continues until knowledge of dissolution.
178.30   Partner's agency after dissolution.
178.31   Discharge of existing liabilities on dissolution.
178.32   Right to wind up.
178.33   Application of partnership property on dissolution.
178.34   Adjustment of rights on dissolution for fraud.
178.35   Settlement and distribution on dissolution.
178.36   Rights and liabilities on continuing business after dissolution without liquidation.
178.37   Rights of retiring or deceased partner.
178.38   Right to accounting accrues on dissolution.
178.39   Recording of partnership agreements; amendments; articles of dissolution.
178.40   Registration of limited liability partnerships.
178.41   Effect of registration.
178.42   Name of registered limited liability partnership.
178.43   Registered office and registered agent.
178.44   Service on registered limited liability partnership.
178.45   Foreign registered limited liability partnerships.
178.46   Filing requirements.
178.47   Forms.
178.48   Filing and service fees.
178.49   Effective date and time of document.
178.50   Correcting filed document.
178.51   Filing duty of the department.
178.52   Appeal from department's refusal to file document.
178.53   Applicability to foreign and interstate commerce.
178.01 178.01 Citation; definition of terms; knowledge and notice.
178.01(1)(1) This chapter may be cited as the "Uniform Partnership Act".
178.01(2) (2) In this chapter:
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