AB251,2,1511 PI 38.23 (1) (a) (intro.) Annually by March 31, 2008, for the 2008-2009 school
12year, and by
the fourth Monday in March in subsequent school years, school boards
13of eligible school districts may apply to the department for a 4K grant under this
14chapter subchapter for the following school year. A school district is eligible to apply
15if it meets all of the following requirements:
AB251,2,17 16(2) (intro) A school district operating a 4K program funded under sub. (1) shall
do all of the following:
AB251,2,2018 (c) All Comply with all applicable state statutes, including the school district
19standards under s. 121.02 (1), Stats., and transportation requirements under s.
20121.54 (1) and (2), Stats.
AB251,6 21Section 6. PI 16.04 of the administrative code is renumbered PI 38.24, and PI
2238.24 (1) (a) and (2) (a), as renumbered, are amended to read:
AB251,3,623 PI 38.24 (1) (a) The department shall give preference in awarding grants under
24this chapter subchapter to eligible school districts under s. PI 16.03 38.23 (1) (a) that
25demonstrate in the application that the 4K program is using a community approach

1to early education. An eligible applicant that uses a community approach to early
2education shall receive up to $3,000 per pupil enrolled in the school district's 4K
3program as determined on the third Friday in September pupil count under s. 121.05
4(1), Stats., in the school year following the grant application. If the funds under s.
520.255 (2) (dp), Stats., are insufficient to pay $3,000 per pupil, the funds shall be
AB251,3,11 7(2) (a) Grant recipients under sub. (1) may receive a second year grant if the
8recipient submits to the department by November 7 of the school year following the
9receipt of the first year grant, an assurance on a form provided by the department,
10affirming that the program was and continues to meet the requirements under this
11chapter subchapter.
AB251,7 12Section 7. Chapter PI 32 (title) of the administrative code is repealed.
AB251,8 13Section 8. PI 32.01 (title), (1), (2) and (4) of the administrative code are
14renumbered PI 38.11 (title), (1), (2) and (3), and PI 38.11 (3), as renumbered, is
15amended to read:
AB251,3,1816 PI 38.11 (3) This chapter subchapter sets forth characteristics of a
17comprehensive kindergarten through grade 12 program including criteria and
18procedures in awarding grants under s. 115.36, Stats.
AB251,9 19Section 9. PI 32.01 (3) of the administrative code is repealed.
AB251,10 20Section 10. PI 32.02 (intro.), (1), (3), (4), (5), (7), (8), (9) and (10) of the
21administrative code are renumbered PI 38.12 (intro.), (1), (3), (4), (5), (7), (8), (9) and
22(10), and PI 38.12 (intro.), (1) and (4), as renumbered, are amended to read:
AB251,3,23 23PI 38.12 Definitions. (intro.) In this chapter subchapter:
AB251,3,25 24(1) “AODA program" means a comprehensive kindergarten through grade 12
25alcohol and other drug abuse program as described in s. PI 32.03 38.13.
1(4) “Council" has the meaning given in means the council created under s.
2115.36 (2) (e), Stats.
AB251,11 3Section 11 . PI 32.02 (2), (6), (11) and (12) of the administrative code are
AB251,12 5Section 12. PI 32.03 (title) and (1) of the administrative code are renumbered
6PI 38.13 (title) and (1), and PI 38.13 (1) (intro.), as renumbered, is amended to read:
AB251,4,117 PI 38.13 (1) Aoda program policies. (intro.) Except projects funded under s.
8PI 32.04 38.14, a school board conducting an AODA program shall establish policies
9and procedures that clearly articulate how the program will operate. In developing
10policies under this section, a school board shall consider requiring any of the
AB251,13 12Section 13. PI 32.03 (2) of the administrative code is renumbered PI 38.13 (2),
13and PI 38.13 (2) (intro.), as renumbered, is amended to read:
AB251,4,1914 PI 38.13 (2) Aoda program content. (intro.) Under s. 115.36 (1), Stats., every
15public and private school is encouraged to develop AODA programs to prevent or
16ameliorate alcohol and other drug abuse among minors. Section 115.36 (3), Stats.,
17provide provides for grants to assist school districts in developing or supplementing
18AODA programs. An AODA program under this section may include any of the
AB251,14 20Section 14. PI 32.03 (3) of the administrative code is renumbered PI 38.13 (3),
21and PI 38.13 (3) (intro.) and (c), as renumbered, are amended to read:
AB251,5,322 PI 38.13 (3) Grant application requirements. (intro.) A school board or a
23school board in cooperation with another school board under an agreement under s.
2466.0301, Stats.; or a CESA board under s. 116.032, Stats.; may apply for a grant
25under this section. Maximum awards for consortium projects shall be determined

1by the state superintendent as described under sub. (4) (a). Annually, an applicant
2under this section shall submit all of the following information to the department in
3its grant application:
AB251,5,64 (c) A description of how the proposed program activities will be integrated with
5the school district's current AODA program as specified in s. PI 32.03 this section,
6as well as other school improvement strategies.
AB251,15 7Section 15. PI 32.03 (4) of the administrative code is renumbered PI 38.13 (4),
8and PI 38.13 (4) (b), as renumbered, is amended to read:
AB251,5,129 PI 38.13 (4) (b) The council under s. 115.36 (2) (e), Stats., shall review the
10applications submitted under this section and make recommendations to the state
11superintendent regarding the funding of school district applications. These
12recommendations shall be based on the criteria specified in par. (c).
AB251,16 13Section 16. PI 32.04 of the administrative code is renumbered PI 38.14.
AB251,17 14Section 17. Chapter PI 38 (title) of the administrative code is repealed and
15recreated to read:
AB251,5,1616 CHAPTER PI 38
AB251,18 18Section 18. Subchapter I of chapter PI 38 [precedes PI 38.001] of the
19administrative code is created to read:
AB251,5,2020 CHAPTER PI 38
AB251,5,2121 subchapter i
AB251,5,2222 General
AB251,5,24 23PI 38.001 Purpose. This chapter establishes procedures for grant programs
24administered by the department.
AB251,5,25 25PI 38.002 Definitions. In this chapter:
1Section 19. Subchapter II (title) of chapter PI 38 [precedes PI 38.005] of the
2administrative code is created to read:
AB251,6,33 CHAPTER PI 38
AB251,6,44 subchapter iI
AB251,6,55 General Administrative procedures
AB251,6,7 6PI 38.005 Applicability. (1) Except as provided in sub. (2), this subchapter
7applies to all state grant programs administered by the department.
AB251,6,10 8(2) If a rule under this subchapter conflicts with a statute, administrative rule,
9or federal regulation that applies to the grant program, the rule under this
10subchapter does not apply to the grant program.
AB251,6,13 11PI 38.006 Applications. To be considered for a grant under a state grant
12program, an applicant shall file with the department a complete application on a
13form provided by the department by the date established by the department.
AB251,6,16 14PI 38.007 Department duties. (1) Applications. For each state grant
15program, the department shall develop an application that includes all of the
16following information:
AB251,6,1717 (a) The date the application shall be filed with the department.
AB251,6,1818 (b) The criteria the department will use to award grants under sub. (3).
AB251,6,2019 (c) The information a recipient of the grant is required to maintain under s. PI
2038.008 (1).
AB251,6,22 21(2) Application review. The department shall review all applications filed in
22accordance with s. PI 38.006.
AB251,6,24 23(3) Grant awards. The department shall award grants based on the criteria
24listed in the grant application.
1(4) Proration. The department may award grants on a prorated basis if
2available funding is insufficient to fully fund all of the grant recipients.
AB251,7,4 3(5) Notification. The department shall notify each applicant in writing of its
4determination under sub. (3).
AB251,7,5 5PI 38.008 Grant reporting. A grant recipient shall do all of the following:
AB251,7,6 6(1) Maintain any documentation required by the department.
AB251,7,8 7(2) Upon the request of the department, provide any information required
8under sub. (1) to the department.
AB251,20 9Section 20. Subchapter III (title) of chapter PI 38 [precedes PI 38.01] of the
10administrative code is created to read:
AB251,7,1111 CHAPTER PI 38
AB251,7,1212 subchapter III
AB251,7,1413 Grants for Peer review
14 and mentoring
AB251,21 15Section 21. PI 38.01 of the administrative code is amended to read:
AB251,7,19 16PI 38.01 Purpose. Under s. 115.405, Stats., the state superintendent shall
17award grants to eligible applicants for peer review and mentoring programs. This
18chapter subchapter sets forth criteria and procedures for awarding grants under this
AB251,22 20Section 22. PI 38.02 (intro.) of the administrative code is amended to read:
AB251,7,21 21PI 38.02 Definitions. (intro.) In this chapter subchapter:
AB251,23 22Section 23. PI 38.02 (1) and (3) of the administrative code are amended to read:
AB251,7,2423 PI 38.02 (1) “Approved program" has the meaning defined under s. PI 3.01
2434.01 (6).
1(3) “Initial educator" means an individual who holds an initial license as
2defined under s. PI 3.01 (19) 34.01 (33).
AB251,24 3Section 24. PI 38.02 (2) of the administrative code is renumbered PI 38.002
AB251,25 5Section 25. PI 38.02 (5) of the administrative code is renumbered PI 38.002
AB251,26 7Section 26. PI 38.03 (1) (intro.) of the administrative code is amended to read:
AB251,8,118 PI 38.03 (1) Eligibility. (intro.) Annually, by November 1, 1998, and by May
91 in subsequent years, eligible applicants may apply to the state superintendent to
10fund a peer review and mentoring program described under sub. (4) (4m). Eligible
11applicants include the following:
AB251,27 12Section 27. PI 38.03 (3) of the administrative code is amended to read:
AB251,8,1413 PI 38.03 (3) Assurances. A grant recipient under this chapter subchapter shall
14provide for all of the following:
AB251,8,1715 (a) An assurance that the grant awarded under this chapter subchapter will
16not be used to supplant or replace funds otherwise available for professional
AB251,8,2018 (b) An assurance that program information and related materials under this
19chapter subchapter will be made available to interested schools and other
20educational institutions at a reasonable cost.
AB251,28 21Section 28. PI 38.03 (4) (intro.) of the administrative code is renumbered PI
2238.03 (4) and amended to read:
AB251,8,2523 PI 38.03 (4) Program components Grant amount. A one-year grant of not more
24than $25,000 may be made to fund a comprehensive peer review and mentoring
25program for initial and professional educators.
1(4m) Program components. A grant application program is eligible for a grant
2under this chapter shall include subchapter only if it includes all of the following
3program components:
AB251,29 4Section 29. PI 38.04 of the administrative code is amended to read:
AB251,9,8 5PI 38.04 Mentor involvement. A mentor under this chapter subchapter
6shall have input into the confidential formative assessment of the initial educator
7and may not be included as part of the school district's formal evaluation of an initial
AB251,30 9Section 30. PI 38.05 (intro.) of the administrative code is amended to read:
AB251,9,13 10PI 38.05 Review of applications and awarding of grants. (intro.) The
11state superintendent shall review the applications submitted under this chapter
12subchapter and shall determine which of the applications eligible for funding will
13receive grants based on the following criteria:
AB251,31 14Section 31. Subchapter IV (title) of chapter PI 38 [precedes PI 38.11] of the
15administrative code is created to read:
AB251,9,1616 CHAPTER PI 38
AB251,9,1717 subchapter Iv
AB251,9,1918 Grants for Alcohol and other
19 drug abuse programs
AB251,32 20Section 32. Subchapter V (title) of chapter PI 38 [precedes PI 38.21] of the
21administrative code is created to read:
AB251,9,2222 CHAPTER PI 38
AB251,9,2323 subchapter V
AB251,9,2524 FOUR-YEAR-OLD
1Section 33. Subchapter VI (title) of chapter PI 38 [precedes PI 38.31] of the
2administrative code is created to read:
AB251,10,33 CHAPTER PI 38
AB251,10,44 subchapter VI